The 28 -year -old woman was pregnant 1 month after sheltering!Can you get pregnant during breastfeeding?When can I have a room after delivery?These misunderstandings must be avoided →

Some novice mothers think that after the production, the menstruation does not come without ovulation and no need for contraception.Some people think that there is no need for contraception as long as it is breastfeeding.As a result … another baby came … without a little preparation.

September 26 is World Contradicance Day, but many people’s contraceptive knowledge is not comprehensive.According to Jiangsu Radio and Television@苏, in Nanjing, Jiangsu, 38 -year -old new Jinbao Mom Ms. Chen Caesarean section was 3 months after the production of cesarean section. During the routine inspection, she found that she was pregnant for two months.

Xu Qing, director of the outpatient planning operating room of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said:

(Ms. Chen) It was produced three months ago.At the end of the lochia, there was no contraceptive measures in the same room.She took it for granted that because of her production during this time, her menstruation had not recovered, and she would not be pregnant.

However, when the examination was conducted three months later, the doctor discovered that she was pregnant for two months.Compared to the first pregnancy, Ms. Chen was not mentally prepared for this second child.

Xu Qing said that the children’s stay and no risk are very large.

First of all, if the flow of people, she is a scar uterus.And just finished it, and became pregnant in a short time, which was a high -risk abortion.

WHO recommends that women’s fertility interval is more than 2 years, because this can allow women to easily ease the entire reproductive system after experiencing the last production.Ms. Chen has just had a cesarean section for three months. The uterus has not been recovered and the risk of continued fertility is very large.

After repeated consideration, Ms. Chen decided to give up this baby.

For this news, netizens said: If you do not pay attention to postpartum contraceptives, it is too great to hurt your body!

It is said that the postpartum women are no less than a post -disaster reconstruction. If you get pregnant so soon, you will have two levels of the 10th magnitude of the 10th earthquake … No one can eat it.

So suffocating, take care of your body well

The body has not recovered well, and it has to have a miscarriage …

Q: Do I have no menstruation after giving birth to be pregnant?

A: Do not come to menstruation does not mean that no ovulation is not ovulated, there is a risk of pregnancy.

Tan Yuan, a attending physician in Shanghai, explained that sometimes, menstruation and ovulation are not uniform, and menstruation does not necessarily have no ovulation after month without monthly.

The postpartum menstruation must also go through the irregularities for a period of time, so you cannot judge whether you will be pregnant based on menstruation.

Q: Can I get pregnant during breastfeeding?

A: According to the public account of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, at the same time, it meets the mother’s breastfeeding within 6 months after delivery, the maternal menstruation has not been restored, and a certain breastfeeding frequency and time must be available every day in order to achieve a certain efficiency of contraception.

However, not menstruation does not mean not ovulation, and it is not uncommon for breastfeeding.If you find that milk secretion is getting less and less, it may be pregnant.

■ Picture: Jiangsu Radio and Television@Video

What if you are pregnant?First of all, you must consider the pregnancy interval to give birth to children safely.Secondly, pregnancy can still breastfeed during breastfeeding.The chief physician of Pediatrics at Beijing Union Hospital@北京 北京 北京 told the mother who came to consult, and did not need to be weaned during breastfeeding, and it would not affect the amount of lactation.The abnormal situation can breastfeed normally.

Q: When can I have the same room after delivery?

A: Eight weeks of delivery, three months of caesarean section.

Director of the Chief Physician of the Freshman Department of Shanghai International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital@上海 上海 上海 上海 said that when the room can be in the same room is not only related to childbirth, but also related to the recovery of the mother.If it is a mother who is born, it is generally recommended to have the same room after eight weeks. If the body recovers is better, it can also be relatively early, but the earliest should not be earlier than six weeks after giving birth.Moms of caesarean section generally recommend the same room after three months.

Q: How long can I have children after giving birth?

A: The International Health Organization WHO recommends that after a normal production, the fertility interval should be greater than 2 years and less than 5 years, which means that the first baby is 2 to 5 years old. Erbao is less risky.Wait at least 6 months after natural or artificial abortion before getting pregnant.

Xu Xiaosheng, a obstetrician and gynecologist at Ruijin Hospital, said that re -pregnancy in the short term has an impact on mothers and children.For the mother, the body has not recovered well, and the risk of premature fetal membrane breaks, abortion, anemia, death and other risks may be increased. For newborns, the short pregnancy interval will increase the premature birth and low birth weight.Risk, even autism.

According to the public account of Health China, for pregnant women with a cesarean section, they must especially prevent the risk of uterine rupture.Studies have shown that the pregnancy interval is re -pregnancy in 18 months, and the risk of uterine rupture will increase by 3 times.According to the results of the previous mother’s pregnancy, it is recommended that women with cesarean section wait for 2-3 years before pregnancy.

Q: How to contraceptive?

A: According to the public account of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, the most recommended contraceptive method is to use condoms correctly. The contraceptive effect is more than 98%, and it is non -invasive and has almost no side effects.

Secondly, it is recommended to have time -limited contraceptive measures such as subcutaneous burial contraception, internal adults, and such as long -acting, safe and reversible contraceptive measures, as well as compound oral and short -acting contraceptives.

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