The 15 -year -old girl was pregnant for 3 months, and after knowing the cause, she scared her mother

Ms. Zhang’s daughter is quiet and junior high school at the age of fifteen years old. She is handsome and cute, cheerful and lively, and she is very busy with her daily work as flowers.There are very few daughters’ time.In recent days, Ms. Zhang came home from get off work and found that her daughter did not do homework at home as usual.On the afternoon, the quiet class teacher suddenly called Ms. Zhang and told Ms. Zhang that her daughter was in love early in school, so I knew why Jingjing was not at home every day.

Ms. Zhang usually heard others talking about students’ early love. She never thought that such a thing happened to herself.

After communicating with the class teacher on the same day, Ms. Zhang and her daughter quarreled.This happened at such a young age that Ms. Zhang was worried that her daughter’s future was affected, but she also involved her academic performance declined sharply. Ms. Zhang was a single mother when her daughter was very young.Divorced, she pinned everything on her daughter, and she couldn’t watch the future of her daughter’s future.That night, the mother and daughter quarreled and ran out of the house quietly.

At that time, Ms. Zhang was also angry, thinking that she ran to a friend’s house quietly, but she didn’t go home at 12 o’clock, and Ms. Zhang was anxious to call quietly. In the end, her daughter’s good friend smiled.Ms. Zhang called and said that she lived in her house, so she put her heart down.

At noon the next day, Ms. Zhang deliberately bought the school early and came to the school to pick up the school quietly.One afternoon three months later, Ms. Zhang suddenly received a call from her daughter at school. She told Ms. Zhang quietly that she seemed to have it, and Ms. Zhang instantly felt that her head turned around.

In the afternoon, Ms. Zhang returned home in muddy, and saw her quietly shrinking on the bed in the bedroom. She looked up at her mother, and she cried with tears!Ms. Zhang distressed her daughter in her arms and couldn’t help it. Jing Jing also told her mother about the truth.

The incident happened on the night when they quarreled, and quietly found her friend to lie to her mother and call to spend the night. That night, her daughter actually ran to her boyfriend crying. The boyfriend did not dare to bring the quiet home home.Just take it to the hotel and put everything that should not happen!Ms. Zhang was too late to soothe her daughter’s injury. She is now anxious to take her daughter to the hospital.

Such a thing happened to the quiet body. In addition to the lack of mother’s companionship, there is another more important factor. After entering the adolescence, the love tendency of the opposite sex will not consciously approach the opposite sex.If you like each other, you may cause love. Mom at home must always pay attention to his daughter, otherwise it will cause a big mistake.

In recent years, the incidents of minors to taste forbidden fruit are not uncommon. What the school must do is not to prohibit falling in love, but to guide them to correctly look at the throbbing of adolescence.

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