The 53 -year -old boss was pregnant with a 29 -year -old female employee, and the wife threw 3 million dismissal. Husband: You are too naive

Can a child give 3 million?What a great thing is this? Originally, it was a small employee of the company, and it turned out to be a millionaire.

The female employee hook up the male boss and hopes to take this opportunity to step into the upper society, but he did not think of the male boss’s house. He had already been full of children and grandchildren. In order to stabilize his status, his wife even used 3 million huge sums to force the female employee to kill the child.Essence

What is going on all of this? Can female employees want to do things?

【Case pass】

Boss Wen is the owner of a company in Zhejiang. He has lived in a wealthy family since he was a child. He was born with a golden spoon.

The family is very accustomed to this only son. He has never worried about economic problems. From the notes, everything he wants can hold him to his eyes.

Because of his living environment and the attitude of people around him, Boss Wen is the representative of the typical rich second generation. From small to large, he relied on the wealth and connections at home, and at the same time he had endless power and resources.

This rich background has made him lack of understanding of poverty and hard life since he was a child. Even after he was an adult, he has always been a state of stars. He has never worried because of women.Cherish and responsibility.

His current wife, Ms. Wu, is the employee of Boss Wen, and there is a 15 -year -old age gap between them.

Ms. Wu was born in an ordinary family. She knew from a young age that there was no way to give her too much help at home. She could only rely on her own life.

After graduating from school, she entered the company of Boss Wen. At the same time, after seeing the company’s state, she had a strong interest and favor about Boss Wen’s wealth and status.

She showed his attitude towards him intentionally or unintentionally to the boss Wen, and soon the boss of Wen developed rapidly with Ms. Wu.

Ms. Wu thought that she had found happiness and finally realized her dream with her own efforts, but this was not the case.

When the relationship between Boss Wen and Ms. Wu was just determined, he did not tell Ms. Wu that she was married, and established a couple relationship with Ms. Wu, and even made Ms. Wu pregnant.

At that time, his wife was already the second wife, and when Ms. Wu appeared, the relationship between the two had problems.

After learning that the husband asked the company’s employees to be pregnant, his second wife felt disappointed with the relationship. He directly divorced the boss Wen and eventually divided him half of his family property and left his life.

Immediately afterwards, Ms. Wu married him after the divorce of Boss Wen. The two did not hold a grand wedding, but simply received the marriage certificate.

Ms. Wu became the role of a good wife and mother. She made a housewife after leaving the company. She took care of her husband and all his children in the family.

But this relationship did not last too long. When Ms. Wu gave birth to their second child, she began to find some abnormalities. Boss Wen began to not go home.

She secretly checked Boss Wen’s mobile phone, and the chat history also showed the ambiguous relationship between Boss Wen and a 29 -year -old female employee.

At first, Ms. Wu just thought they were just chatting, but when she found that the female employee was pregnant, she felt panic and shock.

Unable to tolerate such betrayal and injuries, Ms. Wu decided to take action.After discussing with her mother -in -law, she decided to give the female employee a 3 million dismissal and asked her to kill her children.

As a result, Ms. Wu drafted a contract, hoping to solve the problem with the power of money.However, female employees have no longer signed a contract and lasted for several months.

Ms. Wu was finally intolerable. She found Boss Wen to spread this matter, and the two had a fierce quarrel.

Boss Wen saw that the incident had been pierced, but he didn’t repent. He looked at Ms. Wu, who collapsed: "Didn’t you also marry me for my money? What do you think?.

You are afraid that she threatens your position. Both of you are around me for benefits. There should be resonance.Why don’t you understand what she wants?"

This remark made Ms. Wu even more angry and sad.She couldn’t accept that Boss Wen was so indifferent to marriage, and her tears came out.

Ms. Wu said difficultly: "You should be shameless when you say this. I admit that money does play a certain role in our marriage, but this does not mean that I don’t care about your feelings and the happiness of our family."

"I just hope that we can work together to protect our marriage and the future of children."

However, Boss Wen did not give any response to Ms. Wu, he just turned to leave the room silently.

Ms. Wu was extremely disappointed. She realized that Boss Wen had become indifferent and irresponsible.She understands that she must face reality and take responsibility for protecting children and families alone.

【Demonstration of Case】

According to Article 32 of the Marriage Law, marriage is the basis for the common life of husband and wife, and husbands and wives should be faithful and help each other.

In this case, the ambiguous relationship between Boss Wen and a female employee involved the loyalty of marriage. As the wife of Boss Wen, Ms. Wu was understandable and painful to be angry and painful about Boss Wen’s betrayal.

According to the Marriage Law, if one party violates the obligation of marriage loyalty, the other party can submit a divorce application.

Ms. Wu drafted a contract, hoping to solve the problem through money, give the female employee 3 million to dismiss, and asked her to kill her children.However, female employees delayed the contract, which caused the problem to delay for several months.

According to Article 9 of the Contract Law, the contract is a voluntary agreement between the two parties, and it must meet the requirements of the contract law, including the provisions of the establishment, performance and termination.

In this case, female employees may have their own considerations and rights, and she has the right to refuse to sign the contract.

The marriage relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. Boss Wen’s indifferent attitude towards Ms. Wu involves the issue of moral ethics.

Marriage is based on mutual respect and trust. Boss Wen’s behavior violates these moral principles.

Although moral ethics does not necessarily involve laws directly, it is essential for maintaining family stability and happiness.

Ms. Wu experienced the huge pain caused by marriage betrayal and her family rupture, but her efforts and efforts could not be cherished and responded by her husband.

In this case, we also saw the complexity of contract disputes.Ms. Wu tried to solve the problem through economic compensation, but the delays and non -signing of the female employees further complicated the problem.

Whether female employees have the right to refuse to sign the contract involving the principle of freedom representation in the law and the relevant provisions of the contract law.

According to the principle of freedom, individuals have the right to choose whether to participate in the contract according to their own wishes, and they are not forced to sign the contract.

As a result, female employees have the right to refuse to sign the adoption contract in this case.

The contract law has certain requirements and conditions for the establishment of the contract, including the true meaning of the contract between the contract and the legal purpose.

If a female employee is unwilling to sign a contract, she has the right to refuse to participate in the transaction and not bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

The law protects individuals’ free willingness and options, and the contract is not allowed to impose the contract to others.

It should be noted that the refusal to sign the contract for female employees may affect Ms. Wu’s efforts to solve family problems and protect their children’s interests.

Ms. Wu hopes to solve the problem by giving economic compensation, and the rejection of female employees may extend the time of the case and increase the trouble of Ms. Wu.

Therefore, in this case, the two parties may need to further negotiate and seek other solutions to achieve consistent and safeguard their respective rights.

In this case, Ms. Wu was facing the problem of marriage betrayal and her family rupture. She may consider seeking legal relief to protect her rights and interests.

In the legal system in many countries, there are relevant legal regulations and relief channels to deal with marriage betrayal.

Ms. Wu can consider a divorce lawsuit.

Divorce is a common way to solve the problem of marriage rupture.

Article 32 of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates: "The relationship between the husband and wife has been ruptured, and if the mediation cannot be recovered, they can divorce."

According to the law, when the relationship between husband and wife has severely ruptured and cannot be represented and repaired, the husband and wife can lift the marriage relationship according to law.

Ms. Wu can seek court rulings, demand divorce, and put forward the fact that the facts of infidelity to her husband are not loyal in the divorce lawsuit.

And Ms. Wu can also consider asking her husband to pay financial compensation or support for support.

According to Article 46 of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China: "One party has caused major damage to the common property of the husband and wife or the other party’s work and life, and the other party has the right to ask for economic compensation."

The law stipulates that in the breakdown of the marriage relationship, one party has the right to ask for economic compensation due to a major damage to the husband and wife’s common property or the work and life of the other party.

Ms. Wu can make such a request to the court through a legitimate channel to protect the legitimate rights and interests of herself and their children.

It should be emphasized that legal relief can only solve part of the problem, and cannot completely make up for the harm that Ms. Wu suffers in marriage.

While solving the problem of marriage betrayal, Ms. Wu also needs to pay attention to her mental health and family stability. It is also important to seek psychological counseling and support.

According to Article 10 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China: "Children enjoys the right to inherit their parents."

The law stipulates that children have the right to inherit their parents, and children who have childbirth or non -marriage children have the right to inherit their father’s property.

The right to inheritance refers to the right of a person to obtain his property and assets after his relatives die.The child is the legal heir of relatives.

In this case, if the female employee decides to retain the child and Boss Wen is recognized as the child’s father, he may bear the child’s support responsibility.

This includes providing children’s living expenses, educational costs, and other necessary support to ensure that children are rational and care.

At the same time, children will have the right to inherit the property of their relatives, including the father’s property.This includes but not limited to inheritance, real estate, bank deposits, investment and other property.

【Case Analysis】

Ms. Wu experienced the huge pain caused by marriage betrayal and her family rupture, but her efforts and efforts could not be cherished and responded by her husband.

Ms. Wen’s contempt for Ms. Wu may also be because Ms. Wu forced Boss Wen’s second wife with the same means, and because she was anxious to marry Boss Wen without asking for weddings and gifts.

Therefore, when the same situation appeared, Boss Wen didn’t feel sorry for Ms. Wu.

His long -lived family state made him feel that the people around him were greedy for his money, so they took their own needs and would not feel that there was any emotional guilt.

At the same time, in this case, we also saw the complexity of contract disputes.In order to stabilize her marriage, Ms. Wu tried to solve the problem through economic compensation, but the delays and non -signing contracts of female employees further complicated the problem.

The law is not a universal and cannot solve all problems.

In the case of family rupture and marriage betrayal, the law can only provide certain protection and relief, and the real solution often requires the understanding, compromise and soul communication of all parties.

This case also reminds us that marriage needs to be based on mutual understanding, respect and trust.When there is a problem, both the husband and wife should actively communicate and find a solution instead of choosing to betray and evade responsibility.

I hope that Ms. Wu can re -find the happiness belonging to her and the children after experiencing this difficult time.

I also hope that this case can cause more people to think about marriage relationship and family value to establish a more harmonious and happy family.

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