The 14 -year -old girl was raped many times by eighty -year -old weng, and she was pregnant for 18 weeks when she found that the old man was not punished.

The 14 -year -old girl just entered the same age, and their faces were filled with the most confident and naive smiles of their time.

However, in some relatively remote rural areas, the girls there may not be lucky in the city. A 14 -year -old girl in a rural country in Hubei was forcibly violated by the vacant stitch of her mother and brother at home!

What is terrible is that the prisoner turned out to be an 80 -year -old man!And this is not the first time that it has committed the crime. Many violations have caused girls to be pregnant and were discovered until 18 weeks!It has a wide range of influences. What kind of demons will start with a flower season girl?Today, let’s take a look at the old devil who still can’t control this year.

When each girl is 14 years old, she should be busy studying or playing with her companions in the field, or just starting to team out in the city.

Because at this age, when they just started to explore society, when they met the new world, they were curious about everything outside. These were not seen before, and then today’s protagonists are not as lucky as we envision.

Gong’an County, Hubei, a 14 -year -old rural girl Xiao Dan (a pseudonym), was discovered by the teacher and classmates in a routine medical examination prepared by the school a day.The teacher was surprised to find why Xiao Dan’s belly was arched, and it didn’t seem to be too supportive.

Because Xiao Dan’s performance was calm, it was thought that some bad teachers hurriedly called Xiao Dan’s mother and asked her to take Xiao Dan to the hospital to see what happened, because Xiao Dan’s father worked in other places all year round and left only left.Xiao Dan and her mother’s younger brother are at home, and they are currently busy with field planting and harvest. There is no way to care about the physical condition of Xiao Dan in time.

When Xiao Dan might have something wrong, the mother hurriedly took the child to the hospital for examination.Xiao Dan was determined to be pregnant!And at least 18 weeks of pregnancy!It’s hard to imagine that a girl who has just went to junior high school was so early!

The anxious mother quickly asked Xiao Dan if she had contact some young people outside or did any classmates bully you at school, but Xiao Dan shook her head and said she didn’t.

The doctor on the side persuaded Xiaodan, and finally, Xiao Dan finally said the truth under the patient’s patience and care: "It was Liu Nian (a pseudonym) next door, and came to me this summer."

When I heard this mother suddenly understand, the blood and blood almost fainted, but she couldn’t fall down for the innocence and reputation of her daughter.I didn’t tell my husband for the time being.

Liu Nian in Xiao Dan’s mouth is an old man over eighty years. He usually lives in a relatively remote place. In addition, he is silent and has no friends, so he stays at home on weekdays and has no hobbies.

However, it is said that although the old man is very old, he can still work on the ground. When he is young, he often goes to the field to work, and he has done too much farm work.It is not the reason for his old evil magic to assault the girl!

According to Xiao Dan’s confession, during the summer vacation, the old man slipped into the house while his mother took his brother, and then pressed herself to take off his pants on the bed.

Its bad nature has a serious impact on Xiao Dan’s body and mind!And because Xiao Dan has only been fourteen years old and the body’s development is not yet mature, the induction or damage to the body is huge, and the uterus can rupture and bleed.Extinction, but its risks are greater than infant risks from June to July.

According to the doctor’s answer: Xiao Dan’s pregnancy cycle exceeds twelve weeks. It is generally recommended to induce labor in medicine, that is, to force the pregnancy through medical means, but due to the long pregnancy time, the fetus has formed the baby’s own bones in the abdomen.The uterus of pregnant women becomes bigger and thinner, and induction of labor may cause uterine bleeding.

This means that the end of pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy will lead to more possibilities, and the damage to the body of pregnant women is even greater.

Considering that Xiaodan is in the period of development, it is better to induce labor early. In case the baby is delayed, it is more difficult to induce labor. It can only be produced normally.Belle by Xiao Dan and his parents.

His mother immediately took Xiao Dan to find Liu Nian’s son for a countermeasure. His son was Liu Lin (pseudonym) to work in the local health department.Liu Lin immediately found Xiaodan’s mother to discuss after this incident, because the truth of the matter had long been out of stone, so he didn’t refute anything.

He promised to privately give Xiaodan 20,000 yuan for a private, with a period of two years, and gave 5,000 a year, and asked Xiao Dan to perform surgery immediately, but he did not want to bear the rehabilitation costs and medical expenses after Xiao Dan’s surgery.

Therefore, this condition was rejected by Xiao Dan’s mother, and two days later, they went to the Public Security Bureau to report the case.And Liu Lin saw Xiaodan’s mother’s resolutely disagreeable attitude, and the conditions raised the next day, claiming that she would provide good jobs to Xiao Dan and pick up her out to develop.

But as the so -called mouse son can do holes, Xiaodan’s mother naturally does not trust Liu Lin. After all, there is a father who does not abide by law and has poor self -binding power. Where can he go as a son?So I rejected it in one sip.

At the same time, the village party secretary also learned about this, and he also found the Liu Lin family to discuss the issues of compensation and surgery. However, the village secretary also knew that Xiao Dan was miserable.It is also persuaded Xiaodan to induce labor. After all, there are more or less problems with a child born in an 80 -year -old man, not to mention that this is not voluntary.

After receiving the report, the police also immediately issued a report and passed on the Liu Lin family. In the face of the interrogation of the police officer of the Public Security Bureau, Liu Nian confessed that he had repeatedly invaded Xiaodan many times.

However, when the police asked if the reason caused Xiao Dan’s pregnancy, the old demon said that she had a relationship with her for a long time, and she could not definitely cause her pregnancy.

In the face of such an answer, Xiaodan’s mother is almost dying. How can there be such a shameless person?Do you dare to do it, what is the turtle?

However, according to the police introduced that Xiao Dan has not undergone labor induction surgery, so there is no way to test it through DNA technology. After surgery, the blood of the fetus in the abdomen and Liu Nian can only be obtained after the abdomen and Liu Nian can only get the results.

At present, who has not yet concluded who has the cost of surgery. The Liu Nian family searched for search, and the Xiao Dan family could not pay so much money for a while because her mother planted his dad to work. However, the doctor suggested thatStill surgery as soon as possible.

Now Liu Nian has been controlled by the police at home, and he must not go out at will.

There is no doubt that Liu Nian’s behavior constitutes a crime of rape. If he is sentenced by the court, his sentence may be in prison for three to ten years, and basically his rest of his life will be spent in prison.

You must know that the prisoner who was jailed for rape was the lowest level in prison. Those robber, murderers, scammers, etc. will look down on him, let alone he rapes a minor!

The Law on the Protection of my country has long been promulgated and implemented, and in Article 54 of Chapter 4, it proposes not to illegally imprison, abuse, trafficking, abduction, and sexual harassment minors.With the protection of the law, I believe that it can effectively reduce the occurrence of such phenomena and ensure the healthy growth of minors.

It is not difficult for Liu Nian’s sexual assault incident to find that the sexual assault cases of minors not only happened in cities, but rural areas seem to be more like this.According to the "Girl Protection" public welfare organization survey, in the 433 groups of data collected and published in 2016, we learned that 329 of them occurred in rural areas.

So why are rural minors more likely to be poisoned?I want to have several reasons:

1. Rural infrastructure equipment is backward

Compared with the urban areas, the rural areas are generally lagging behind. Many villages have less deeply hidden. Even the lamps are small. Everyone is almost not going out at night, so the village is very dark. This provides some criminal crimes.Constitution of crime.

Secondly, the village economy is backward, and there are no monitoring in many places, which means that you have not been witnessed or captured by people on the spot.

Moreover, the DNA inspection technology of the last century was not mature, which caused many people to escape from the scene after being caught on the spot without being arrested on the spot.

2. Rural adult labor loss

Many adult labor chooses to go to the city to develop and develop. There is really no room for rising in the countryside. Almost all corporate catering chain stores are in rural areas.Good development potential.So this causes a bad phenomenon: only the elderly and children are left in the family.

Why don’t they choose a family to move to the city?It is a simple reason that the city’s expenses are even greater, and it is difficult for ordinary workers to support the family.

Therefore, they often choose to go to the city for development, send money regularly, or make money home. At the same time, the elderly in the family go to all kinds of fields to collect waste products to earn some fast money.Such a family’s living standard is at least better.

In this way, the family’s ability to protect minors is relatively weak. Imagine that there are only elderly children and children in the family. It is difficult for someone to rob the robbery in the room. It is already good to protect their own life when they are in danger.

3. Capture of acquaintances

It is not difficult to find in the countryside for a while. A village is actually not large. There are dozens of households in the small one, so there are more than one hundred or more households, so the neighbors around you are familiar with it for a while.Some even villagers in the villagers are well known, so everyone thinks that since they are friends, they may be guest at any time, and the houses will naturally not close.

If there is no gold and silver jewelry in your home, you don’t have to worry about it, but they all ignore one thing that is their child, and the child is the biggest wealth in the family.Obviously, rural people do not believe that their children can be trafficking at home or raped at home, so this idea provides the feasibility of a crime for acquaintances.

However, the above -mentioned potential dangers are not the reason why prisoners are poisoned by prosecules. Minors are the driving force for the future of society and the flowers of the motherland.

If the family does not have a due responsibility and protection behavior, then the damage suffered by these minors in the end will only fall back to these families. Xiao Dan is a good example.

This matter has played a warning to society.The idea of warning the family members to let go of the possibility of acquaintances will not commit crimes, be alert to strange people around them, warn the society to pay more attention to the physical and mental health of minors, and give them more care and protection. If they cannot protect them in time, they must give them.Compensation and punish prisoners at the same time.

Well, the above is my personal opinion. What are the better opinions on protecting the minor?Welcome to discuss!

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