Teach you three major skin care skills, so that you are still charm after pregnancy

After pregnancy, skin care products and cosmetics cannot be used casually, but it does not mean not.Because the hormone in the expectant mothers during pregnancy will change, and the metabolism changes make the skin defense ability low, often accompanied by skin conditions such as dandruff, greasy, and acne.

Now in the autumn, the temperature is reduced and the air is dry, and the fragile skin of the pregnant woman is particularly sensitive to drying at this time, and it is more likely to have an allergic reaction of redness and swelling and itching.The root cause of skin sensitivity is the lack of water. Lack of water will cause the skin’s water and oil ratio to be imbalanced. The skin is greasy, the pores are blocked, and the dullness of acne and dull complexion also follows.Make up.

There are three magic weapons for hydration:

1. Skin care and hydration method.

Plant nutrition products such as avocado, calendula, olives, chamomile and other plants usually have good moisturizing effects, and can also help lock skin moisture.If you want to add hydration and increase the nutrition of the bottom of the muscle, pearls are a good choice. Pearl is rich in amino acids and trace elements, which can nourish the skin, improve skin immune function, regulate water, pH, etc., balance oil, improve the resistance of sensitive skin skinMissing abilities, at the same time, prevent wrinkles from the occurrence of wrinkles, make the skin delicate and shiny.

However, when choosing skin care products, it also needs the word for pregnant women.When choosing pearls, you can consider the skin care products with hydrolyzed pearls, because hydrolyzed pearls can effectively solve the disadvantages of calcium carbonate in the main ingredients in pearls that are not easy to absorb and improve the absorption rate.You can also choose the ingredients such as avocado and cocoons with pearls to increase the moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

2. Dietary hydration method.

Fruit and vegetables are rich in a variety of vitamins, which can achieve the effect of beauty and hydration, and play a role in protecting and improving the skin from the inside of the skin.Good effects are cucumber, aloe, broccoli, carrots, lemon, apples and so on.You can use the method of juice or cooking soup to effectively supplement the skin to replenish water.

Reminder: Spinach is not easy to eat more. Among them, oxalic acid will affect the baby’s absorption of calcium and zinc, and affect the baby’s growth and development.Pregnant mothers with a family history of diabetes and high sugar with pineapple and bananas should also be eaten less to avoid taking too much sugar to cause gestational diabetes.

3. External factors.

The air is dry in autumn, and the room is no exception. You can buy an air humidifier to increase the indoor air humidity and prevent expectant mothers who have been under the air conditioner for a long time. The skin is more dry and the skin is more fragile.

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