The 43 -year -old woman in Nanjing was bumped by a car in 8 weeks and could no longer have birth.

A great soul will definitely strengthen thoughts and life.

Recently, a traffic accident in Nanjing has attracted widespread public attention.A 43 -year -old Ms. Zhang was hit by Li when she took a walk at night at night. After being sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed with multiple fractures and embryos.Essence

This incident caused a strong response from all walks of life and the public. After a period of recovery, Ms. Zhang decided to file a lawsuit and request insurance companies to compensate her losses within the scope of underwriting.

After the court trial, the insurance company finally judged that Ms. Zhang lost more than 37,000 yuan within the scope of underwriting.It is understood that the driver Li in the traffic accident was fully responsible for the matter, and Ms. Zhang was forced to terminate the cause and effect of pregnancy and traffic accidents.In this context, insurance companies need to compensate Ms. Zhang to Ms. Zhang within a reasonable scope.

This incident reminds us of the importance of traffic safety and moral norms again.As a risk that everyone may face, traffic safety is related to the interests of everyone, not only personal safety and life, but also the cornerstone of social stability and sustainable development.

The occurrence of traffic accidents often brings an irregular economic and mental loss to the victims and families, and has adverse effects on the society.We should start with the aspects of attaching importance to moral norms and strengthening traffic safety publicity, strive to create a harmonious and safe transportation environment, and make every effort to safeguard everyone’s safety and rights.

In this accident, Ms. Zhang, as a victim, not only affords the pain of physical and psychological, but also faces the problem of unable to get pregnant again. Economic and mental losses are quite serious.

As a social responsibility and goodwill service provider, insurance companies should provide victims with the necessary economic and spiritual support, assume responsibilities, and maintain fairness and justice.

This incident also exposed the shortcomings of traffic accident compensation mechanisms and the existence of the social security system.The compensation mechanism for traffic accidents needs to be improved.We need to strengthen the formulation of relevant regulations, standardize compensation procedures and standards, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of victims.

The social security system also needs to be strengthened, providing sufficient guarantee and support, providing patients with more comprehensive medical conditions and treatment plans, and providing reasonable support and comfort for women who lose fertility.

All in all, the occurrence of this traffic accident brought heavy thinking and warning to people.We need to take such incident carefully, strengthen the education of transportation safety and moral norms, provide comprehensive support and help for victims, fundamentally improve traffic safety conditions and improve people’s awareness of safety, and strive to create a harmonious, safe, and sustainable development.Traffic environment.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the improvement of the system and mechanism of the formulation of regulations and social security systems to protect the legitimate rights and interests of each person.Only in this way can our society be more fair, harmonious and prosperous.

In short, with the joint efforts of the whole society, we will be able to establish a more secure, harmonious and fair traffic environment to escort everyone’s life, rights and interests.

We must seriously treat the safety and risk issues faced by everyone, actively participate in and support related activities and initiatives, and strive to create an atmosphere of interaction and respect for the whole society.Only in this way can we build a beautiful future full of hope and showing a leap.

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