Talk about which parts will hurt after giving birth, and some you will never think of it

After careful memories of the process from the birth of the child to the end of the confinement, in addition to the pain that everyone knows, there are really unexpected pains. There are also Bao moms who have experienced the same experience to add communication ~

1. Everyone knows the pain site

1. perineal pain

The fetus giving birth through the aperture of the apex, but the real pain place is the perineum. The fetus is squeezed here when the fetus is delivered. A few lucky Baoma escaped the tear and side cutting, but it is definitely "swollen". I can never escape.After touching the swelling with my hands, I dare not touch it again. At least half a month before the swelling

2. hurt the wound

Most mothers will tear or cut sideways. Although the wound suture technology is already very good, after all, it is such a sensitive part. It is very painful in the first few days.

3. Breast pain

After the launch of the delivery room, I immediately let my baby suck milk, but novice mothers do not know much about breastfeeding, and the baby does not know much. The next day I will be absorbed … if you encounter milk blockingCome to a root pipe and squeeze out, not the pain of giving birth!

4. Stomach pain

The contraction will continue after childbirth. In addition, the baby sucks during breastfeeding. The secretion of reflex contraction citromes will increase, which will exacerbate the contraction.

5. Back pain

Many mothers have back pain when they are pregnant because the uterine increased waist support is gradually increasing.After childbirth, it will not return to pre -pregnancy state, and it is easy to get back pain when you don’t pay attention in daily life.

After delivery, mothers must take a good rest and make a postpartum recovery in time. On the mobile phone, the next G movement APP and the Kiger exercise, exercise the bottom muscle, help repair the postpartum base muscle relaxation, improve prolapse, leakage, etc.The problem of pelvic floor muscle injury promotes the rapid recovery of postpartum body.

2. Unexpected pain parts

1. Fart pain

Shengwa lets you experience what is called "chrysanthemum residue" … Because the muscles near the anus are needed when raising a baby, it is easy to swell and sore in a long time.When I was in the delivery room, the doctor kept telling me, "Pull!" My strength is concentrated on the fart, and I feel that the chrysanthemums will be turned out after giving birth …

2. Arms pain

When producing, some mothers are holding the production bed and handle their hands.

3, the eyes hurt

When I was born, I had always opened my eyes, and I didn’t close my eyes until I took off my glasses until I finally took off my glasses.After wearing glasses after giving birth, I found that my eyeball was a bit uncontrollable!Coupled with the confinement, I love to play mobile phones, it is easy to use my eyes too much

4. Tooth pain

I will unconsciously bite the teeth during delivery. After giving birth, I found that my teeth are painful. I used an electric toothbrush 28 days after giving birth. I felt that my teeth were shaken

5. Nail Pain

Maybe I am an example. I washed my hair a week after giving birth. On the fourth day, the scalp was itchy. I always used the nails to pick up a lot of dirt in the nail cover, causing nailing inflammation.Experience

Count according to the human body from top to bottom, eyes, teeth, big arms, wrists, nails, breasts, belly, waist, pussy, buttocks … can be said to have pain in the whole body!

It ’s really not easy for women to have children, and quickly transfer to her husband!

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