The college teacher was in the car of the dormitory of the classroom of the small three garage classroom in August and breastfeeding, and was exposed yesterday

There are too many people today, and there are too many people. It is dizzying, one after another, endless.Ordinary people have poor moral level, low cultural quality, and have not been educated by systematic training.If you do n’t keep your woman, the morality is corrupted, the style of life is not good, and you are not loyal to your spouse.The teachers of the moral model of teaching and educating people are unwilling to be lonely and backward.

It doesn’t take long to explode. There is no another chat history of Wang Xuan, a female teacher Wang Xuan and a male teacher Wu Jian in the Taiyuan Teachers College of Shanxi, is exposed on the Internet.Both people will publish their inner feelings through mobile phone WeChat in their spare time and during the class.The content of the chat is hot and explicit. From the content of the chat, the abnormal relationship between the two is no longer a day or two. It seems to be maintained before and after marriage, which makes the woman’s husband feel embarrassed!

Before marriage, it was personal freedom. Even her later husbands couldn’t control it. At most, she poked the backbone behind her back and scolded the shameless shame.With the openness and tolerance of modern society, most people can still reluctantly accept it, but after marriage, they still do not converge, they still do not stop, and they are still interacting with third parties.Woman who ignores his family and husband should be popular!Looking at this female teacher, it is not just a derailment before marriage, but the derailment after marriage is simple.What this female teacher does is better than the bride of Zhangjiajie.Zhangjiajie Xinjiang is also what happened the night before the marriage, and people have not got married and have no children.

See how this people’s teacher’s teacher did?After marriage, not only derailed, but also with a big belly.Can’t the desire really unbearable?I still can’t give up for this man.Before getting married, he was together with this man. Why not marry him?Since you marry your husband, why don’t you keep your woman?I really doubt whether her and her husband’s children were husband?It is recommended that this husband strongly suggested that this husband must go to a parent -child identification, and 99 % should be this martial arts.After getting married, they have not been idle before they get married. As long as they have the opportunity, they will be together, and they will have a relationship.So frequently, I am afraid that there are more times than to go to bed with her husband. How can children be a husband?The two people should be shameless to mess up at the physiological period. Look at their time and place, and they can come at any time.The location is not only on the bed at home, but even on the table, chairs, office, dormitories, inside, and outside, the place you can think of, the posture you can think of, they can all think of.They all rubbed repeatedly, and anyone saw this gritted teeth that would be angry. It is estimated that Wang Ban’s husband saw that this was going to collapse!

Every day, you must need anytime, anywhere. Both men cannot satisfy this Wang Xuan’s desire.

This woman is not polite and honest, regardless of her identity and morality.What kind of family and what kind of education can you cultivate such a woman?The poor thing is her husband, her ignorant husband will definitely be furious!After taking the green hat for a few years, I didn’t know the broken shoes of others I wore, and the children who raised for several years did not know if they were their own species.If it is a child of Xiao San, it is really a loss!Women like clothes to change new ones, is it important to have blood for children?The greatest insult to men is to let him raise children for others!

Think of the picture, her husband is working hard to support his family.When her husband paid without regrets, his wife was madly ravaged by another man in any part of the school.The happiness of rubbing his wife was as happy as a fairy, more than once, not in January of the year, the two should meet with a red knife into a white knife?

After speaking, the woman is not an individual who is called Wu Jian.If he was not married, he should marry Wang Xian.The probability is that you should not be married. Should two people in love be together?If he and Wang Xuan have a relationship with a single relationship before marriage, it is really nothing.He would be unforgivable if he was derailed in marriage.If Wang Xuan was married, he would be able to close his hands in time, and he would be a good man in Gu’s family.After Wang Xuan got married, he still did not know Wang Xuan. Even when Wang Xue was pregnant for seven or eight months, he did not let go of this lover during breastfeeding.Sometimes when the physiological period of a woman is also coming, so he is not afraid to get rid of other children’s children or their own children?Hurts people to make great sins!The pursuit of stimulus, even to this point, is also a stink man without heartlessness and bottom line.It is said that for her own happiness, women take contraceptives during breastfeeding, causing helling in early weaning.His wife knew that there was such a husband, and he didn’t know if he could forgive.Generally women can’t tolerate it!There will be a second time, and there will be countless times.Do not forgive men or women after derailment, and they must stop loss in time, otherwise it must be themselves in the end.

This incident was exposed on the Internet. The people across the country knew that the two should have no face to stay at school.Who are the friends and relatives around, who wants to see people who break through the ethical bottom line like they are?Waiting for them either wives ion scattered or scattered.To play as much as possible before marriage, women must abide by women after marriage, men must follow morality and loyal to each other. This is the path of life.The indulgence has not ended. Since ancient times, please remember this sentence!

The person is not bad

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