The 43 -year -old three -child mother was 37 weeks of pregnancy, a sudden hemorrhage hovering line, the emergency rescue of 12 bags of blood and the end of the mother and child were safe

Looking at the children who had just born and the gradually recovered wife, Mr. Liu (pseudonym) of Mianyang, Sichuan fell to the ground.

Mr. Liu’s wife is 43 years old and pregnant with three babies last year. On the evening of February 18, this year, the wife who had been pregnant for 37 weeks suddenly bleed suddenly when the toilet, and the amount of bleeding reached 3,000 ml.Send to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Third People’s Hospital of Mianyang City.After the obstetrics and gynecology department, pediatrics, blood transfusion, ICU and other rooms, the hospital finally successfully succeeded in the safety of mother and baby.On February 26, Red Star News reporter learned that at the time, the mother lost 12 bags of blood for a total of 3500 ml of blood.

↑ Rescue scene


Pregnant women’s big bleeding mother and child life hanging line

At 19:40 on February 18th, Zhang Qing, a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Third People’s Hospital of Mianyang City, received an emergency call and learned that a pregnant woman who was 37 weeks suddenly bleed a lot of vagina when I was in the toilet.The same rushing out, the family members are estimated to have "a small pot."

Pregnant women were sent to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital from 120 emergency department.Zhang Qing judged that the situation was critical and immediately reported to the director of Ke Rong.Li Rong urgently convened doctors such as Wan Hongfang, Chen Zhigang, Wu Juan and other doctors to the hospital to participate in the rescue.

According to the obstetrics and gynecology medical staff of the Third People’s Hospital of Mianyang City, the pregnant woman was pale, indifferent, and lethargic when she arrived at the hospital. The cotton pants and bed sheets wearing were wet with blood, and the blood volume was more than 3000ml.After examination, the vagina of pregnant women still has active bleeding with blood clots, 86 times/min in the fetal heart rate, and the internal distress of acute fetal palace.If the treatment is not treated in time, pregnant women may cause dysfunctional failure due to the hematopoietic shock at any time. The fetus will also die in the palace.

↑ A total of 3500 ml of blood transfusion 12 bags


Multi -subject collaborative blood transfusion 3500 ml, mother and child are safe

Li Rong introduced that pregnant women are 43 -year -old women who have had two cesarean section surgery history, and have high risk factors such as scar uterus, and consider dangerous pre -placenta.After evaluation, the MDT (multi -disciplinary collaboration) of the dangerous pregnant maternity should be started. The medical department urgently coordinates the green channel for the entire hospital. The inspection department, the anesthesiology, the blood transfusion department, the newborn department, the ICU, etc., Each department quickly improves various preparations, cooperates efficiently, and gives pregnant women directly to the operating room!

"All members in the operating room are precise cooperation, and the rescue team starts for emergency race." Li Rong introduced that about 2 minutes, a baby boy took it out smoothly, his whole body skin was pale, heart rate and breathing 0 times/minute.process.The central front placenta on the operating table was partially implanted, and a large amount of blood came.

Immediately, Li Rong led the medical staff to adopt an uterine blood vessels with an emergency band with rich experience, sewn the placenta peeling surface, the uterine arteries uplinking, and the uterine filling and other series of "combined fist" quickly attacked.The infusion voltage, the input 12 bags of blood is about 3500ml.

After more than an hour of struggle, the mother’s bleeding stopped and retained the uterus. The baby also rescued the breathing heartbeat after full rescue. At present, the baby is being treated with the newborn department, and the signs are gradually recovering …

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