COWSAY is an interesting small Linux command line utility, which has various ways of use.Here are several examples.

If you think, the Linux terminal can be an interesting place.

Of course, terminals are generally used on serious occasions, but you can use interesting Linux commands to entertain yourself.

It is one of them.It can display a cow on the terminal.

One feature is that if it is combined with other commands, it can be used for some "serious occasions."For example, use it on the shared Linux server to display "Daily News" for multiple users to view.

Does it sound interesting?It’s time to feed and install one.

It is a popular tool that can be found in the software warehouse of most Linux version.

To install on the Debian and Ubuntu system, open the terminal and run:

For Fedora, please use:

In the distribution based on Arch Linux, please use:

As the name suggests, this is a text displayed in ASCII art that can output input.By default, several options are provided to adjust the appearance and style of this ASCII beef.

Ordinary Cowsay

This will print any text you provided in the bubbles of Niu’s speech.

Alternatively, you can use the pipe redirection to make an input of the output of another command (such as).

Greedy cow

Here, cattle’s eyes look a bit greedy, it is a symbol of the dollar.

Use special characters as eyes

You can use options and then provide you who want to be two characters as the eyes.The default is.

In the screenshot above, the two will appear in the eyes.

符 If the characters you enter have been used by any default option, for example, it will be covered.

Use other characters instead of cattle

There are also many other ASCII images, you can use them through options.

List them with options:

Now, to print one of the above images, please use:

Similarly, in the updated version, you can use the option to print one of the above images randomly.

The use of other options uses the Berg mode that seems to be dead, which looks like a paranoid cow seemed to look confused cows.

It is the auxiliary program provided with it.It shows thinking bubbles instead of speaking.If you are familiar with the labeling of comic books, this will be more meaningful.

All the options mentioned in it are also applicable here.

With pipe redirection, you can use another popular and interesting Linux commands.

T t can be installed and installed in Ubuntu.

For those who don’t know what it is, it is a small program that prints celebrity quotes on the terminal.You can run it as an independent command like this:

To use the print content, run:

You can also add options to make the output better:

Many people are familiar with the rainbow effect added to the text.So why not use it with the above program?You only need to connect the command to the command.

Now, if you want to add and various options at the same time, use all these options and connect the output of the entire command, just like this:

Are you not interested in the default beef file?Don’t worry, there are many different cattle documents to choose from, created by enthusiastic developers.I will introduce two here: https: // and

You can install cattle files from these repository, or just download the required cattle documents (.COW) and paste them down from the repository.Now, you can access the cattle file through the file name:

In the screenshot, you can see that I used a downloaded cattle file, named.

For those who want to create their own images, they can access the COWSAY file of Charc0al.

Here, you can download the existing files, or convert some images (not more than 50 × 50) to meet the needs.

Use the COWSAY prompt to enter the password of the Sudo command

COWSAY is part of the BASH configuration so that you can see welcome every time you open the terminal

For the newer version like Fedora, you can add it to you.Now, every time you open the terminal, a new cattle file with different famous quotes will be printed.

For the older versions without random options (), you can manually obtain different files and use it.

Use Cowsay to display the output of other commands

You can let the commands use the print output.Just connect these commands.

Use Cowsay-BeefymiRaCle in Fedora

It is a COWSAY package provided in Fedora.The beef here becomes beef (my heart of my vegetarian is crying).

Use the following command to install it:

Now, run:

It is an ordinary COWSAY graphics substitute.Here, cattle are no longer ASCII graphics, but a real image.You can install it in the following way:

Run now:

This will display graphical cows in a specific time according to the length of the text, and then disappear, but you can click it to hide immediately.

What’s more interesting is that cows can "dream" images rather than text.Even cattle’s images can be changed to random images.

Use one of the following commands:


You can view the manual page to learn more options.

Do you like ascii art?You can try to display the labels you use in ASCII format in ASCII format.

Why is it limited to the logo?There are many ASCII tools on the Linux terminal.

Don’t stop looking for fun in the terminal.

Hope you like this tutorial about using in various formats.It is amazing that this small tool provides so many options and has so many ways to use it.

Which COWSAY is your favorite example?Don’t say the one of the beef

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