The 45 -year -old aunt was unexpectedly pregnant, the 23 -year -old son was full of support, and the child was in a desperate situation after the child was born

For most young women, getting married and having children is a necessary process in life.And having a child is very high for women’s age and physical fitness. There is a golden period for fertility in medicine, 20-30 years old.Once the child is regenerating during this period, even if it is an elderly mother, the risk of premature birth will be greatly increased.

Aunt Gao is 45 years old. His son is going to college and is about to graduate. She and her husband have run a small restaurant for many years.But an accident broke the tranquility at home, and Aunt Gao found that she was pregnant.At the beginning, Aunt Gao didn’t want this child. Thinking of his age and the situation at home, the child would bring a lot of trouble, but the husband and son were very happy, especially the son, and even more supportive.Thinking again and again, Aunt Gao decided to leave the child.

However, due to the age, the child has a premature birth and accompanied by congenital esophageal locks.In order to treat the child, the couple sold the restaurant, and they owed many foreign debt.After many surgery, the child has not improved, which has caused cerebral palsy.Now the family is in despair.

As soon as this news appeared, it touched the hearts of netizens. Some people said, "So old, why do you have to have a second child?" Some people said, "The child is too pitiful." Some peopleSaid: "Children are cured, but also cerebral palsy. How can this family live in the future?" Children’s premature birth will cause many diseases, and parents should pay attention to.

1. Congenital esophageal atresia

Aunt Gao’s child in the text is a congenital esophageal lock -ups due to premature birth.This is a congenital disease that often occurs in premature babies.Due to premature birth, the fetus’s esophagus in the mother’s body is not developed. After birth, multiple surgery is often allowed to open the esophagus.

2. Newborn pneumonia

The incidence of newborn pneumonia in premature babies is also relatively high. Because the lungs of premature babies are born before the lungs are not developed, and the lungs cannot open their breath normally, it is easy to cause the lungs to be infected and pneumonia.Once the treatment is incomplete, it will cause permanent lung damage.

3. Brain development

Premature babies are prone to hypoxia due to poor lung development and limited respiratory function.Once the hypoxia is serious, it will further damage the brain nerves, affect brain development, cause cerebral palsy, and hydrocephalus and other diseases.The direct harm of cerebral palsy is to affect children’s intellectual development and harm their lives.

In addition, premature birth can easily affect the immunity of the baby, destroy the function of hematopoietic function, and cause many diseases such as sepsis or anemia.Every parents want their children to be born healthy, so preventing premature birth is particularly important.Personal mothers should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Do a good pregnancy check during pregnancy

Examination during pregnancy is the top priority and has an irreplaceable role in preventing premature birth.From the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers should go to the hospital to establish a mother and baby archives, physical examination on time, and careful patience for various examinations.Know your health in a timely manner, carefully obey the advice given by the doctor, and lay a good foundation for full -month production.

2. Prevention of various diseases during pregnancy

Part of the cause of premature babies is caused by a mother’s disease during pregnancy.For example, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid diseases, these diseases can affect the development of the fetus in the body. Once they are not controlled, they will cause premature birth.Therefore, expectant mothers should always pay attention to their health, and their bodies should not resist hard, let alone use medicines without authorization. Instead, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible to seek a doctor’s help.

3. Prevent accidental damage

In the third trimester, because the fetus was relatively large, the expectant mother became awkward and inconvenient to move, and pay special attention to the environment.Many pregnant women in the third trimester are accidental injuries in life and cause premature birth.Pregnant women in this period should be taken care of by their families. The space for activity should be spacious and clean to avoid falling and bumps.

Children’s premature birth is always more important than remedy.It is hoped that all mothers can pay attention to the physical condition during pregnancy, avoid premature birth, and give birth to a healthy baby.

Today’s topic: Is your baby produced in full month?What are you good about preventing premature birth?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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