The couple of junior high school students "crossed Thunder Pond", which caused girls to be unmarried and pregnant. Doctors: What did parents do?

When the child is in junior high school, the child has almost entered adolescence, and has a certain solution to the direct love of men and women, and even some fantasies.If parents do not help their children treat some things in adolescence correctly, they may cause irreparable things.

My girlfriend has recently encountered a troubled thing, that is, she was pregnant for her second -year daughter of junior high school.When my girlfriend knew that, I told me: I really want to hit my daughter fiercely, it’s too angry.

Yaoyao has been living in school since the fifth grade. Girlfriend was worried that Yao Yao was not used to "living alone" after Yaoyao, but Yao Yao soon adapted.Living in junior high school, girlfriends naturally don’t feel that there is anything bad.

From the fifth grade of Yaoyao, my girlfriend opened a small sales department, and usually stayed on the facade most of the time.There are not many disciplines for Yaoyao, thinking that Yaoyao has grown up and sensible.

And now the class teacher has a phone call to keep the girlfriend’s soul from staying.When Yao Yao was in class, he suddenly fainted. After the class teacher knew, he quickly contacted his girlfriend.When I was checked in the hospital, I found that Yaoyao was pregnant, and it was four months. Because of the normal nutrition, it could not keep up, causing syncope.

The anger in her girlfriend made her want to hit Yaoyao fiercely, but fortunately she finally held back.But how does Yaoyao heal the damage?In the end, Yao Yao said that he "fell in love" with the boys at the same table, and finally couldn’t help "cross the Thunder Pool."

I am young, but there is a physiological normal reaction, but I do n’t know the consequences that may occur, and I do n’t know how to deal with it.

Although the doctor has seen a lot of unexpected pregnancy, he is angry with the young students who are distressed and adolescent.Knowing what happened to the child and the education of children’s education. Now I know that family education is important to children. What did you do early? "

Although the parents of both parties handled this incident friendly, the harm to the child is a fact, and the impact on the child may be permanent.

How should parents do "sex education" for their children?

1. Educate children from a young age to identify the characteristics of men and women

Even if the child is small, the child actually knows that the girl and the boy are a bit different, because he does not know why, so he will ask his parents.At this time, the parents should pay attention to that the child has the consciousness of men and women.

Parents have to teach their children to distinguish between men and women, such as long hair, skirts, long socks, pink, and bows, which are the characteristics of girls.

For example, short hair, the color of the clothes is more plain, standing in urine, and the person who likes to play excavators is boys.In addition, men and women can be judged by coating redness or beard.

And to teach children to know the male and female logo in the public bathroom, boys enter the men’s bathroom, and girls enter the women’s bathroom.Let children form a consciousness of men and women.

2. Teach children and the opposite sex to maintain a certain distance

The current children are relatively early and their emotional intelligence is high.Especially when they are beautiful, they are particularly attractive to be friends with the opposite sex, and they are often hugged together. It is also the child’s initial social socialization. Parents need not be too much amazing.

However, when the child is in the third grade of school, we must pay attention to maintaining a certain distance between the children and the students of male and female students. They can be friends and communicate normally, but they can no longer play together like kindergartens.

Children above the third grade have a more sound mind and know more, so they must instill the child’s consciousness, but they cannot forcibly the child’s disagreement and the opposite sex foundation, so as not to cause harm to the child’s psychology and affect the normal social society of the child.

3. Teach children aware of privacy protection

Some parents don’t care about their privacy issues. They often see that parents are solved by the children when their children are urgently urinated.This is not only an uncivilized phenomenon, but also affects the child’s image.

Some children also like to play privacy parts, even in public, or show it to their classmates, which is a bad behavior.Some children also like to get the privacy parts of others and feel that it is fun to get others.

When you encounter a bear child, you may not hurt the privacy part without any importance.

Because some parents do not know how to do "privacy" education for their children, they will not teach, and they will understand naturally when they grow up.

Some parents have educational awareness, but they feel that "it is difficult to enlighten", which has caused children to enter adolescence and have not taught their children.

Regardless of the reason for parents, as long as the parents do not teach their children, it is the parents’ negligence, so don’t wait until the child is hurt before regretting it.

Topic today: Will you conduct "privacy education" in advance?

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