The belly itching during pregnancy is not necessarily stretch marks, do not scratch

Data show that more than 15%of pregnant women will have a problem of itching of the whole body in all pregnant women. Among them, itching of the belly accounts for the majority, and some pregnant women will be itchy in addition to belly, hands, feet, chest, back, and back. This will also itch. This will also itch.What the hell is going on?

Pregnancy skin disease

Harmful skin itching

A small number of mothers will itch my hands and feet, so pay attention, this may be the internal liver stasis. The skin under this symptom will be ulcerated once it is caught.EssenceItching of this symptoms has little impact on mothers, because it will disappear after 2 weeks, but it is very unfavorable to the fetus, such as common premature birth, hypoxia, and even dead tires.

Itching of no harmful skin

Multi -type pregnancy disease

Some expectant mothers will have some rashes in the belly. Most of the shapes are irregular like urticaria and pimples, and they are spreading. They will also appear on the thighs, hands and feet.Once it appears, it will continue during pregnancy, and most of it will disappear after giving birth.

Adoption of pregnancy

Some expectant mothers will have some pimples on their legs or arms. They look a little red or light powder. Usually, after giving birth, itching and pain will disappear, but they will not completely disappear. Most of them will be a pigment attachment on the skin.PS: It usually appears in the middle and late pregnancy.

Itchy folliculitis

The lower body of the pregnant mother, especially the inner part of the abdomen or thigh, will have some small bags or rashes.It is similar to the occurrence of adopsis of pregnancy, and most of them will disappear in two weeks after delivery.

Therefore, the pregnant mother’s belly is itchy. As long as there are no other symptoms, the skin is as usual, without any redness, blisters, etc., and no loss of appetite, etc., don’t worry about it.It can be improved.

Dry skin

The secretion function of the skin in winter is reduced and the weather is dry. In addition, the clothes and quilts are thick, which will cause abnormal skin to dry the skin. Some even cracks, which can easily cause eczema and cause the skin rash.

Clean is not in place

During pregnancy, bathing and cleaning problems, pregnant mothers have a misunderstanding, always afraid that their improper behavior will have a bad impact on the baby, causing the bath to not let go of the feet and wash it.Stove on the body surface, especially the belly, many pregnant mothers dare not clean up, or just wash them, and eventually the dirt on the belly will cause itching.

The belly rises too fast

After pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother gradually increases with the fetus, and the skin on the belly is gradually pulled. These seem to be a small drum skin being pulled hard.The problem is that the belly of pregnant women is the same. The fetus has a period of upsurge. At this stage, the belly cannot adapt to this tension, and there will be itchy and tight problems.

Stretch marks are issuing "warnings"

Some pregnant mothers with poor abdominal skin will be more likely to grow stretch marks after pregnancy, because the abdomen is continuously expanded during pregnancy, and the elastic fibers and collagen fibers on the belly will cause damage or break. From the surface of the belly, dark red will appear.Or red bark -shaped appearance, this is the formation of stretch marks. Before the formation of stretch marks, the pregnant mother will feel itchy belly. In fact, this is also a "warning" of stretch marks.

Bile stasis

During pregnancy, a large amount ofrogens are produced, which change the transparent function of the cell membrane. The function of excretion of bile is weakened and the biliary embossed formation is formed.EssencePopularly speaking, it is the adverse consequences caused by a large amount of bile because of poor excretion.

Prevention of skin itching

1. Don’t scratch

The skin itching is the most scratching, the more itchy, the more scratching, the more severe, so when the skin is harassing, it can be touched, not to use nails to scratch itching. This is not only easy to scratch the skin, but also cause infection.

2. Skin maintenance

Pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, keep the skin surface clean, wear cotton -absorbing sweat -absorbing clothes. After taking a bath in autumn and winter, you can apply some molten moisturizing milk for pregnant women to keep the skin moist.In addition, you need to pay attention to the indoor air humidity. If it is too dry, you can use the humidifier to adjust the humidity appropriately.

3. The correct method of bathing

Pregnant women should often take a bath to keep their bodies clean and hygienic.The water temperature should not be too high during bathing, otherwise it is easy to remove the sebum too much.In addition, try to use less alkaline soaps as possible. It is best to choose neutral or weakly acidic shower gels, which will reduce the stimulation of the skin, which can effectively prevent the skin from getting dry and cause itching.

4. Diet taboo

Pregnant women’s daily diet and daily routine must be paid attention to.The diet should be balanced and light and refreshing. Take more rest and drink plenty of water to avoid eating spicy and irritating food

5. Pay attention to the environment

Unclean environment can easily cause itching of the skin of pregnant women. Therefore, expectant mothers should go to places with less flowers to avoid pollen allergies and mosquito bites. In addition, pay attention to the cleaning of the living environment.

6. Eat more foods that can enhance skin elasticity

By the third trimester, the belly is excessive, which is prone to stretch marks, causing itching of the skin.Therefore, it can increase the elasticity of the skin through diet during pregnancy, which can prevent skin itching caused by stretch marks

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