The cousin encountered a scum man to lie to pregnancy, and met a honest boy to go to the child, the poor cousin

The cousin was 24 years old. After suffering a scum man in love, he was pregnant, but the other party was unwilling to be responsible or even accompanied her to the hospital for a physical examination. Later, the child was not admitted to him, and the man left 5,000 yuan to run.Essence

Gao Fushuai and Warm Nan who were pursued by cousins turned into black overnight.However, the cousin is not suitable for abortion surgery. The child grows up every day, but there is no way to cousin.I can only blame my cousin to make self -cleverness, and think of a honest alumni who has pursued her for many years. They have lived in the same city. He has always chased her. The cousin has never felt about him.He came to lingering, but he never gave up, and said that he had to wait until his cousin was 30 years old.

The cousin originally wanted to confess his pregnancy with him, but when he didn’t say it, he still kept it. It was mainly a problem of heart and face. He also thought about the child for more than a day.He should not find it.It didn’t take long for the cousin to take advantage of a date to have a relationship with him. In fact, the cousin also felt guilty. Thinking that he could have a second child in the future and regenerate one of him. It can also make up for him.

The cousin also thought that he did not doubt that the child was not him. During pregnancy, he was still very good to his cousin. He has been coaxing his cousin and waiting for the child to be born before registering. He has also seen his relatives and colleagues of his cousin. It seems that he is a family.He did not recognize the account after the child was born. After changing his honestly, he turned his face, turned his face, and played the disappearance. Later, his cousin and her dad found him. He said in front of his cousin and said that the child was not his.Parent -child identification, relatives and friends who gave birth to children knew that the child’s father now does not admit it. He asked his cousin and cousin and parents to lose his face, and he couldn’t raise his head in front of relatives and friends.This man was too insidious. In fact, he knew that the child was not his at first. He deliberately coaxed his cousin to have a shameful eye -catching. He also said that he didn’t want his cousin to be evil again.He gave birth to a second child, his cousin really loves him, his cousin has been taken care of. Since he has suspected that the child is not his, he pretends not to know, and he cheated his cousin to give birth, and then dumped his cousin again.The family’s face was lost, and I didn’t dare to go out at home. Isn’t it a bit lacking? The cousin is a single mother, how can I live in the future, and the cousin is wrong, but is this punishment too serious to the cousin? It is equivalent to judging the judgmentCousin’s life imprisonment.

As my relatives of my cousin, I think my cousin is still young and ignorant. I think it is too naive. The girls in this society do not know how to protect themselves., Instead of the temptation of money, face value, flattering, etc., you can easily believe in others. Therefore, when the cousin has reached such a life, he should be responsible. In reality, there are a lot of single mothers.Adjust the mentality and face life with a sunny mentality. No matter how many setbacks have experienced, life still needs to continue. I hope that the life of the cousin can gradually become good!

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