The body of pregnant women has these conditions, indicating that the stomach may be a "little princess"

Once a woman is pregnant, she is happy and sad. What is happy is that a new little life will come, and the sorrow is that he is afraid that his family will have serious gender discrimination.Because many older people still believe that her son is better than having a daughter.This also causes many women to suffer from pregnancy after pregnancy, but also great mental stress.Compared to the elderly, young people treat the baby’s gender in the stomach is more "Buddha". As long as the baby is healthy, children are the same.However, many pregnant women are worried when preparing to buy birth supplies for their children. In the end, it is still girls who buy boys. Today, I will teach you four methods to distinguish between male and female babies.Pregnant women have these conditions, indicating that the stomach may be a "little princess".

1. Breast size

When a woman is pregnant, due to the increase in estrogen in the body, it can cause some small changes in the body.If you want to judge whether it is a female treasure in the stomach, you can closely observe your breast size. Many pregnant mothers are effective.When your left breast is larger than usual, it means that it is likely to be pregnant with a female treasure.

Second, fetal movement frequency

Fetal movement is a basic indicator of monitoring your baby’s health. Especially in the late pregnancy period, pregnant women go to the hospital to check for tire motion frequency. This can also be used as a small basis for judging the baby.If the frequency and amplitude of the fetal movement are relatively large, it is likely that it is a male treasure. On the contrary, the frequency range of the fetal movement is relatively small, and the female treasure is likely to be pregnant.

Third, belly position

Regarding the shape of the belly to determine the baby’s gender, the online statement is also "divergent opinions."In fact, the correct method is to look at the position of the belly.If your belly is "upward" in the later stages of pregnancy, it is more likely to be a female treasure. If the belly is "falling down", then the chance of Huaoming is very high.

Fourth, the acid alkali of urine

This method requires a bit of operation. Pregnant women can take a cup of morning urine, and then add 2 times the amount of medical alcohol in morning urine.Stay for 20 minutes, and wait for them to observe after they have reacted. If the urine is very turbid at this time, it is likely to be a female treasure. On the contrary, the urine is likely to be pregnant with male treasures.Simply put, this is detected by testing the pH of the pregnant woman’s urine.

After reading the above four methods, is the pregnant mother who feels itchy, and wants to test whether she is a good chance of Huai Nao or a male treasure.But don’t take this as an absolute standard, and don’t be too fascinated to distinguish the gender of children.During pregnancy, a woman must have a very good mentality, treats the baby’s change in the stomach scientifically, and treats some of the outside world’s speech interference rationally. I believe that there will be a good "pregnancy" when maintaining such a mentality throughout pregnancy.

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