The abdomen is like a 6 -pound heavily cyst "hidden" in the body (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Li Lin Mu Pan Yuqian) Obviously Ms. Li (Hua’s surname) belly was as high as 6 months pregnant.It has affected many important organs.Fortunately, the Gynecological Medical Team of Wuhan Puren Hospital successfully removed huge cysts for Ms. Li, and turned danger to danger.

"The belly is too big. I didn’t look good before wearing clothes. Generally, I wore a very loose clothes, covered my belly, and looked like a pregnant woman." On the morning of July 13th, I talked about this year’s encounter., Ms. Li still has a lingering heart.

Ms. Li, 47, has been busy working on weekdays. She has found that she seems to "get fat" slowly since a year ago. The lower abdomen slightly bulge, and over time, the bulge rate has become increasingly loud.During the medical examination organized by the unit half a year ago, Ms. Li was told that there was a huge shadow on the right accessory area, but because the child was approaching the middle school entrance examination in the third grade, and the appearance was not beautiful, there was no impact on her normal life, so there was no impact on her normal life.Causes attention.Until recently, Ms. Li always felt a faint sense of oppression in the abdominal cavity, and began to frequently appear symptoms such as back pain and backache, poor urination, and other symptoms. In addition, the child has ended the entrance examination.The gynecological department of Renyi Hospital was checked.

Through the color ultrasound and other examinations, the doctor was surprised to find that Ms. Li had a huge block in the pelvic cavity, which had grown to 20*20cm. It was the same football.s consequence.

Considering that Ms. Li itself suffers from moderate anemia, and the scope of the operation is relatively large, after fully communicating with Ms. Li, the gynecological medical team of Wuhan Pride Hospital gave Ms. Li for blood transfusion treatment before surgery, while formulatingA comprehensive surgical plan was performed for Ms. Li on the morning of July 11.It can be seen in the operation that the left front wall of the uterus has about one yuan of RMB fibroids, while the right ovarian cyst is about the size of football. The left ovarian cyst is about the size of the egg.It took 75 minutes of the whole process, and the bleeding during the operation was less than 50ml.

Photo confession of the right ovarian cysts under the magnetic resonance

"The cyst fluid in her cyst is 2900ml, and the bag is nearly 7 pounds. If it is not treated again, the cyst will not only continue to become larger and further compressed to other organs, but also compress the chest cavity and cause breathing difficulties.Her moderate anemia is also caused by increasing menstruation caused by uterine fibroids, and it will also improve its anemia after resection, "introduced by Chen Sailan, a gynecologist at Wuhan Pride Hospital.

The gynecological team’s inspection room closely pays attention

On July 12, Ms. Li had recovered well and could walk down the ground and was discharged soon."Oh, you can finally see my stomach, and you can see my vest line again." Looking at her flat belly, Ms. Li couldn’t help sigh: "The beautiful belly has recovered again."

Zhang Dandan, director of the gynecology department of Wuren Hospital in Wuhan City, reminded that pelvic blocks are mainly caused by structural lesions such as uterine fibroids, uterine adenomia disease, fallopian tubes or ovarian cysts in the pelvic cavity,The appendix lesions, the tumor of the abdomen of the peritoneal, the bladder!, The pelvic metastatic tumor, etc., can cause pelvic blocks to form.There are many types of pelvic blocks, and the cause of formation is related to the source of its source. Once a pelvic block is found, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately, and check it under the guidance of a professional doctor to clarify the block situation.Cause adverse effects.

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