The "root of the feet" was found!The most afraid of the previous three types, the others are all okay

Xiao Wang found that his feet were a bit swollen recently, and even the shoes he worn in flat felt difficult to wear. At first he thought that the running was twisted, so he went to the pharmacy to buy the swelling and pain medicine to spray it, but sprayed it for a week, but sprayed it for a week.There are no signs of improvement.

It happened that his girlfriend came to see him a few days ago and saw Xiao Wang’s swollen feet. She remembered the saying "man is afraid of swollen feet", so she quickly pulled Xiao Wang to the clinic for examination.Find the cause.

Xiao Wang was very worried. Is the swelling of the foot really a sign of a serious illness?

heart disease

Pneumonal swelling may be a precursor to heart disease, mainly caused by the overload of the heart of the heart, also known as heart -derived edema.If there is a history of heart disease before, and now there is symptoms of foot swelling, it is necessary to consider the body’s circulation and congestion caused by incomplete right heart function, and the common symptoms are double lower limb edema.

Liver disease

If the liver function is abnormal, the ability of liver synthetic protein will be reduced, and it will further develop into hypoproteine lesions. Excessive liquid will accumulate in the legs and abdomen, which will easily cause edema.

Kidney disease

When many people have symptoms of foot swelling, they first think of kidney problems, because the kidneys can filter waste in the blood. Once the kidneys cannot work properly, there will be more and more sodium stagnation staying in the blood, and the body will leave more body will leave more.The liquid of the liquid will decrease under the action of gravity, so it is prone to symptoms of foot swelling.

Among them, the most common is nephropathy syndrome, nephritis syndrome, renal insufficiency, etc. The parts where edema occurs is usually double limbs and eyelids, usually depressed edema.

Of course, not all foot swelling is a manifestation of major illnesses, and other factors may also cause foot swelling.For women, there may be two causes of foot swelling:

During the menstrual period, some women’s feet may be related to menstruation. Some women have unknown lower limb edema in the early days of menstruation. It may be caused by changes in hormone levels in the early period of menstruation. In this case, special treatment is usually not required. HoweverThe law of work and rest, avoid staying up late and tired;

Pregnancy can also cause female feet swelling. Women have a common symptom in the late pregnancy is feet and ankle swelling, which is caused by increased venous pressure and liquid retention.

For men, if symptoms of foot swelling occur, in addition to considering kidney disease, heart disease or liver disease, you also need to consider other 5 factors, such as the effect of drugs:

After taking certain drugs, symptoms of foot edema may also occur. More common drugs include adrenal corticosteroids, calcium channel blockers, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, etc.;

Stand up for a long time: Standing or sedentary for a long time can easily cause blood flow to the lower limbs and cause edema; chronic lower limb venous valve function incomplete function: mainly due to cold, overwork, trauma and other factors.Varicular blood will flow back to the blood vessels, which will cause foot swelling;

Deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs: mainly caused by hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and other factors; gout: gout often causes joint malformations, and can cause body edema and pain during acute attacks.

The primary feet of the elderly are related to the three situations. One is that as the age increases, the function of various organs of the body has begun to decrease, and the blood circulation becomes smooth when young.When intravenous blood flow is blocked, symptoms of foot swelling may occur;

The second is nutritional swelling, because the digestive function of the elderly is weakened, and the eating is less, so it is easy to cause malnutrition and feet swelling; the third is the swelling caused by systemic diseases, such as suffering from kidney disease and loss of heart function.Most of the elderly in the heart disease may have symptoms of foot swelling.

So, what should the old man swell?How to swell?

First of all, pay attention to diet, comprehensive nutritional intake, avoid intake of a large amount of sodium salt, not only can prevent coronary heart disease, but also reduce sodium retention in the human body and relieve the symptoms of foot swelling.

Secondly, the elderly should pay attention to the warmth and cleaning of the feet. Usually you can soak your feet with warm water. For about 15 minutes each time, you can also cook the feet with winter melon skin.

Finally, we must avoid standing for a long time. You can take a proper walk in one hour after meals. At the same time, you should pay attention to the side effects of the drug. If you have symptoms of foot swelling after taking the drug, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.If the feet are also accompanied by dramatic pain, you must take static exercise in time, and do not exercise violently to avoid the symptoms worsening.

In short, there are many causes of foot swelling. If you have unknown foot swelling, it is best to go to the hospital to check the cause in time to avoid delaying treatment time.”””2022″

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