The bookstore is beautiful, with its own poetic and painting

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The bookstore is beautiful, with its own poetic and painting

Speaker: Bu Xuebin, a villager in Qingxi Village, Xielingang Town, Yiyang City, Hunan Province

I am a villager in Qingxi Village, 51 years old.My house is on the side of a large lotus pond in the village. In the summer, the wind blows lightly, the lotus shadow swaying, the most poetic.

Turning my home into a bookstore, I am the first person in Qingxi Village.In the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2020, I returned to Qingxi Village in Jiujiang, Jiangxi.At that time, the "rural tourism" fever of Qingxi Village was just emerged. I decided to stay and change the living room to the tea room.When I learned that the village was going to build a book house. When the neighbors were still hesitant, I first signed up and won the Libo Qingxi Book House, which became a bookstore administrator.I made the living room on the first floor into the reading space of the bookstore. On the other hand, I restored the farm scene of the old Shiqingxi Village according to the elements of Zhou Libo’s "Mountains in the Mountains".The second floor is for yourself and your family to live.

In the morning, the red sun rose from the overlapping mountains. In the evening, it fell below the horizon in the "Good Night" of the sunset and green lotus leaves.Everyone said that Libo Qingxi Book House is beautiful, bringing his own poetic and painting.As the administrator of the bookstore, I am very busy every day. In the morning, I have to sort out books in the book house, clean up, and prepare special snacks such as tea, spicy dried dried, and braised chicken feet that day.Visitors friends who come here.

As the reputation of "Shanxiang Giant Change the First Village" is becoming more and more loud, tourists in the village are more than every day.Regardless of the weekend or other holidays, as long as the weather is fine, the book house is full of people. Sometimes the seats are not enough, and the tourists will start a stool and sit outside the door.

They all like to listen to me using the novel "Mountains and Township" written by Mr. Zhou Libo in Yiyang dialect, and also like to listen to me explaining "Babi Lien Meat", "Slugli", "Funtel", "Playing String" and other dialect words.mean.My lover Bu Xiaoqing is preparing to be delicious for tourists, so that every tourist who comes to Libo Qingxi Book House can taste the most authentic Yiyang cuisine.When there are many people, we will sell thousands of cups of tea and a few boxes of snacks a day.

The bookstore is full of laughter every day. One group of tourists has not left, and the other is here again.Although busy, he heard the joyful laughter of tourists, and the receipt of WeChat and Alipay in the store, we felt very happy.My lover always says that I love laughing more now than before, and sometimes dreaming at night.

Yeah, I am dreaming, because my life is what I dream of.Before last year, I had been a farmer and experienced the taste of "facing the back of the loess and facing the sky"; I worked as a worker and knew the sourness of working out of the country.Now, the neighbors say that I am Dou Dou’s "showcase" and become a "cultural person".Thanks to the village to promote the revitalization of the countryside with cultural revitalization, build the infrastructure, make the environment beautiful, and have also carried out many influential activities.

In order to increase literary literacy and have more common topics with tourists, I often read books at night to read the books of writers such as Zhou Libo, Wang Meng, Yu Hua.My Mandarin is not good, I am afraid that foreign tourists can not understand, so before going to bed every night, I have to practice Mandarin in front of pillows.I also "worshiped teachers and studies arts", and taught English to high school students and college students who read books. I did not expect that I sold "The Great Change of the Mountains and Towns" to Africa with my own English.

Watching me run the bookstore, I came to teach me the scriptures from my neighbors. After that, the number of book houses in the village was snatched.Now, the changes in villagers’ lives can be great -women who do dry and clean in the village can take off their work clothes and stand on their costumes and dance clothes on stage.; As soon as the villagers came out of the vegetable field, they entered the bookstore to read …

A reporter asked me: "You are used to open a book house with such a large house, wouldn’t you lose money?" I smiled and answered at the time: "Everyone asked how much I made a year. You are the first to ask me if I have any.People who have lost money. I tell you that this bookstore can not only make money, but also support our four generations. "

(Reporter Yu Aihua and Long Jun, Guangming Daily, Cao Can, correspondent Cao Can in Guangming Daily, interviewed and sorted out)

"Guangming Daily" (06th, June 27, 2023)

Source: "Guangming Daily"

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