The actress exposed the inside story of marriage, and when she met her husband derailed during pregnancy, she was pregnant and questioned that the other party was pushed away.

At the end of 2019, the well -known net red Fang Qiyuan (Sprite) gave a woman Guo Bajun as a primary three. He also shocked the entertainment industry in Taiwan for the man who had an illegitimate child. Guo Bajun was still Sprite’s boss.), Started a dog blood story.

According to Taiwan media reports on May 18, the actress Lin Yong was a variety show "There is a word" a few days ago, telling the inside story of the marriage that Guo Bojun was derailed, and asked the other party to be pushed.

In 2018, when Lin Dian discovered that Guo Bojun was derailed Sprite, he had been pregnant for four months. It happened that during that time, Guo Bojun began to become very frequent.One day when Guo Bojun went to Yilan again, Lin Yan saw Sprite uploading photos of sitting on the back of the white chair in the social group, and wrote "Go to Yilan to work happily."

As a result, Lin Yan left a heart. After Guo Bojun returned, he first mentioned Sprite’s name before the other side. After hearing it, Guo Bai always slid the phone screen nervously.When at five o’clock in the morning, when Lin Yan looked at the social group again, he found that Sprite had deleted the dynamic.


At that time, Lin Yan already had a feeling of three hundred and two silver here. After that, he turned to find the car key and opened the car at home, and found that the back of the chair was just white.The black mask.

When Lin Yong asked Guo Bojun’s relationship with Sprite, and when he called to cry to his father, Guo Bajun suddenly pushed Lin Yue, and Lin Yan, who was pregnant, did not get accidental injuries.

Although Lin Yue had a injury afterwards, he has not filed a injury lawsuit and a divorce lawsuit has not been filed.

Sometimes the intuition of women is really accurate, and the development of the matter later is also expected. Taiwan media broke the news that Sprite had already had an illegitimate daughter for Guo Bajun.The children are in the confinement center together.

In contrast, Lin’s life was even more miserable. First, he begged for no success on the Internet, and then sued Sprite to ask for compensation, and was then exposed to negative debts.

It turned out that after graduating from the university, Lin Yong obeyed the arrangement of the husband’s family. The loan bought a luxury mansion worth 30 million Taiwan dollars (equivalent to about 7.01 million yuan).He missed the document because he trusted Guo Bojun’s words and became the debtor of the house.

As Guo Bojun left his wife and abandoned his son, the two were separated. Lin Yue lived with three children. The monthly mortgage, car loan and life expenditure were a small number.Lin Yan also bluntly said on the show that car loans can grit their teeth, and the mortgage cannot be paid completely, and the house may be auctioned at any time.Forced by various pressures, Lin Dian sent the child to her mother’s house three weeks ago.

The host asked whether Lin Yi did not plan to divorce. When he was looking forward to Guo Bojun’s back, Lin Yue also admitted that the pressure was too great.I may still agree to the child.

It can only be said that every family has a difficult saying. Lin Yan faces the pressure more than everyone thinks. Even after Lin Yue made a choice that did not meet everyone’s expectations, it was forced to move.You can cheer up as soon as possible and start again.


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