The 12 -year -old girl was raped by a 74 -year -old old man. After pregnancy, she insisted on having children, just to identify who the criminals were!

The elderly should be a kind of stable and stable image, but there are no shortage of people with quality.

A 74 -year -old elderly man even got poisonous hands to his 12 -year -old junior in the village and made him pregnant.

The extremely bad influence destroyed a family and corrupted its evening festival.

It is necessary to investigate its criminal responsibility and be severely punished by the law.

Li Chunsheng is a farmer who is farmer in his hometown. He contracted many land of working people who went out to work in the same village. He also purchased two harvesters in the past two years.The dozens of acres of rice planted, after a year, earned more than their fellows who went out to work.

The most important thing is that he can take care of children and the elderly in his hometown. Although it is hard, it is a good choice for Li Chunsheng.

But in this bland and fulfilling life, there was an incredible accident that happened.

This is a winter in 2013. In addition to the bathing in the bathroom in the bathroom, the locals will go to the town to take a bath in the town. The temperature in the winter is very low.Enjoy.

On this day, Li Chunsheng’s wife took her 12 -year -old daughter Li Sisi to take a bath in the bathhouse in the town. When she took off her daughter, Li Chunsheng’s wife Wang Guimei found that her daughter who was not obese had a small belly.This is a very abnormal manifestation.

Due to the fear of any disease or some abnormalities in adolescence, Wang Guimei immediately dressed and took her daughter to leave the bathhouse, and immediately prepared to go to the hospital for examination for her daughter. The terrible conjecture did not appear in Wang Guimei’s mind.

After the mother and daughter arrived at the hospital, the doctor gave Li Sisi a B -ultrasound. Watching the display light and shadow on the imaging instrument, the doctor frowned, and Wang Guimei, who saw the doctor’s response, stunned, and then asked her daughter Li Sisi to go outside the door first.Wait, ask the doctor alone.

The doctor said to Wang Guimei, "Your daughter is likely to be pregnant, you should call the police first."

Wang Guimei, who heard the news, instantly blank.

Wang Guimei immediately called her husband Li Chunsheng and told the husband about the matter, and then called the police call. The husband and the police rushed to the hospital one after the other.How to take care of your daughter.

Because Wang Guimei looked at the elderly and daughters at home at home on weekdays, she did not need to go out to work. She was busy and busy with her husband Li Chunsheng on weekdays to bear the expenses of a family.

After the police arrived, because the hander on the phone learned that the case was special, they contacted a policewoman to the hospital. The police took Wang Guimei’s mother and daughter, and Li Chunsheng drove his own van to the police station.

The police asked the girl Li Sisi if she had sex with who had sex with, and for fear that Li Sisi didn’t understand what it meant, and asked Li Sisi if someone had taken off his pants before and went to the police to investigate.An old man Tang Dongyun had sex with himself.

The police immediately went to the village and found Tang Dongyun in the girl Li Sisi. Tang Dongyun was a local 74 -year -old elderly man. When he heard the 74 old man in the village in the police station, Li Chunsheng and Wang Guimei collapsed.I was unwilling to believe that her daughter was caused by human sexual assault, and she was unwilling to believe that the murderer was the 74 -year -old man in the village.

At this time, the police who were preparing to control Tang Dongyun received a call from Li Chunsheng. On the phone, Li Chunsheng told the police that his daughter Li Sisi identified the new suspect and let the police don’t care about Tang Dongyun for the time being.The very strange police officer could not stop the work of Tang Dongyun according to the normal procedures according to Li Chunsheng’s statement.

Tang Dongyun was caught by the police to the hospital, and compared Tang Dongyun’s blood sampling with the samples of the amniotic fluid previously carried out by Li Sisi. After identification, it was very likely that the child was Tang Dongyun.

Because on the phone, Li Chunsheng said that his daughter Li Sisi wanted to identify the new suspect. The police went to Li Chunsheng’s house. At this time, the girl was always supported by the police’s inquiry. From time to time, she would look at her father Li Chunsheng.I felt very strange, but still took relevant measures to the suspects of the so -called sexual assault on Li Sisi.

According to Li Sisi’s second record, in addition to Tang Dongyun, the old man in the same village, three people also performed sexual assault on Li Sisi.

These three people are Li Sisi’s math teacher, the president of the school, and a shop owner on the way home from Li Sisi.The victim Li Sisi identified, the police immediately found the three of them and took them to the hospital sample their blood specimen. After a medical comparison with Li Sisi amniotic fluid, they could not support the biography of the three people in the abdomen of Li Sisi’s abdomen.Father.

Earlier, after the police found the 74 -year -old man Tang Dongyun, Tang Dongyun immediately admitted that he had performed sexual assault on the girl, but he did not know that the result of the girl’s pregnancy had not been known.

After that, the three of the three people in Li Sisi launched an investigation, combined with the testimony provided by Li Sisi, and the criminal scene of the crime venue in the mouth, there were great vulnerabilities.Essence

At this time, because there is no exact evidence to prove the criminal facts of the three, the investigation of the case was also stalemate. At this time, Li Sisi’s father, Li Chunsheng, asked her daughter to continue to leave the child.The three do parent -child identification.

However, the doctor had previously informed Li Chunsheng to kill the fetus early to avoid a greater impact.

In the end, her daughter gave birth to a baby and made a parent -child identification with the three again. She still did not support the medical support of the biological father of the baby in the three.

In this case, a 12 -year -old girl was pregnant and found that she had been pregnant for more than five months. After investigation, she could basically confirm that the child’s biological father was a 74 -year -old man in the same village, but the girl’s father insisted on insisting onAs for girls to give birth to the child, although the murderer needs to be held criminally responsible, how should a baby left?

The main concern of this case is that a murderer caused a 12 -year -old girl to become pregnant. According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law in my country, the crime of rape refers to the actor’s use of violence or other means, violating the victim’s wishes, forced and forced and forced and forced and forced it. Crimes composed of sexual behavior.

When the law also clearly stipulates that when there is a bad plot of rape girls, a penalty of ten years of prison will be applied.

Li Sisi, the victim in this case, was only 12 years old at the time of the crime and belonged to the young girl stipulated in my country’s law.

In terms of the actual situation of this case, because the victim is a young girl under the age of 14, according to the provisions of my country’s laws and related judicial interpretations, when having sex with young girls, whether or not the consent of the young girl should be raped, they should be crimes of rape. In terms of, the actor does not know that the other party is a young girl, and when the young girl agrees to have sex with him, if the plot is mild and does not cause serious consequences, it may not be determined that it is a crime.

The criminal suspect in this case is an elder in the village of the victim. He knows that the victim is less than fourteen years old and has caused serious consequences of the victim’s pregnancy. Therefore, his criminal responsibility must be investigated.

However, given that the criminal suspect was 74 years old, according to Article 17 of the Criminal Law in my country, only an elderly man who is 75 years old criminal can reduce the punishment. The conditions to reduce the cause.

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