The concubine was degraded into Xin Zheku that she was pregnant, but the emperor said that it was not his own species when he learned it.

Do you dare to believe it?The first -generation concubine of the dignitaries even made a hard work in the new library. In the next second, he felt a strong nausea. Obviously, this was a pregnancy response in the early pregnancy.I heard that she was the most loved concubine in the emperor. Later, she followed Er Gou. As a result, the emperor discovered that he married him.After the emperor learned that the concubine was pregnant, he not only did not pick up her out of the Xinzhibu, but also humiliated it.How do you confirm that this child is true?Why did the emperor treat the former concubine in the past?Xiaoyuer knew that Eje had always remembered Da Yuer, so she set up a trap in the union and wanted to bring down Da Yuer.After Dazhe fainted Da Yuer, he was ready to do it.Xiaoyuer saw the opportunity and took the emperor to catch the rape. Watching the beloved woman and other men docked, the emperor was furious and turned the two.Evian did not want to involve Da Yuer, and she thanked him for his death, but even if the emperor knew that Da Yuer was innocent, he still wanted to abolish Da Yuer as a puppet and send it to the person to pretend to be hard.The queen’s distressed encounter, but she could not do anything. She learned that Da Yuer was pregnant, and the queen was pleasantly surprised. Zheng Chou had no reason to pick up Dayu.

Yuer returned to the palace. No, the opportunity came, but Da Yuer was ashamed, indicating that the child was not at the time. He hoped that the queen could get some medicine for himself and kill the child.You are crazy. This child comes. He is your life -saving straw. I don’t want him to live in the eyes of others.If the emperor knows that you are pregnant with her dragon bracelet, if she is happy, it will let you return to the Yongfu Palace.Nami learned that Da Yuer was pregnant and gave her a blast. It was really a coincidence that the two of them became pregnant again at the same time. Why did she hit you every time with the concubine?However, this time, I don’t have to be afraid of her anymore. I was born with the prince. At best in his belly, he was a wild species.In the eyes, I suddenly remembered a prophecy ten years ago. Da Yuer had the life of the queen in the future. Now the prophecy has been achieved half. Huang Taiji has sat on the throne, but in the vast, he does not want Dayuer to sit on the queen’s seat.She asked the palace maid to surrender the management of the new library and let them add more to Da Yuer.

practice.Sure enough, under the teachings in the curtain, Da Yuer did the dirtiest and most tired work every day. He did not let him rest and not give meals.Su Muer was distressed and wanted to share some of them, but he was repeatedly suffered by the eunuch of the manager.There are two cars of clothes outside, pushing it out and washed away.Da Yuer was in Jiao Ruogui who couldn’t control this bulky car at all. He fell to the ground without taking a few steps.At this time, a little eunuch suddenly appeared, and he was kindly lifted up, Da Kun, wasn’t I dreaming?Of course, it is not dreaming, all of which should be guarded in my life, I can’t escape all of this.You are still living. From the day you were sent into the newcomer Ku, I would not believe it. For you, I want to fight against you.Words.Du Er was angry, and he had nowhere to find that the dog slave didn’t even know Prince Rui.The princess was gone, and the princess was about to go out soon. If you dare to embarrass her again, be careful that I destroyed your family. I remember that your big jade was tortured in the new library, but the emperor’s side was with Hailan Zhongzhongzhongzhongzhongzhong.Essence

The villain who had no day and night, Hai Lanzhu felt a loss of appetite on this day, and had no stomach eloquence. He called Taiyi diagnosed and found that she was pregnant.When the emperor heard it, he was so happy that he was so good. It’s great. Lan Er’er, you have to die for the emperor. From today, you are not allowed to eat such things, not unhappy, and take care of yourself.The emperor, I am okay, the queen told the emperor Tai Chi that Da Yuer, the newer library, was also pregnant.Unexpectedly, the attitude of Huang Taiji, who was dad, was extremely indifferent, and even suspected that the child was not his own.The queen swear directly on the ground. I would like to guarantee that I was in the picture of Boer Jigit, and Zhezhe swears to the emperor’s queen. If the child is not the flesh of the emperor, I would like to be ordered by the crime of heaven and earth.Under the strong request of Zhezhe, Huang Taiji eventually took Da Yuer from the Xinzhibu, and sent it to the cold palace Fulin this Xiaomi Er to be rescued by Zhezhe.After putting it out, her heart was resentful, so she had another terrible idea.

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