The belly is not necessarily caused by obesity!Five causes of the big belly, the reason for finding the right reasons and then reduction

Five types are not small belly caused by weight gain

Summer is coming, and it is time to show the figure. Everyone thinks it looks perfect, but our belly size is not satisfactory, although we have paid the biggest effort.You may need to know the most common causes of weight growth so that you can solve the fat on the belly from the source.

When looking at the side of your waist in the mirror, isn’t it surprising why there is an "swimming ring" on your belly? These are usually due to the following reasons: 1. Sitting in life for a long time; 2. Sweet food is too much to eat too much.Due; 3. Too many alcoholic drinks; 4. Cake, white bread and rice and other carbohydrates are eaten too much.Therefore, you need to control.Try not drinking drinks for two consecutive weeks, drinking sugar -containing drinks, and not to drink more than twice a week.I usually eat less foods with high fat content, and multiple vegetables and eggs. For the Chinese, eating rice can not be avoided, but you can try to eat more vegetables and eat less rice. You can try to eat more grain in three meals.Miscellaneous grains.You can also exercise more, you don’t have to go to the gym. You can run near your home and make a squat in the bedroom. Bobby jumps.As long as you insist on exercising and adjusting your diet every day, your little belly will soon stop raised.

Do you find that the fat in the abdomen is not evenly distributed, but is concentrated around the navel. The abdomen is thick but not loose. This is the pressure -type abdominal obesity.3. Drink too much coffee; 4. Allergic intestinal syndrome; 5. Eat too much fried food, such as unhealthy foods such as potato chips.There is no need to worry too much. There is also a corresponding method to solve the pressure -type abdominal obesity; 1. Go to bed early. If you sleep too late and sleep too little every day, you will destroy the production of leptin (leinin is hormone that regulates appetite).You need to be at least seven to eight hours a day and try to sleep before midnight.2. Relax before going to bed, read books before going to bed, and take a bath to help you relax. Of course, do not drink coffee before going to bed at night. Do not exceed two cups of coffee daily; 3. Do not exercise too much, do not exercise too much.Excessive aerobic exercise will only increase your cortisol level.On the contrary, yoga or walking can help you exercise for a long time, it will not be very violent, but you should also pay attention not to excess.

Are you thin or not on the above belly button?These reasons may be difficult to notice except the first item, so you need to listen carefully to how to solve these problems: 1. Feel dietary fiber and healthy diet, green leafy vegetables, whole wheat bread and other fiber -containing foods to youIt’s very good to say, remember to eat more; 2. Give up squats, some people have put their waist and spine to suffer too much pressure when squat, which makes the stomach more prominent. Instead of insisting on squattingInstead of squats, you can also burn fat to exercise your waist and abdomen; 3. Try more training. Do not always exercise one part of your body. You can train multiple parts at the same time, such as exercising your arm while exercising the abdominal muscles, thighs; 4.Drink plenty of water, although water is not a problem to solve it, it can help you promote metabolism.

After childbirth, even after half a year, the stomach may still be fat. It may look like I am pregnant again. There are the following reasons: 1. Too anxious exercise, it is best to rest for two to three months after delivery, at least in at least it mustAfter six weeks of giving birth, you can start training. It is best to take more time to take care of the child. 2. Pelvic muscles are weak. Like other muscles, pelvic muscles also need to be trained regularly. It is best to choose the appropriate training method.How can we simply give birth to the fat that the child stays on the stomach?1. Eat healthy oil, such as vegetable oil and olive oil, it can help you resist fatigue and will not keep you fatter; 2. Do more Kegel exercises. It can help you relax the pelvic muscles and train five groups per day.Each group 15 to 20 times, it can be effective soon; 3. Belly breathing, try to breathe while shrinking your abdomen, which can help you exercise the abdominal muscles without excessive training; 4. Give up squats and stand up to lying up.Sitting, after childbirth, your body will be very weak. These training is too difficult for you. At the same time, don’t forget to take a nap and do stretching exercise before going to bed.

You may have encountered this situation. The stomach is flat in the morning, but no matter if your weight is soaring, your stomach will raised at night.This is caused by flatulence, bowels and intestinal flora imbalances.The simple way to get rid of is: 1. Do not eat difficult foods, such as noodles, yeast cakes, beer, and processing dairy products; 2. Fresh vegetables and chicken and fish, try to avoid eating bread and pastry, try two weeks first, watch it for two weeks, watch for two weeks, watch for two weeks.See if your abdomen stops swelling; 3. Do not eat breakfast, the morning digestion will reach the peak, so you should eat breakfast, and you should eat less dinner and drink more water;It may be a sign of the intestinal flora imbalance. You should eat more foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, fruits and vegetables; 5. Relax. After getting up in the morning, let your body lie flat, take a deep breath ten times, and relax your body.

Now you know that your big belly is not all because of gaining weight. Many reasons have caused this problem, and there are many solutions to solve this problem. After reading it, continue to refuel to lose weight.

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