The 19 -year -old girl was pregnant unexpectedly and secretly went to the clinic to be a flower.

The 19 -year -old Jiao Xiuxiu was studying in a vocational school. The age of the flower season and the feelings of Xiao Mao, the classmate Xiao Mao.

On this day, Jiao Xiuxiu felt uncomfortable. When he came to the hospital for examination, it turned out to be more than 80 days of pregnancy. The two children who were still studying at school had a circle of this and did not dare to tell the adults at home.So the two discussed to come to a small clinic to ask.The doctor of the clinic told the two that they came out of the regular hospital. They were qualified by deputy chief physicians, and the level was very good.

The abortion surgery this time is painless abortion. It needs to be surgery for patients with venous hemp. The two never expected that Xiu Xiu would not wake up at the operating table this time, because the anesthesia doctor did not master the dose of anesthesia.There were signs of anesthesia poisoning. However, the clinic did not have the conditions for rescue, so she missed the best time to rescue, and when Xiu Xiu’s parents rushed to the hospital.Xiu Xiu was lying in the intensive care unit. When he saw the bed motionless, his face was like a dead daughter, and the old couple collapsed. They speculated that the daughter may be in a car accident, it may be beaten, but it may be beaten, but butI did not expect that it was because of the abortion surgery.

The anesthesia chosen for the doctor who performed the surgery for Jiao Xiuxiu is proprol. This is a kind of anesthesia drug with a very close toxic dose and the treatment dose.Serious consequences.

The small clinic sent Xiu Xiu to the regular hospital for rescue. The conclusion given by the hospital is: ischemia and hypoxic encephalopathy, secondary epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and brain atrophy.Whose responsibility, everything is to save the daughter first, borrowed all relatives and friends at home, borrowed more than 100,000 to treat her daughter, and the boy who said he would be responsible for his daughter saw Xiu Xiu here.The appearance of the time has long lost contact.

After a period of treatment, although Jiao Xiuxiu kept his life, he became a vegetative, and he could no longer recover the original appearance.

Later, Xiu Xiu’s father brought the clinic for Xiu Xiu to the court. However, the court found that the scope of business marked on their medical license was only internal medicine, and there was no gynecological and obstetrics.It does not match the scope of the medical license registered medical license. It is an illegal act. The anesthesiologist Liu Yu Dou and the gynecological doctor Dong Chunqin, which is invited by the First People’s Hospital of Yaodu District, also belongs to illegal operations.Essence

The courts of the court sentenced Dong Chunqin and Liu Yuling, who had surgery and anesthesia for Xiu Xiu, and were sentenced to 783,000 yuan for Jiao Xiuxiu.

Although she was compensated, Xiu Xiu lost his health, and Xiu Xiu’s boyfriend never appeared again. Although her boyfriend Xiao Mao was not the responsible person of Xiu Xiu’s accident, it also indirectly harmed her.

At the age of 19, he should have been studying in school, but because of his love, he changed his life …

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