The army also surnames!8 months pregnant, she still rushed 130 kilometers a day

How far is 130 kilometers?This is a 4 -hour bus, which is the journey to and from the unit of the army Tang Shi (pseudonym).This means that you can get up at 5 am and start at 6 am to catch up with the class of 8 am.For three years, she is not afraid of bumps and gives people positive energy; now, she is distressed by children, 8 months in her belly.

Is it collapsed?But she feels very happy!She never complains about her husband and does not compromise her life, but only adds warmth to the family; she has regarded herself as a soldier since she became a military.Essence

Tang Shi is the business manager of a bank outlet in Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province.Dongying Dongyi enters Haikou, the north and south are narrow, and the estuary district is located in the northernmost city in the city.Three years ago, as the backbone of the business, Tang Shi exchanged from the city center to the work.(As a window service staff, Tang Shi needs to pay attention to his instrument at all times; the drive is long, she takes the opportunity to make up in the car.)

The work location is more than 65 kilometers away from the home. Tang poetry originally considered renting a house in Hekou District; but the four elderly people in the family were over 70 years old and their son had just entered the kindergarten.From that day, she began a 4 -hour daily commute.

Such people feel hard, but the hard work of Tang poetry is "more two layers": First, the husband is an active armed police officer. Although he is in the same city, he also serves in the remote county and districts.During the period of not dense service, it was only two weeks before going home. Second, in 2017, Tang Shi was pregnant with two children, and now it is only 30 days left to the birthday.

On March 6th, on the occasion of the "March 8th" festival, the reporter followed Tang Shi and experienced a "4 -hour commuting road" to feel the "military style" of the military.Tang Shi is optimistic and cheerful. She prefers to talk to people than the "low -headed".She said, but she didn’t find that the "riders" around her had fallen asleep.

The street view has shifted from prosperity to loneliness, and the vehicle slowly approaches the end.Passengers take the underground car one by one, Tang Shi and "riders" are farewell for the time being; they will meet tomorrow.The end of the car is about to reach the end of the car.

After getting off the car, you have to walk two intersections.

It’s too early to go out.Tang Shi usually eat breakfast at fast food restaurants near the bank.Although it is eight months pregnant, Tang Shi’s pregnancy response is still strong.The food of fast food restaurants is difficult to be lighter like home. In order to avoid pregnancy, she only eats relatively non -greasy buns.

As a settlement manager, Tang Shi is responsible for the front desk risk prevention and control, business authorization, and processing complaints. It is necessary to pay attention to it all the time.Strong and optimistic seem to be the common quality of each military. Although the work is hard, Tang Shi has always maintained a positive attitude.Every day she needs to check hundreds of strokes to avoid settlement errors.

Business authorization is an important part of the settlement manager; Tang Shi carefully reviews the business procedures handled by the front desk employees for customers, and is ready to stamp.

It is not rare for female workers to account for first -line outlets of banks.This means that Tang poetry cannot get special care of the same industry like other industries at any time; bank work cannot be lost, and Tang Shi also has strict requirements on his own.

An old grandmother who came to apply for savings business asked about Tang Shi’s feelings during pregnancy.

In order to save time, Tang Shi created a carpooling group; three years have passed, and the group members have developed from 5 people to more than 300 people today.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, because he did not get to the car, Tang Shi returned home by bus.

Can’t wait to get home, Tang Shi was asleep in the car.

Back to the city center is the beginning of Huadan.Tang Shi said with a smile: Have you ever seen Dongying City at 9 am?I have never seen it anyway.

Locking the door, the warm lights came, and the work of the day was over.Tang Shi can get a 9 -hour rest; at 5 o’clock in the morning, she will get up on time and face a new day.

In the circle of friends of Tang Shi, there is a dynamic called "happiness from fighting out": she is a "group photo" made of her husband, son and her own photos in a picture.When the husband’s head was the "Top Ten Border Defense Police" by Tang Shi, the husband accompanied her to take a group photo when she received the prize.In tens of millions of soldiers’ families, Tang Shi is still lucky: stable income and in the same city as her husband. Although it is hard, Tang Shi said that "persistence has become a habit."As for the future, her wish is as simple as other soldiers: I hope that family members will meet.(Planning: Chen Jingxu) For more positive energy information, so stay tuned for my headline "online".

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