The baby’s eye shit is more yellow, how should you clean up?Listen to what pediatric experts say

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My sister’s baby has been six months old. I do n’t know why in recent days. She has a lot of eyes and yellow, and she even sticks her eyes.

As a novice mother’s sister, she was at a loss and worried that her baby had eye diseases. She hurried to the hospital and learned that it was the reason for getting angry.

However, not all of all babies’ eyes are caused by fire, and how to deal with different measures.

Pediatric experts remind: If the baby’s eye shit is more and yellow, we must first determine whether there is symptoms of upper respiratory infections such as colds and fever.

If it is such a problem, there is no need to treat the eye for special treatment. The problem of eye feces after a cold will improve.

Under the premise of the supreme respiratory tract infection, most of the following reasons are caused.

1. Fire

Newborn fires, most of them are "tires."

Processing method: If newborn eyes have more eye shit, parents need to wet the medical gauze and wipe the eyes slowly and gently.In severe cases, you can apply erythromycin eye ointment appropriately, and the symptoms will disappear by itself after full moon.

The larger baby’s fire may be caused by environmental changes. For example, just in kindergarten and suddenly separating from loved ones, it may also be caused by high -calorie foods such as fish, meat, and fried.

Treatment method: At this time, pay attention to the child’s emotions as much as possible. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more warm water. If necessary, you can take some drugs that clear heat and obstruction.

2. Newborn lacrimal cystitis

About 1%of newborns will happen in this situation, which is caused by abnormal development of the nasal and cause.Accompanied by symptoms such as tears, mucus purulent secretions, eye congestion or eczema.

Parents do not have to worry too much, most of them shrink and disappear on their own at 4-6 weeks.

Treatment method: If the situation is serious and the bacterial infection is combined, antibiotic eye drops can be used appropriately.

3. Stimulation of eyelashes

Generally, a 2 or 3 months of babies have white eye feces in the morning, mostly due to the reverse growth of the eyelashes.The eyelashes grow inwardly stimulating the eyeballs, resulting in eye shit.

Generally speaking, when the baby is about one year old, this symptom will gradually decrease.

Treatment method: No need to treat drugs, wipe it with a clean warm towel on weekdays.

4. Bacterial infection

The baby is willing to explore the world with a small hand.

If the baby rubs his eyes at this time, it can cause conjunctivitis, accompanied by symptoms such as increasing eye feces and conjunctival congestion.

Treatment method: At this time, you need to take your baby to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, listen to the doctor’s advice, and do not use eye drops without authorization.

5. Ulcer caused by corneal injury

When the baby suffers from corneal ulcers, it is also easy to produce more and yellow eyes.Most of them are caused by the external force that damage the cornea and the bacteria are caused by deficiency. Because of the pain, the baby will be accompanied by symptoms such as crying, fear of light, and eyeball.

Treatment method: At this time, you need to bring your baby to medical treatment in time. If corneal ulcer treatment is not timely, it can cause corneal perforation and affect vision.

6. Gonococcal purulent eye disease

When the mother suffers from gonorrhea, the newborn can infect gonococcus eye disease through production.Children usually have red eyes and swollen, and they cannot open completely, accompanied by a lot of eye feces.

Treatment method: At this time, medical treatment should be treated in time. If improper treatment, there will be a danger of blindness.


When the baby causes a lot of eye shit due to the disease, the disease should be treated first, and the eye shit is cleaned under the guidance of the doctor.

If the baby has many eye feces caused by non -pathological reasons such as fire or pouring eyelashes, you can clean your baby at home.

★ Step 1: Washing your hands

Parents should clean their hands with flowing water and soap first, and ensure that the cleaning time is not less than 20 seconds.

★ Step 2: Wet wet

Medical cotton swabs or disinfection cotton balls can be selected, soaked with warm water.

★ Step 3: Apply a while

If there are more eye shit on the eyelashes, you can use the soaked medical cotton swab or disinfection cotton ball for a while to soften it.

★ Step 4: Wipe

Wipe gently from the corner of the eyes. Be sure to remember that the movement should be gently, not to press the baby’s eyeballs, and it is advisable to feel comfortable.

Tips for Xiaoshima: Use a cotton swab or cotton ball at a time. You must not use it again, and your eyes cannot be reused until you wipe your eyes.

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