Tanabata, let’s have a steak, the kind of eating at home


Not with different people

Do a lot of things

But the same one

Do a lot of people

Different things

2022. Tanabata

Recently, as soon as you open the social platform, you will see a variety of advertisements coming. As long as you need, you can buy various gifts or gift boxes to your TA with one click.

From the perspective of convenience, it is indeed fast and convenient, but I always feel that this set is like a "walking process", as if it is missing something.

It is probably a little temperature.

Rather than asking for a lot of money, it is better to integrate your heart into the food with temperature, use food to ferment love, and warm your affection.

The Qixi Festival is imminent. Compared with the queue of lining up to eat, it is actually more emotional and full of rituals at home to make a candlelight dinner at home.Prepare some red wine, make a color pull, fried steak, not difficult to learn, and take time, it is a super "happiness and cost -effective" thing.

Before fried steak, you need to take a brief understanding how to choose the parts that are more in line with the sense of population.

Philip beef steaks are low in fat, tender meat, especially suitable for children to eat;

West cold cattle toughness and chewy are more suitable for young people;

The upper brain row mouth is soft and rich in juice, which is suitable for all types of people.

The decoction time needs to be slightly adjusted according to different thickness of the steak. Here is a 1.5cm thick steak as an example.

Choosing the steak, the next thing is easy.

1. Put it in the refrigerator in the refrigerator 12 hours in advance natural freezing

Note: Remember not to thaw with hot water or microwave oven

2. If you are in a hurry, you can also put frozen beef steaks in flowing water to thaw for thawing

Note: You must use cold water, you must not use warm water and hot water

3. After the thawing, the steak sucks excess blood with kitchen paper, sprinkle with a little black pepper and sea salt on the surface of the steak, apply an appropriate amount of olive oil, and marinate it for 15 minutes after massage the slices of hand.

4. Heat the cast iron pot on the heat to a slight smoke, add a little oil, put the steak in the pot. After about 1 minute, you can observe the caramel color of the edge of the steak.Wake up meat for 2 minutes

5. Turn over low heat, add butter, garlic, and thym in the pot. After the butter is bubble, put the steak again.Tilt the pot body for a 30 -degree corner for butter bath, 30 seconds to 1 minute each

6. Remove the fried steak in the chopping board or plate, settle for 3-5 minutes, sprinkle with salt and black pepper to eat

Tanabata is not Valentine’s Day. It is just a normal day in 365 days a year, but this day can be an extraordinary holiday. It is a sense of ritual, happiness, satisfaction to each other in a plain life, adding a sense of ritual, happiness, and satisfaction.Tips.

We will face the storms of all sides of life more or less, but as long as we have these small sense of rituals and add small expectations and small beauty to life, we can add a little bit of courage to ourselves.May your Tanabata feel full of rituals and bring more beautiful moments to life.

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