The 41 -year -old Korean actress has failed to ask for a child!There were 5 months of abortion twice, and the husband collapsed and cried very much.

On May 25, there were media reports that Korean actress Park Shien had a miscarriage again. Her husband Chen Taixian collapsed. The two have been longing for their own children for many years. Unfortunately, they have not been able to achieve it so far, and fans are very distressed.

It is reported that Park Shien and Chen Taixian are both actors. Because of their love for the drama, they have been in love for five years. In 2015, they finally got into marriage.The couple are sweet and loving, and have been on the variety show "The same bed, Dream 2 You are my destiny", and the fairy family in the eyes of everyone.

After the marriage, Park Shien’s stomach had no movement, and it was not until the end of 2020 that he finally announced his pregnancy. Unfortunately, he had a miscarriage in January the following year.Then they ushered in good news again in March, how could they be hit again now.In just 5 months, the dreamer of the son was shattered twice, and both of them were very sad.

On the 25th, Chen Taixian sent a long text on the Internet to reveal his mood and the baby’s heartbeat stopped, which means that the precious opportunity disappears again, and he was disappointed and desperate twice in a row. The two suspended everything.

The wife worked hard, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t give her any strength. This made Chen Taixian feel distressed and couldn’t help crying when she was too sad.

At the end of the text, he said that the couple would never give up there, and continued to work hard to find a big reunion ending, and confess to his wife "Come on, I love you Park Shien".

I have to say that I hope to shatter continuously, no matter who faces such a thing, it will collapse.

The two have been committed to charity, especially for the education of poor children and the human rights of disabled children. They like children and kindly kind.

Park Shien is now 41 years old and has entered the scope of the elderly maternal. Even if An An is really safe to the end, there will be extremely high risks during production. She has no concern for her for many years and only wants to have a child.

For more than 20 years of her debut, she has starred in the first love of the actor in "Hao Jie Chunxiang", and she is also the gentle and virtuous eight princes in "Step by Step: Li".Actively try to prepare for pregnancy and career aside.

But speaking, they also have a "daughter".

After getting married in 2015, the couple went to Jeju Island for a new marriage trip. When she saw a high school girl Shiyan in a welfare home, she was very impressed with her. Since then, she will accompany Shiyan every time. She did not miss her college interviews.

Park Shien and Chen Taixian, who have always been with Shiyan as my uncle and aunt, finally decided to adopt the girl in 2019 and become her real parent. She spent her life in the future, so that she is no longer alone.

In these years, the family of three has been happy and harmonious, and her daughter has graduated from college, but the couple still did not give up the idea of having children. I hope they will dream soon!


Author: Li Xixi

Responsible editor: Seventeen

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