The British uncle went to donate blood but was asked if he was pregnant. The uncle and the blood donation center was on the bar

The 66 -year -old man Leslie Sinclair is from Scottin. He is a retired driver of a construction company and has two children with his wife.

For nearly 50 years, he has presented 125 products to lose blood, or about 71033 ml, which is quite admirable.

But when he went to donate blood recently, he touched the nail …

This Wednesday, Leslie went to donate blood again, and the staff asked him to fill in a table first.

When filling in the form, he found that there was such a problem on the form,

"Are you pregnant, or have you been pregnant in the past 6 months?"

According to the regulations, pregnant women must have 6 months of childbirth to donate blood.

But this question makes Leslie very speechless.

He feels that he is obviously impossible to get pregnant as a man in his 60s. This question has no answer to him, and there is no need to answer.

So he immediately told the staff that he would not answer this question.

However, the staff said that according to regulations, if he did not fill in this problem, he could not donate blood.

(Experience diagram)

Leslie, who has already been cooked in blood, did not expect that he would be rejected for this reason.

"I am very angry, because I have been donating blood since I was 18 years old, and I have always insisted on doing this. I have never had any problems."

"Fill in the form before donating blood. This is right. Generally, you will ask your medical condition or if you are sick. Of course, you need to ensure safety."

"But this time, there is a problem that I have never seen before,‘ You are not pregnant for six months before or before? ’I still need to fill in‘ yes ’or‘ no ’.”

"I told the staff that they would not answer this question, and they said that they could not donate blood."

"I told the staff that it was stupid. If I left, I wouldn’t come again, and then I left by bike."

"This is too ridiculous, I am very angry, because someone is waiting for these blood, such as sick children, urgently need blood transfusion treatment."

"But I must answer such a question, otherwise they will be deprived of blood donation."

Leslie said that not only did he think the matter was absurd, but his wife felt unreasonable after hearing it.

In fact, the new crown epidemic in the past two years has reduced the number of blood donors in the UK. The government has always wanted to encourage people to donate more blood.

NHS also launched a event this week, intending to recruit one million blood donors in the next five years,

The Scottish National Blood Section Service Center also launched an event earlier this month, recruiting 16,000 blood donors next year.

After the incident of Leslie, the Scottish National Blood Section Service Center responded that

The reason why all blood donors are asked to "improve tolerance".

Although the "pregnancy" is only related to those who are born by the physiological gender at birth or the acquired gender as a woman.

But sometimes the staff can not see the gender of the person who donate people through observation, or whether they are pregnant,

As a public agency, in order to keep up with the times, they do not discriminate against the times, and promote tolerance, so they set this problem for everyone who donates blood.

Netizens read this story, most people said that the explanation given by the blood transfusion service center did not convince them.

Only individual netizens think that the problem is for convenience, and the problem is not only for men, but also for everyone.

It is right to say something and refuse to comply with these regulations.

Honestly, many people in the world today lack common sense and normal IQ.

Why are there so many garbage … The world is crazy …

Asking a man’s question is too ridiculous.

What is this?IntersectionIntersectionHe did it right.

He is preparing to donate blood.It’s not ready to jump into the stupid circle.

Health questionnaires should be based on physiology.It should not be based on gender ideology.

NHS should not adhere to the latter.

This is a problem that will occur on all the needs of all needs, so that the nurse does not have to take a dozen questionnaires and walk around one by one …

When I saw this problem, I laughed, the nurse laughed, and a little blushing …

This is to save time and paper!IntersectionIntersection

This is a questionnaire for all blood donors, why no one saw this part.

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