Teach you five wonderful tricks to prevent pregnant women’s bad breath

After pregnancy, the hormone in the body of female friends will change, which will make expectant mothers feel very uncomfortable, and often appear bad breath, making them feel embarrassed.So, is there any way to help expectant mothers alleviate bad breath?

Relief method

1. Clean tongue coating

If you often have bad breath in the mouth, clean the tongue coating by the way when brushing your teeth, so that you can completely remove the food residual on the tongue, thereby eliminating the odor in the mouth.In addition, proper cleaning of tongue coating can also restore the tongue taste buds to the correct feeling of taste, and not to eat the food taste heavier.

2. I often rinse my mouth and drink water

Pregnant women should often rinse their mouths during pregnancy, so that the bad smell in the mouth can be removed.In addition, you can also prepare some drinks with fire -reducing effects, or tea, juice, etc. to remove the odor in the mouth.

In the daily life, you must also pay special attention to the oral hygiene before and after diet, so as to completely solve the problem of the oral cavity and make the unpleasant tone nowhere to hide.

3. Avoid stimulating food

The taste of pregnant women during pregnancy will change. Some pregnant women will slightly focus on some heavy taste foods. At this time, bad breath will follow.Therefore, during pregnancy, the diet should be controlled as much as possible, such as sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy foods. It is best to eat it during pregnancy.However, it must be noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the spicy food to avoid causing the stomach to be unable to load.

Some pregnant women like to eat some foods that are too spicy or too cold, not fresh enough, which will cause severe diarrhea, and severe cases will also cause premature birth.

4. Check the teeth regularly

For the problem of bad breath, a comprehensive oral examination should be done before pregnancy. Based on the comfort of pregnant women and the safety considerations of dental therapy, tooth treatment should be avoided as much as possible in the early stages of pregnancy.In the second trimester, some dental therapy can be performed under the stability of the pregnant woman to avoid cavities or periodontal disease in the mouth. In the later period, more severe lesions occur, which will adversely affect the health of the mother’s fetus.

5. Tracking special medical history

Oral diseases will cause bad breath, and there are many diseases that cause bad breath, such as the upper respiratory tract, throat, nostrils, bronchium, and lung infections.Therefore, if pregnant women have a history of special diseases or a significant changes in the tone and taste, the doctor should be diagnosed and treated for a differential diagnosis.

Generally speaking, during pregnancy, if female friends have bad breath, after giving birth, the bad breath will disappear.However, it should be noted that expectant mothers cannot ignore the hazards of bad breath because of this. During pregnancy, they still need to pay attention to their own oral hygiene.Source: Family Doctor Online

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