The 13th World Kidney Day 丨 Women’s neglect of urine tests during pregnancy, and kidney disease quietly "finds the door"

Wen Rui Li Jiali 丨 Wen

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On March 8, 2018, the 13th World Kidney Day coincides with International Women’s Day. The theme of this year’s World Kidney Day emphasizes the importance of women’s kidney health, that is, "paying attention to kidney disease and caring for women’s health."The Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology of Changsha Central Hospital held a public lecture and expert free clinic in the hospital outpatient hall in the hospital outpatient hall in the hospital.Expert lectures and free clinics have gained health knowledge.

Tan Jiao (Ph.D.) lecture "Brief Say" Chronic kidney Disease "in the Department of Kidney disease and rheumatism

Kidney disease, rheumatology and immunology department (deputy chief physician) lecture "kidney disease and women’s health"

Li Yan, director and deputy chief physician of Changsha Central Hospital, said that at present, chronic kidney disease ("CKD") has become a global public health issue. The incidence of adults is about 10%, which can lead to renal failureAnd death is one of the top 20 deaths in the world.There are about 195 million patients with chronic kidney diseases around the world. About 600,000 women die each year in CKD, which is the eighth major cause of women’s death.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to women’s kidney health.

At the scene, many women took the initiative to seek help from experts and pay attention to kidney health

Wen Rui, deputy chief physician of kidney disease and rheumatology, was interviewed by the media, calling on women to pay attention to kidney health

"Clinically, we have encountered many women’s misunderstanding about kidney disease, which has caused no proper treatment during the disease, so that the timing of treatment is delayed." Li Yan said.

Female pregnancy neglects urine tests

Kidney disease quietly "finds the door"

31 -year -old Xu Li (pseudonym) is a pregnant mother.In the early stages of pregnancy, Xu Li regularly checked for a regular production inspection in accordance with the obstetrician’s instructions.The results of the first three production inspections are very good, but during the fourth birth examination, the results of the routine urine examination showed that "+" appeared "+", and the obstetrician reminded Xu Li, which may be the early performance of pregnancy hypertension syndrome syndromeNext time, we need to review routine urine examinations for screening.

However, Xu Li felt that she was not uncomfortable, but her feet were a little swollen. This was normal during pregnancy. It should be a doctor’s "big question".As a result, Xu Li, a subsequent inspection, intentionally ignored the routine urine inspection.A few weeks later, Xu Li began to appear dizziness, especially after the event was obvious, and the rest was relieved.In the obstetrics, blood pressure was measured multiple times, and the blood pressure value was between 140-145/90-95mmHg, which belongs to the category of pregnancy hypertension.At the same time, Xu Li’s feet were seriously swollen and difficult to disappear.

By 32 weeks of Xu Li’s pregnancy, a day suddenly twitched, had difficulty breathing, and puffy, and was sent to the emergency department of Changsha Central Hospital.After the doctor’s examination, the blood pressure was as high as 168/112mmHg and the heart rate was 105 times/minute.Routine urine examination shows that urine protein +++, creatinine 90umol/L, uric acid 438UMOL/L, diagnosed as pregnancy hypertension syndrome, nephropathy syndrome and puzzle.The obstetricians of Changsha Middle Hospital, nephropathy, rheumatologist and rheumatologist are recommended after the emergency consultation.After surgery.Xu Li was able to produce safely, but later reviewing urine protein was still a "+". Chronic nephritis had irreversible existence. If the condition worsened and controlled in the future, it was likely to develop into uremia and need to be treated with dialysis.

Patient Xu Li was interviewed by the media at the event site, reminding female friends to not ignore urine tests during pregnancy

Li Yan, director and deputy chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Rheumatology and Immunology of Changsha Central Hospital, said that pregnancy is an important induction and aggravation of female chronic kidney disease. Women during pregnancy must pay attention to.Early monitoring is an important means to prevent chronic kidney disease.Early monitoring mainly includes three aspects: 1. Strengthen proteinuria and kidney function monitoring.If the early pregnancy of proteinuria> 300mg/24h, the proteinuria in the middle and late pregnancy> 500mg/24h, and the creatinine> 70.7ummol/L, you need to be alert to acute renal insufficiency.2. In the early pregnancy, blood pressure is reduced due to vascular dilation, blood pressure may be normal, and chronic hypertension is often easy to cover up chronic hypertension.Therefore, if the early pregnancy continues to monitor blood pressure exceeding 130/80mmHg, you need to be alert to the existence of chronic hypertension.3. If there is no medical conditions, you need to monitor the amount of urination and edema. Once the urine volume decreases or worsen the edema, and there is still no relief after rest, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

In addition, the best pregnancy age of women is between 25 and 29 years old. When exceeding this age group, the incidence of complications such as hypertension and premature birth will increase. Therefore, women must develop a pregnancy plan scientifically. If there are pregnancy, there are pregnancy.High -risk factors such as hypertension and diabetes need to be tightly monitored, controlled, diet reasonably, and effectively prevent diseases that may occur during pregnancy.

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