The 13 -year -old girl was forced to abandon after being raped, and finally filed a case …


A shocking rape girl case has recently occurred in Wu’an, Handan City, Hebei.A 13 -year -old girl Xiao Huang was raped by an adult man in 2020 and became pregnant.However, it is shocking that three years have passed, and this serious criminal act has not received due judicial intervention.It was not until recently that after Xiaohuang exposed his encounter through the Internet platform, the procuratorial organs finally officially filed a case. This cross -provincial rape case ushered in the start of legal procedures.

According to Xiao Huang, in October 2020, she was only 13 years old and she met the suspect Guo Moumou through social software.About a month later, Guo Moumou deceived her to a hotel in Wu’an, Handan City on the grounds of introducing work.Then he used his physical advantage to forcibly violate Xiaohuang in the hotel room.

"I told him that I was less than 14 years old, and he did so forcibly." Xiao Huang said that he was very scared at the time and did not dare to resist.Afterwards, she has been forced to leave her hometown with the suspect and has a relationship outside half a month.

Half a year later, Xiaohuang felt abdominal pain, and her family found that she was 7 months pregnant.To this end, Xiao Huang was forced to go to the hospital for abortion surgery.

It is understood that Xiao Huang’s family members reported the case as early as 2021.But for three years, the case has been gone, and the suspect Guo Moumou has never been arrested and detained.In June of this year, after Xiaohuang exposed his experience through the Internet platform, public opinion’s attention increased greatly, and the procuratorial organs were forced to intervene.

On June 19, the People’s Procuratorate of Wu’an City, Handan City, Hebei officially filed a case for Guo Moumou, and delivered a legal document to Xiaohuang’s family.

In this case, legal experts pointed out that according to the provisions of my country’s criminal law, girls under the age of 14 are generally sentenced to 10 years in prison, and they may face severe punishment of life imprisonment.

"The 13 -year -old girl is a minor who specially protected in the criminal law. Rape will inevitably be severely punished." Said Zhao Liangshan, a well -known lawyer.He also called on Xiaohuang’s family members to ask the suspect to bear part of the liability through civil procedures.

According to Xiao Huang’s family, the rape and pregnancy incident caused her serious trauma.She now has severe mental problems such as severe depression and anxiety, and her life cannot be taken care of by herself.Family members want to recover justice through legal channels, and also so that Xiaohuang can get the spirit of the spirit.

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The occurrence of the case also attracted the attention of all sectors of society to the protection of minors’ rights and interests.Experts point out that incidents of sexual assaults have occurred from time to time, and criminal suspects often escape legal sanctions.Therefore, protecting minors is a matter of high attention to the entire society.

"We need to establish a strict minor protection to protect the network, and we must start from education and family to keep children away from harm." Experts said that they will continue to call for the improvement of relevant laws and maximize the prevention of similar cases.

At present, this cross -provincial rape case has finally entered the judicial procedure. I hope that the court can handle the case and smooth the soul of the little girl.It is also necessary to attach great importance to the protection of minors from all walks of life in order to make children grow carefree.What needs to be reflected is why such a harsh case needs to be dragged to this day, or can the victim continue to fight for public prosecution?Who is our minor protection law protected?

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