The 24 -year -old female teacher in the United States became pregnant after having a relationship with the three teenagers, including invading the 16 -year -old boy

According to the "Sun" and "Daily Mail" on July 20, a 24 -year -old American female teacher faced a maximum 20 -year imprisonment due to improper relationship with three men aged 16 to 17.

The teacher is Ashlynnnnnn Faye Bell. The incident was a teaching assistant at Texaskana High School in Texas, the United States, that is, instructor.

According to reports, another teacher at the school accidentally heard that the students were joking and laughing at a boy, saying that he caused Teacher Bell to be pregnant. The teacher asked what was going on at the 17 -year -old boy. The boy said that Teacher Bell told himHe and he "not a child’s father". The teacher felt that things were wrong and called the police.

According to the survey, between August 5, 2019 to May 2020, Bell had a relationship with three students in her home in New Boston.

In June 2020, a 17 -year -old boy was investigated. He said that he met with Teacher Bell when he was chatting online. Later, the two had Thanksgiving holidays and met at a truck. Teacher Bell drove back to his home.At that time, Teacher Bell’s child was also in the car. After they returned home, the teacher put the child on the bed, and then had a relationship with the boy.

The second place with Teacher Bell was also 17 years old. The boy said that Bell was his off -campus tutor. In the fall of 2019, the boy went to Teacher Bell’s house for the third time. The two had inappropriate contact.

The third place was 16 years old. It was said that he was also chatting with Teacher Bell at the beginning. On November 22, 2019, after a high school football match, the two met.Drive the boy home, and the two met again on the next weekend.

According to reports, in June 2020, Bell was arrested for two 17 -year -olds’ improper relationships and sexual assault allegations against 16 -year -old boys.

Bell faced a two -year to 20 -year imprisonment with a bail of $ 150,000 (about 1.04 million yuan).

Picture source: dailymail, theSun

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