Ten pregnancy nine hemorrhoids, what should I do if long hemorrhoids during pregnancy?How to prevent it?

Human beings evolve from apes to people, and have experienced the process from crawling to upright walking.

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I have to say that this change is an important manifestation of human progress.

However, it is precisely because of the upright walk that the human body’s pressure on the anus has increased.

Especially when women are pregnant, the anus suffers more.

So, how much harm to the anus is pregnant?

Hemorrhoids are prone to occur during pregnancy or increase the original hemorrhoids

Due to the increase in uterus in the third trimester and increased abdominal pressure, the hemorrhoidal veins are blocked and the pressure increases, which leads to the hemorrhoidal veins.

This makes pregnant mothers who do not have hemorrhoids before pregnancy, and hemorrhoids are prone to occur in the third trimester; pregnant mothers who have hemorrhoids before pregnancy, and the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the third trimester will significantly worsen.

About 30%-40%of pregnant mothers will feel the discomfort brought by hemorrhoids.

1. Painless bleeding: Bleeding is generally related to bowel movements. The blood is usually bright red. At the end of the bowel movement, the blood is covered on the surface of the stool, and it may also be dripped in the toilet like water droplets.Occasionally the amount of bleeding will be very large, and it will increase when it is hard.In addition, sometimes bleeding may be spontaneous.

2. Itching of perianal skin.

3. Formation of thrombosis: When the thrombosis is formed, the pregnant mother may have acute perianal pain, and at the same time, there will also be a "mass" that can be touched by hand.

Whether it is "bleeding", "itching" or "pain", the anus must bear silently.

More prone to constipation after pregnancy

Everyone should understand the feeling of constipation:

It took me a few days before I was exhausted once. I felt laborious when defecation. What was difficult to discharge was hard changes. I always felt that I did n’t drain cleanly, and sometimes I needed to use the “external force”.

These uncomfortable feelings are "pressure" again and again on "anal".

Especially during pregnancy, the intestinal peristalsis and intestinal tension of pregnant mothers will weaken. In addition, the amount of exercise during pregnancy is reduced, which is more likely to have constipation.

The anus became the most direct "victim".

Constipation will increase hemorrhoids

As mentioned earlier, pregnant mothers are more likely to have hemorrhoids or increase the original hemorrhoids, and it is mentioned that pregnant mothers are more likely to have constipation.

Although constipation is not a factor formed by hemorrhoids, when the two appear at the same time, the "constipation" will be used as a "pushing hand" to push the pregnant mother’s hemorrhoids to a more serious point. The symptoms of bleeding, perianal itching, and pain will be symptoms of the anal itching, and the pain of pain.More aggressive.

I have to say that the anus during pregnancy really endured the pressure of "non -human".

How should pregnant mothers "decompress" the anus?

Generally, for the symptoms of hemorrhoids and constipation, we all recommend conservative treatment, such as changing daily eating habits and lifestyles, or using some drugs for treatment and relieving.

01 Change the diet

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables with high fiber content, such as apples, apricot, kiwi, strawberries, onions, broccoli, corn, bitter gourd, pumpkin, etc.

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2. Drink plenty of water, you can soften the stool appropriately.

3. Eat less spicy, high fat content.

02 Change the lifestyle

1. Develop a good habit of defecation daily to avoid force when defecation, or too long, such as brushing Douyin for a long time.

2. Pregnant mothers should do appropriate exercise to promote intestinal peristalsis and avoid feces from staying for too long in the intestine.

3. If the pregnant mother’s acute hemorrhoids occur, the method of sitting bath can be used for treatment. It can soak the hips 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes each time, which can reduce symptoms such as inflammation and edema, and relieve itching.

PS: Use warm water, do not add soap and shower gel in water.

03 Use drugs

1. The use of compound corner vegetable ointment (embolism) can effectively control the symptoms of bleeding, pain, itching, stimulation and difficulty in defecation.

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2. When necessary, pregnant mothers can take a laxative or lactose sugar to soften the stool to correct the symptoms of constipation.

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It must be noted here that pregnant mothers should use cautiously use openness, glycerin embolism, etc. to disable magnesium sulfate, and cannot improve constipation by the way of enema, so as not to cause premature or abortion.

Many times, pregnant mothers focus on the development of the fetus and ignore some discomfort in their bodies.In fact, when pregnant, the pressure on the "chrysanthemum" of the pregnant mother is not ignored.

We don’t want the fetus to lose anything, but similarly, the pregnant mother’s "Ju Department" is slightly embarrassing, and we cannot be paid attention to because of "difficulty in opening teeth".

Only when the conditions of the body of the pregnant mother are better, can they "give birth to life" better!

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