The 16 -year -old junior high school dormitory produced a child.

Adolescents are the most beautiful stages of everyone’s life. Generally, girls are girls in the flower season. Everyone’s face is full of youth, and then sit in the classroom to study hard to chase their dreams.

But if the students encounter some bad things at this time, it will really have a shadow on the child’s life.

Recently, a news made us very worried. A 16 -year -old junior high school girl in Yunnan gave birth to a child in the dormitory. At that time, she was also accompanied by major bleeding. The dormitory teacher came to the cry of the baby.This matter is reported to the school.

It is understood that girls are not because of their early love. The girl’s academic performance is very good because she was violated when she was in the car of her classmate’s father. The classmate dad threatened the girl.Everyone knows until you have a child.

The girl’s brother seems to have discovered a problem, because the girl’s home is far away from the school, so the girl chose to live in school. After returning home, the brother found that his sister’s academic performance declined and became silent.Later, the girl said the truth in the video.

The police notified the incident on May 25. The suspect has been detained. The case is still being tried. I hope that it will not have a great impact on the girl, and the future of life is still long.

Some netizens said that girls were living in school. Didn’t the teacher find that girls were pregnant?

And girls have declined academic performance, and did the teacher not find a problem?In response, the teacher responded. The teacher said that first everyone was wearing school uniforms, and the school uniforms were relatively loose. They did not see that girls were pregnant.

Second, this girl usually has no difference with other students, that is, physical education is normal. The teacher does not know that the students are pregnant, and they do not expect that this will happen.

In fact, when a 16 -year -old junior high school student encounters such a thing, it will inevitably have a certain impact on her. I also hope that when educating their children, parents will care more about their children and understand the situation of their children.Children communicate, or report with the teacher to help the child together, and cannot let the child be able to bear so much.

Parents should not be ignored for children’s physiological education. Many parents will feel difficult to open up. They are embarrassed to tell their children, but this is exactly what the child needs to know.Solution, otherwise it will intensify.

In any case, this girl is a victim. I hope everyone refuses to be online storms to protect the growth and mind of girls.At the same time, there are too many "vulnerabilities" of education behind this incident.

As a school and parents, you can appropriately do the knowledge of the children’s popular science, otherwise there will be no girls who do not know about pregnancy.

As a teacher for the longest day with students, you should know the psychological changes and physical changes of students in time, instead of finding an excuse. The school uniforms are hypertrophy, and girls become weighty. It should not be a reason.

To teach and educate people, try to try to observe students, pay attention to students, and care for the growth of each student.

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