Tang Yixin exposure to the rumors of pregnancy, quoting Zhao Liying’s "split stalk" by netizens to be ridiculed by netizens

Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyi have been in public relationship for nearly two years. Although the two rarely publicly show affection afterwards, everyone is very optimistic about their pair, so many people are also looking forward to the early officials of the two officials.Last year, the two also reported that the two had already received a certificate to get married, but the two responded to the news with neither admitting nor denying attitudes.

Nowadays, the good news of the two people’s marriage has not ushered in, but the news of "Tang Yixin is suspected of pregnancy" is ushered in. On the early morning of the 25th, some netizens broke the news that Tang Yixin seemed to be pregnant, and it was accompanied by a photo of the so -called "lower abdomen" to prove it.It was also reported by the media.

Regarding the rumors of pregnancy, Tang Yixin also shared a fitness video response on Weibo on the afternoon of the 25th, and the text of "I won’t split, this can be tidy" is very meaningful.

Tang Yixin in the video is constantly exercising in the gym. He has a strong strength training and a large stretching movement.Of course, it can be seen that Tang Yixin is using the rumor of pregnancy with action, but it is really a bit hard.

From the video, I did not see the "small abdomen slightly convex" passed from the video. It was obviously a thin figure and a long -legged Mitang.

When Tang Yixin responded to the rumor of pregnancy, he even brought a sentence, "I won’t split, this can be tidy", and the friends who have seen Zhao Liying have previously responded to the rumor of pregnancy.After denying pregnancy, the result was quickly acknowledged that pregnancy was truly true, false and elusive.

Now Tang Yixin quoted the "split stalk" to respond to pregnancy, and naturally it also caused a lot of netizens to tease: "Hahahaha, I think of Yingbao, to prove that it is not pregnant, it really takes a lot of thoughts." "Fighting. You are enough. "," Zhang Ruohuan will split, call him. "Some netizens also left a message: "In order to prove that it is not pregnant, it is also possible", "Miss Sugar Sugar is awesome for a long time."

When Ying Bao responded, she did not show up fitness videos, so everyone could not see her recent situation, and Tang Yixin was obviously more hard for the testimony of not being pregnant, but I did n’t know if the "plot" would also have an anti -countermeasure in the last "plot".Turn.What do you say?

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