The "exclusive sleeping position" of the body’s favorite

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Those who have neck pain should lie on the side of the pregnant woman and the elderly lying on the side

Experts interviewed: Yin Guoping, deputy chief physician of the otolaryngus, throat and neck surgery of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, Wang Bingjie, reporter reporter Wang Bingjie

Recently, the "American News and World Report" website pointed out that different sleeping positions have their own advantages and disadvantages. People are best to "seate" according to their physical conditions and choose the most suitable one.In response, the reporter of "Life Times" specially invited Yin Guoping, deputy chief physician of the otolaryngology head and neck surgery of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, to interpret it.

Sipid: Suitable for back pain and neck pain, the best relaxation is naturally relaxed.

Advantages: reduce back and neck pain; support the spine and help muscle relaxation and recovery.

Disadvantages: Increasing snoring and sleep apnea, the risk of airway collapse in patients with syndrome may aggravate breathing difficulties.

Yin Guoping explained that when he was lying on his back, the back of the tongue fell and the soft palate collapsed, which could easily cause airway stenosis and hindered breathing.Therefore, those who are fat, women in the third trimester, and snoring adults and children should avoid sleeping positions.For those who are suitable for supine, clinically, different supine sleeping positions will also be recommended according to the specific conditions of their bones and muscle lesions. For example, patients with lumbar disc herniation are best to sleep hard, and some patients with cervical spondylosis need to go to the pillow.When ordinary people are lying on their back, they can try to open their hands and feet about 45 degrees, and the whole person is "big" or surrendered (see Figure ①), so that the muscles can be fully stretched.

Sleeping on the side: Pregnant women and elderly people are the first choice, but do not "side".

Advantages: Keep breathing unobstructed, reduce the risk of snoring; reduce the risk of reflux of gastric esophageal pipes; reduce the pressure of spine and internal organs.Recently, a study found that "sleeping to the right+lowering rate" can have higher sleep quality.The American Sleep Foundation stated that sleeping on the left is more friendly to patients with gastroesophageal reflux, which can reduce gastrointestinal pressure, which is also the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

Disadvantages: The pressure on the shoulder is increased, and it is not suitable for people with injuries to the shoulder joints.

Due to the physiological structure of large hips and small knees, the side sleeping posture is unstable, and many people’s hips and thighs will unconsciously press down and become "sideways to sleep."At this time, the upper body will squeeze the cervical spine and shoulders, the lumbar spine of the lower body will be oppressed, the pelvis is reversed, and the spine damage is great.

You can learn the "sleep as a lion lying" proposed by Wang Sun Siyi, that is, sleep like a lion."Lion lying method" (lying on the right side): head and upper body slightly lean forward, the right legs naturally extend, bend slightly, and the left leg is slightly more bent than the right leg;Below the calf below the knee and the foot are placed on the right leg (a pillow can be placed between the two knees); the palm of the right hand is upward, and the naturally stretchs on the pillow, but there is a certain space from the head (see Figure ②).

Slotting: The most recommended sleeping position is the most recommended, but it is not useless.

Advantages: Open the airway to help reduce snoring.In some special diseases, doctors suggest that patients take the sloppy sleeping position, such as patients with respiratory distress should adopt intermittent prone positions, helping the roots of the tongue and soft palate sinking, expanding the airway, thereby improving lung ventilation.Essence

Disadvantages: Increase the gravity of the ribs and abdomen, cause the chest and diaphragm to be compressed, and affect the breathing; compared with the supine and side lying, the support of the back and the neck is the least.Press.Yin Guoping added that the sleeping position of the prone position will hinder the rising thoracic, increase the pressure of the abdominal, and increase the reflux of the gastric canal.In addition, pilleration can also affect blood circulation, and patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need to be avoided.

Yin Guoping finally emphasized that for most people, it is impossible to control the sleeping posture after falling asleep, and because some muscles that are under pressure need to rest, people will definitely turn over and adjust their posture during sleep. ThereforeJust don’t have to be too tangled.

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