The 30 -year -old young woman was pregnant and came to the door. The 60 -year -old husband said that I would let me deal with it. My daughter taught me to do so

"Huifang, I listen to you this time. If you come to the master, let’s give as much as you say." My husband sat opposite me and told me with a hippie.

I endured the pain in my heart and looked at him with red eyes: "Don’t you feel embarrassed? Do your belly big, let your wife rub your ass?"

"Look at what you said, this is not because you know it! So when I go out, I will boast that you are sensible and generous!" My husband is still easy to look at what you say casually, but it is the most fatal blow to me.Essence

I don’t want any virtuousness, I want to respect, face -to -face!

Speaking of my husband and my husband, many people say that we are exemplary couples. He is inside me outside. There is no shortage of food or wearing at home. Life is rich, and his daughter has a decent job.

What is not known for outsiders is that I can’t feel happiness in this marriage.

One of the words of Zhang Ailing and my marriage with his marriage was: a gorgeous robe, which was covered with lice.

He has been married for nearly 40 years. Since his daughter is in his 10s, he has been stained with flowers outside. In order to give his daughter a complete home, I never dismantled him.

Fortunately, his father’s image was always maintained in front of his daughter. Fortunately, he really loved his daughter, and his daughter also enjoyed the boundless father’s love in him.

However, I didn’t expect that when I was old, he was so deceiving.

On my way home that day, I felt faintly followed me and turned around and only saw an old woman who was about the same age as me.

I don’t want him to think, turn around and walk around.

Unexpectedly, the old woman followed me all the way until my house.

When I was scolding her to go out, I wanted to call the police, she took out a B -ultrasound to give me: "Big girl, I also have to have it. My daughter has the species of your husband for 6 weeks. What do you say?"

Her words were like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

Well, you, Lao Zhu, even if you steal it, your mouth is not cleaned. Now things are so big, how can I accept it?

I am out of anger and ask what she wants?

The old woman said slowly: "Old Zhu promised my daughter to divorce and marry her, but now he turns over his face and does not recognize others. We have no way to come to you."

I can only call Lao Zhu, but he told me that let me watch it!Just hung up the phone.

My lungs were frying, and I could only call my daughter.

The daughter hurried home, and after watching the list, she bombed the old woman out of the house: "You just take a cat and dog’s list, you want to fool us? Believe it, I will sue you to extort it now?"

The old woman was forced by her daughter’s strong aura, leaving a ruthless sentence: "Wait, I must let you raise it."

I cried and told my daughter’s romantic affairs all over the years. My daughter heard a black line: "So you have endured my dad for 20 years for me?"

"Mom, you really! I don’t want you to give it this way. Now you see it, that is, you will indulge again and again, giving my dad the opportunity to hurt you again and again. What do you plan to do this time?"hold me.

I don’t know what to do?When my daughter grows up, I don’t have to take care of her mood anymore, can I divorce?

My daughter nodded at me: "Mom, you wait, see how I get revenge for you!"

I was afraid she would do stupid things, and hurriedly told, but my daughter said that let me listen to her, she came to help me.

She picked up the B -ultrasound that the old woman left, leaving their contact information on it.

Let me contact them, meet and ask for demands.

After turning on the phone, I asked the old woman what happened?

At the beginning, she said that she divorced me. Her daughter would marry Lao Zhu, and her daughter nodded and asked me to agree.

I don’t know what medicine to sell in my daughter’s gourd, so I nodded.

But I haven’t waited for me to slow down!San’er also requested that he could not divorce, but we asked us to give her 300,000, and they would not be entangled afterwards.

Otherwise, everyone and Lao Zhu are well known. Isn’t Lao Zhu still doing business?Then let the partner see his dirty and face, and see if anyone comes to cooperate with him.

My daughter told Lao Zhu. I did not expect that Lao Zhu said that it was all responsible for it. I said that I would lose as much as possible.

I’m so angry.

When did his old Zhu’s money pass through my hand?Every month, he is willing to give, so he asked someone to help wipe his butt, but he pushed me out.

Who knows that her daughter is very happy, she smiled and told me: "Mom, this is your opportunity!"

She asked me to divorce directly with Lao Zhu. Now we have evidence of Lao Zhu’s derailment in our hands, and we can take the opportunity to take more of his property.

After the divorce, we helped him get that woman.

If he was unwilling to divorce, then I had to file a lawsuit. Now we have a derailed iron certificate in our hands, and the three children threaten our screenshots with children. At that time, not only the scandal exposure, but also the most of the property to me.

In the final analysis, Lao Zhu did not have to choose.

I can only agree to divorce me and sign the divorce agreement drafted by my daughter to help me.

My daughter helped me get most of Lao Zhu’s property and house, and I had guaranteed in the second half of my life.

Lao Zhu scolded his daughter Baiyan Wolf, and he hurt her.

His daughter told him with silent face: "Dad! I have always respected you. I never thought you would treat my mother like this. My mother has paid everything for this family over the years. Now I am old, I just give her to herCompensation! Let her live, let her live the life she wants to live, and don’t get caught in your bad things to consume yourself. "

Lao Zhu didn’t care about me anymore, and took his luggage and left the house.

I thought it was over here. How do you know, the daughter said that there are still three children who have not cleaned up!

She took San’er to chat with me for money, went to the police station to report to the police, and sued her to extort.

The final result is that after the police intervention, Primary Three was not pregnant at all, and the B -ultrasound that came to see me was fake.

This is nothing more than I want to get some money from me. After all, Lao Zhu had a lot of romantic affairs before. Basically, Lao Zhu sent money in my name.

Seeing such a result, my daughter looked at me with a sigh of relief: "Mom! In the final analysis, my dad hurts you again and again, or you used to it. If you can get angry at the beginning, he dare not be so arrogant."

"Fortunately, he has a conscience and gives you what you deserve. I hope you can live for yourself in the future. Don’t let yourself be aggrieved."

I was embarrassed to look at my daughter. I lived for most of my life, and I had no daughter to see it. It was really alive. In the second half of my life, I have to try hard to get angry!Not for anyone, just to worry about people who love me.


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