The child has back pain, adults think that the child has no waist, and the results of the inspection make parents regret it.

Seeing a post on the Internet, the girl’s family is rural, and the living conditions are not very good. Since childhood, they have followed adults to work farm.At the age of 12, he went to work with his family, and sprained his waist because he was carrying a very heavy thing.Go home and tell adults to tell the adults. The adult thinks that the child has no waist and said that it is not the same.Then I told the adult that the child had no waist. Until one day, the girl couldn’t stand her waist, and her family took her to the hospital.

As a result of the inspection, the lumbar disc protruding and lumbar muscle strain. Doctors could not believe that such a big child waist was like this. The results of the examination also made parents regret it.The girl also had the root cause of the disease, and she often had back pain in the future, and her legs were even painful.I have seen this girl very much, and I feel deeply.From children with back pain or something, adults are consistent. How can children have waist?Children are also puzzled, do I have no waist?Is the child waist?

Children have waist, including infants and young children with waist, and the physiological structure of children and adults is the same. How can there be no waist?The reason why the child has no waist is because the child’s waist curve is not obvious, giving people a illusion that there is no waist.Furthermore, because the waist and the same sound, I said that it was too unlucky, and I was not allowed to say that the waist was not allowed.Therefore, the child has a waist, but because the development is not perfect, it is more likely to be harmed. Usually pay more attention to these aspects of the child.

Pay attention to sitting when writing homework

When some children were writing homework, they were lying on the table, holding their backs.This is not only easy to cause children’s myopia, for a long time, and even the spine can easily cause damage. In addition, the child is also growing in the body, which can easily cause humpback and affect the "face value" of the child.The intentional parents must correct the child’s sitting position when they write their homework. They do not bend their chests and cannot be too close to the desktop. This will not only protect the child’s eyes, but also help the child’s spine.

It is also worth noting that the child is not allowed to lead Erlang’s legs, because not only will it affect the blood circulation of the legs, but it will also compress the cervical spine for a long time, causing lower back pain.

Can’t carry overweight things

Because the child’s waist is very soft, it is more likely to be injured, so you can’t carry the heavy things.When my cousin was very capable when she was young, she often helped to work in the family or something, and once accidentally hurt her waist. At that time, the adults did not pay attention.It wasn’t until she went outside to work outside that she remembered the inspection and was already damaged by lumbar muscles.Now after pregnancy, the month is big, and the waist is even more uncomfortable. Sometimes it hurts to sleep, but can only endure.

So children’s waist is really important, don’t let the child carry it too much.

This waist is really important. It plays a role in "upper up and down". Some back pain will involve other parts, or the neck cannot move, or the legs hurt together.So don’t let your child carry excessive things and correct his posture.And when the child says back pain, don’t say that the child is not improper, and ask the child what he does, and go to the doctor in time to prevent the condition from worsening.Otherwise, it is like the parents in the post. I can only regret it.

Netizens, did you think the child had a waist before?


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