The 26 expression language of the little rabbit, when it does this, it means that it is very happy

Rabbit is one of the pets of human beings.Records show that people have begun to raise rabbits during ancient Rome.In the 16th century, the monastery of Italy also had records about rabbits in cages.Nowadays, more and more people raise rabbits as pets. Under the expression of rabbits, rabbits see the rich emotional expression of rabbits.

1. Gurgling: It is usually dissatisfied with the behavior of the owner or another rabbit.Cuckoo was dissatisfied with the rabbit and was angry.The rabbit does not like others to hug it to touch it, and will make a coo.If you don’t stop making the rabbit dissatisfaction, you may be bitten.

2. Jet sound: Jet sounds that rabbits feel that some things or some actions have threatened it.If your action is threatened, it may be bitten by the rabbit.

3. Screaming: The screams of rabbits are like humans, usually representing fear or pain.If you suddenly hear the rabbit screaming, the owner should pay more attention, because the rabbit may be injured.

4. Morning teeth: Make teeth loudly, representing the pain of rabbits, it is best to take a rabbit to see the veterinarian.Gently molaring, it means that the rabbit is very satisfied and happy.When the rabbit makes the sound of molars gently, if you reach out and touch the rabbit chin, you can feel that its molars are rubbing. At this time, the eyes of rabbits are usually half -opened.

5. The sound of gritting: When the rabbit makes a grinding teeth, it represents the pain.At this time, the rabbit usually bend up and sits, and his ears are tightly sticking back.

6. Woo Ming scream: Like a cat, rabbits will whine when they are satisfied.However, the difference between rabbits and cats is that cats speak with their throats, and rabbits speak with their teeth.

7. His screaming: Rabbit is usually asing to another rabbit.The screaming of hissing represents a warning of a rabbit’s counterattack, mainly to tell another rabbit, otherwise it will attack.

8. V estimate: The sound of estrus is different from Guru.The sound of estrus is low and regular.Generally, the male rabbit will make this call when chasing the female rabbit.Sterilization can reduce this type of estrus, but it cannot be completely cleared.After the sterilization, the male rabbit will still chase the female rabbit and capture the female rabbit.

9. Rotating around: When rabbits are adulthood, they may occur around the circle.The circle turns to show love, and sometimes it makes a gurgling cry at the same time.Rounding around also means that you want to attract attention or ask for food.

10. Jump: When a rabbit is very happy, there will be an in -situ jump and slightly reflected in the air.Sometimes the rabbit jumps while swinging.They are like dancing when they jump.Especially dwarf rabbits or mini rabbits, they prefer to use jump to express their feelings and enjoyment.

11. Rush over: Some rabbits don’t like people to touch it.When the owner cleans the cage and change the food plate, the rabbit may come over, which means that it does not like it.Pushing over is a kind of attack.

12. Standing to your toes: When the rabbit is on the ground and stands with toes, it means warning.They will keep this action until the dangerous past, this action can be maintained for about a few seconds or even a few minutes.When the rabbit is angry, you may also stand up with your toes.

13. Stacking: When rabbits are scared, they can stare with their feet with their legs.In the wild, when the enemy is approaching, the rabbit will use his legs to stomach to notify the companion in danger.

14. Sleeping: Sleeping on the side of the rabbit, stretching legs is safe.If the owner does not disturb, it will fall asleep soon.

15. Pressing the body: When the rabbit is lowered to lower the body as much as possible, it means that it is nervous and feels dangerous.In the wild, when the rabbit feels close to the danger, they will try to lower their bodies and avoid being seen.And pet rabbits will also have such behavior.

16. Squatting down: Squatting down is different from the lower body.When squatting down, the muscles of the rabbit are relaxed, and it is a kind of relaxed manifestation.

17. Lying on the ground and turning over: It means that the rabbit is in a good mood and feels comfortable.

18. Push your hand: The rabbit pushes away your hand and said that it feels that he has done it, telling the owner not to care about it.

19. Put your nose and body near the cage: This is a representative begging, hoping to get something or preferential treatment. It is the rabbit who wants to eat snacks or let the owner put it out.

20. Bite: Bite in the world of rabbits means: "Okay, I’m enough." They will use light bite to tell the owner to stop their current behavior.

21. Licking hand: In the body language of the rabbit, licking your hand is thank you.If your rabbit licks your hand, it means that it wants to tell you thank you.

22. Pumping tail: Timing tail is a naughty manifestation, just like the movement of human tongue.Rabbits usually twitch their tails while jumping.For example, the owner wants to catch the rabbit back to the cage, and the rabbit suddenly jumps up at the same time to twitch the tail at the same time, that is, it is saying: "You won’t catch me!"

23. Wipe things with a chin: The position of the rabbit chin is fragrant, so the rabbit will use the chin to wipe things, leaving your own smell to divide the site.This smell cannot smell, but the rabbit knows.

24. Urine spray: Unexpected adult rabbits may have urinating behavior.Urine spray is the practice of dividing the site and possessing the female rabbit in the rabbit world.The female rabbit may also have urine spraying, but the male rabbit has more behaviors.

25. Poor stool everywhere: If rabbits are scattered in different places, it is also a behavior that divides the site.

26. Mao pulling out: When the female rabbit wants to produce a child, they will have hair extraction.They will pull hair on the position of the chest and feet, and use the pulled hair to make a warm nest for the bunny.If the rabbit is pregnant, the hair pulls will also occur.

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