The 72 -year -old principal Tan Yonglin, his stomach is so large that he is pregnant and healthy, netizen: I’m going to the pelvis

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Tan Yonglin playing football

Talking about Tan Yonglin, we can think of one of his aliases "President Tan" for the first time. Although it is a joke of a concert, Tan Yonglin’s status in the music scene is also right to start the name of the principal.

Recently, Tan Yonglin’s recent video has been revealed online. If you don’t watch the video carefully, you may not be able to recognize it. In the video, Tan Yonglin is wearing orange -red clothes and is playing football on the court. The most conspicuous is his big belly.At the age of 72, netizens are very worried about his body.

Netizens are commented on how Tan Yonglin’s stomach is so great. Some netizens even commented: "Why is the belly so big? Is it suffering from flatulence?" Even: "It’s going to be facing!"It is known that netizens are still very worried about Tan Yonglin’s health.

Tan Yonglin running

Most netizens think that Tan Yonglin suffers from illness. I hope he can go to a doctor. Everyone’s concern is also good for President Tan. After all, he is 72 years old. I hope he can see the comments from netizens.Your body.

Although Tan Yonglin is 72 years old this year, his mentality is very young. On his social account, he often shares some videos of daily life, such as eating with friends and traveling together.


From these bit by bit, we can see that Tan Yonglin is indeed younger in mentality. He once said when he was young: "I want to sing for the fans to 80 years old!"

Tan Yonglin also said that he also held a concert last year. Others have started to enjoy retirement early at the same age, but Tan Yonglin’s attachment is worthy of our study. No matter how old he is, he must definitelyHave a young heart.

Many fans also hope that President Tan can sing until the age of 80. Although President Tan is playing football in the video, there are still many careful netizens found that President Tan will take a long time to rest for a long time, which also shows that Tan Tan also shows TanThe principal’s physical condition is not as healthy as we see.

Tan Yonglin’s young appearance

In 1950, Tan Yonglin was born in Hong Kong. His father Tan Jiangbai liked boys very much, but his first two children were girls. This made Tan Jiangbai very anxious.Tan Yonglin was born with the "Golden Key". Tan Jiangbai loved this son very much, and he developed Tan Yonglin’s spilled and unruly character.

Tan Jiangbai has arranged his future life for his son, but Tan Yonglin was a little rebellious when he was young. His choice he insisted on his own football career did not take his father’s arranged for him.

In 1968, the young Tan Yonglin and several like -minded friends formed a band. Among them, Chen Baixiang, who was well known, talked about Chen Baixun, is also quite talented."It is enough to see the talent of this person!"

Loosers band

Since neither Tan Yonglin and these friends have been trained, the bands formed often failed to get the rankings. This was very big for Tan Yonglin at the time. He was in a proud age.To give up, at this time, he picked up a registration form named after "Loosers", and their band ushered in another chance to appear.

This time Tan Yonglin and their bands seized this opportunity and won the championship in one fell swoop. Maybe it was the name of this band brought them good luck. After winning the championship this time, they also named their band "Loosers"band.

But it didn’t take long for this "Loosers" band to dissolve. It was a pity at that time. Chen Baixiang thought that it was too slow to make money to make money.His dream is to be a singer. Because Chen Baixun’s departure, the band can only find someone again.

Fortunately, there were many people who liked singing at the time. Chen Baixun’s departure was just an episode, which did not affect Tan Yonglin. Instead, Tan Yonglin served as the lead singer. He was even more famous., It’s just a good thing.

Tan Yonglin and Yang Jiewei

In 1974, Tan Yonglin met his first wife Yang Jiewei at her concert. Tan Yonglin could say that he fell in love with Yang Jiewei at first sight and left this beautiful woman after the concert. Since Yang Jiewei is also a fan of Tan Yonglin, soThe two progressed quickly, and it didn’t take long for the two to be together.

Yang Jiewei can say that in order to abandon everything for Tan Yonglin, for the sake of concentrating on Tan Yonglin, Yang Jiewei directly gave up his work and took the initiative to serve as Tan Yonglin’s agent, and silently paid everything for him.Due to the environment at that time, once the celebrities have love, it will make many fans sad, and will hit the celebrity’s career a lot, which will cause many stars to not disclose their love relationship.

As a singer, Tan Yonglin also chose. He did not disclose his relationship, and Yang Jiewei understood it very well. Not only did he not make trouble, he always listened to Tan Yonglin and concentrated on his sage help.Tan Yonglin became more and more red behind.

Tan Yonglin

Yang Jiewei saw that his lover Tan Yonglin became more and more popular, and he was also happy for him. Just like Yang Jiewei, he failed to retain Tan Yonglin’s heart. He still derailed his fans behind him. The original wife Yang Jiewei became a monk!This ending is really sighing.

In order not to affect his reputation, Tan Yonglin took Yang Jiewei secretly to marry. Although he was married, he did not make it public. Fans in China did not know that Tan Yonglin was married.

Tan Yonglin worked more after marriage, and he also desperately started a concert to make money. At that time, he still loved Yang Jiewei very much. He also wanted to bring Yang Jiewei a better life through his own efforts.Diligent, there is no complaint at all.

Tan Yonglin

At that time, Tan Yonglin was a family of Dink. When he was young, he didn’t want children at all, but Yang Jiewei didn’t think so. She still likes her child, but she loves Tan Yonglin more, which has caused a miscarriage every time.Yang Jiewei couldn’t have a child at all, so she lost the opportunity to be a mother, but Yang Jiewei did not regret it at all. She gave everything to Tan Yonglin, but in exchange for Tan Yonglin’s abandonment!What is the reason for Tan Yonglin to make such a decision!Many netizens are very distressed by Yang Jiewei.

Is it really bad for men to have money?After Tan Yonglin was angry, he abandoned his wife cruelly. Yang Jiewei paid silently behind him for decades, but ended up a abandoned end. Even for Tan Yonglin, he couldn’t even do his mother.It’s so chilling.

Tan Yonglin and Zhu Yongting

This happened, and it also happened in Tan Yonglin’s concert. In 1991, a 19 -year -old girl came to Tan Yonglin’s concert. The girl was named Zhu Yongting. She liked Tan Yonglin very much. She was intoxicated by the stage.Listening to Tan Yonglin singing, slowly, she had an idea in her heart. If she could marry Tan Yonglin, wouldn’t she hear him sing every day?

Just after the concert, Zhu Yongting had the courage to find Tan Yonglin. At first, he was like other fans. He just asked to sign. After hesitated for a long time, he expressed his likes Tan Yonglin, and Tan Yonglin saw Zhu Yongting like this.I didn’t understand what he meant, so I gave her contact information greatly. At this time, Tan Yonglin didn’t think much, thinking that Zhu Yongting was an ordinary fan of him, but what made Tan Yonglin never expected that Zhu Yongting fell in love with him.I have yourself!

After Zhu Yongting and Tan Yonglin’s contact information, Zhu Yongting became boldly across the screen of the mobile phone, showing his love for Tan Yonglin without any concealment. Tan Yonglin was only 41 years old at this time. He has been married for many years.Passion, perhaps Zhu Yongting’s strong show of love made Tan Yonglin’s longing for love. Gradually, Tan Yonglin fell, and he directly forgot Yang Jiewei for so many years.

Zhu Yongting and Tan Yonglin

Within a few years, Zhu Yongting was the lover of Tan Yonglin. Perhaps he was old. Tan Yonglin began to long for his child, but Yang Jiewei could no longer get pregnant. At this time, Tan Yonglin pinned all his hopes on Zhu Yongting!

Tan Yonglin didn’t want to think about it at this time. Yang Jiewei couldn’t be pregnant now. Whose fault is Tan Yonglin, when you were young, you had to do it. Since you chose to persist, you have to do it all the time.If you want a child, is this approach a bit too dual.

One day in 1996, Tan Yonglin was very happy after learning that Zhu Yongting was pregnant. He was going to be a father. He was 46 years old. He could still be a child at this age. He was very happy.Tan Yonglin specially bought a house to make Zhu Yongting produce peacefully. For this child, Tan Yonglin was very attentive. The first time after work, he went to visit Zhu Yongting.

Tan Yonglin and Zhu Yongting

As a wife, Yang Jiewei has already felt. Tan Yonglin has been late for a period of time. He has been going home for a long time. He usually returned home. This time, he has not returned for a few days.She is not like breaking through this window paper. She now hopes that Tan Yonglin can confess everything herself.

That night, Yang Jiewei waited for a long time, and her husband Tan Yonglin returned. Yang Jiewei asked directly: "During this time, is there something to hide from me? As your wife, I hope you can confess everything!","

Tan Yonglin watched Yang Jiewei aware of it, but he was light and no longer hiding, and he confessed everything directly to his wife, saying that he had a private child outside and explained: "I want a child now."

Zhu Yongting and Tan Yonglin

After listening to Tan Yonglin’s words, Yang Jiewei was very desperate. It was you who did not want children that year. Now I want children again. I have been qualified to lose my mother for you. Now I want a child. Yang Jiewei now only feels physically and mentally exhausted., I ca n’t afford a little strength, and I do n’t look like I ’m talking about Tan Yonglin, dragging my tired body into the bedroom.

Maybe it was a conscience discovery. After the incident was exposed, he took the initiative to give all the property to Yang Jiewei. Maybe he wanted to make up for Yang Jiewei’s dedication to herself.On the other hand, Yang Jiewei has always been very calm. Perhaps Tan Yonglin was disappointed. In the end, she saw Hongchen and chose to become a monk alone.

At that time, Tan Yonglin made such a storm, which also made many fans chill. The stars he liked did this kind of thing. Many netizens were not in trouble for Yang Jiewei. They said that she was too stupid and had to be tough.Bull! "

Monk Yang Jiewei

Now that Tan Yonglin is 72 years old. Although he has made such a storm when he was young, he did not have much influence on Tan Yonglin. His current life is also comfortable. He lives very happily. He eats and drink every day, exercise and exercise.

It’s just that it is time to lose weight. In the video, Tan Yonglin’s belly is indeed a bit too big. I hope he can listen to fans and see a doctor. After all, the body is the most important. If the body collapses, then everything is too lateEssence

Tan Yonglin and his child

Here I also hope that Tan Yonglin’s illegitimate child should not learn his father. Tan Yonglin’s practice of abandoning his wife is really chilling.

Yang Jiewei paid his life almost for Tan Yonglin and ended up a monk. On the other hand, Tan Yonglin’s current life is very chic every day. It can be said that it is different!

Although Tan Yonglin’s approach to his wife is a bit wrong, his achievements are really high, creating a lot of popular songs. Here I also hope that Tan Yonglin can take good care of his body. After all, he must complete his promise and sing for his fans.By 80 years old!

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