The 17 -year -old pregnancy and having children not only accelerate the progress of life, but also changed the fate of the two people.


In the past two years, the 38 -year -old cousin in the family suddenly became a grandma, and at this time, in her bulging belly, it was a second child who was about to give birth to another month.I couldn’t think of the 17 -year -old son, and did not think about any university in high school.

She was so anxious that the old second -hand car was immediately open to the school with the second -hand car of more than 20,000. The son lowered his head and dared not say anything.He slapped into the air, and slapped his face crispy.

The cousin pulled the petite 17 -year -old girl with a big belly, saying: It’s all my son, but now it is a fact. Do you have any plans?She kept sobbing with her head down, and her thin shoulders kept shaking.

The cousin didn’t dare to talk more, turned around and pulled his son out of the hotel room. He was scolded for a while in the corridor with a big belly. As soon as the son kneeled on the ground to confirm his mistakes, he wiped his nose and tears. He said that I would be responsible.I am responsible.

That afternoon, the girl’s parents also rushed over. From the perspective of wearing, it was obvious that the family had a lot of wealth, and the family was such a only girl.As soon as the dark and thin cousin saw the other parents’ parents, he raised his kick and kicked him to the standing son. He knelt on the ground with a scream, and the cousin felt that the earthquake was average.

The two people sighed sighingly and discussed. There was no result. The four adults were only 43 years old. They were not ready at all. They were also very blank. The girl raised her head with tears and said softly: I want to give birth!At this time, the cousin saw the facial features of the girls, her eyebrows were double eyelids, and she was pure.Girls’ mothers said that they were born when they heard tears. They were born for more than three months.


After deciding, both children dropped out of school. One went to work to prepare for money and raise children.The fate of the two.

After the birth of October, the girls living in another county -level city set off a son. On the surface, the units of both parents were congratulations to being a grandfather and grandma, but behind the jokes, they couldn’t lift their heads.

And after the little couple became parents, they wanted to be together, so the woman’s parents proposed to buy a house in the urban area, but the cousin had just given birth to a second child, and the debt of the newly built on the countryside was not paid off.How can we buy a house in the urban area.

The cousin listened and smoked a few cigarettes and said: "If you ca n’t afford it, rent one, the children are born, and they ca n’t.Sure enough, the woman’s parents were deadlocked for a while, and she could only stop.When the petite girl was holding the fat son and appeared at the door of the rent, the cousin suddenly gave birth to great joy.

The three -bedroom and two halls rented, the little couple and the child, the three sisters, one room, and a convenience of the woman’s parents to visit at any time.Sister cousin thought that life was so safely lived, and comforting herself was more than a few years earlier than expected. Besides, this daughter -in -law and grandson have not spent a few dollars.

However, I found out that I had to bring three children, a daughter, one grandson, and the 18 -year -old daughter -in -law.He said, but he always said that he was too tired, and he fell to sleep as soon as he returned home.In the face of hard work, his son who is getting darker and dare not say.

Life is just like this, in the words of the cousin: What can I do, life must continue, and the day and one day.


A few days ago, there was a news that her 14 -year -old daughter and boyfriend went to open a room. After being discovered by my father, the tailbone was interrupted. Many people felt that they were too violent. In fact, they were unable to restrain their anger under repeated persuasion.Show the last helplessness of a father.If you really accidentally get pregnant, it is more physiological, psychologically, but more of the child’s impact on the future.

At the age of 17, he is still a flower -like age. He should have been sitting in the classroom to study, playing, and looking forward to the future. He has the infinite possibility of becoming anyone, but he accidentally becomes a mother.Of course, young is capital and still has unlimited possibilities, but it is much more difficult than peers. Then return to high school classrooms and take college?Yes, as long as you work hard, you can no longer enjoy a beautiful campus time like his peers.

Once I went home, I saw my cousin who was seven or eight years old instantly, holding her daughter in one hand, holding my grandson in one hand, and the 19 -year -old daughter -in -law, inserted into the pocket with both hands and lowered my head slightly.After a few words of home, she passed her face, looked up at the sky, with silence.(Original articles, prohibited reprinting, picture source network)

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