The daughter -in -law is happy with the "twin" family. After giving birth to a baby, her mother -in -law is unhappy.

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In our real life, more and more twin babies are born. When we walk on the street, it is not difficult to see twin babies or many babies, which are also very common now.Some are the result of natural breeding, and some are due to the application of IVF and ovulation promotional measures.Because IVFs often use two eggs to combine with sperm, to increase the success rate of IVF surgery, and the method of ovulation -promoting drugs greatly increases the chance of female ovulation. ThereforeThe possibility of eggs is also greatly increased, which has led to the birth of more and more twins.

The original "twins" were originally happy. After the baby gave birth to, her mother -in -law was unhappy.

Xiaoling and her husband have been married for more than three years, but they did not conceive their babies. Suddenly these days, I felt a little nauseous and nauseous. I didn’t want to eat anything, and I also realized that my menstruation had not come for a long time.I found out that when I was pregnant, let’s not mention how happy the whole family was.What is even more exciting is that during the birth check -up two months later, the doctor told Xiaoling Huai’s twins. For the Chinese, good things were paired, and they were unspeakable happy events.

Xiaoling has also become the key protection object of the whole family. Usually, there are delicious and easy to use in the family to keep her, and she will not let her work at home, and she will reach out and open her meals.As long as the two babies can thrive healthy growth.

After ten months of hardship, Xiao Ling was finally born. Because she was pregnant with twins, she responded in advance before giving birth. The whole family was prepared in advance and went to the hospital.Later, Xiaoling insisted on having a baby. The doctor saw Xiaoling’s physical condition very good, so he fought hard for 6 hours, and the two babies were born smoothly.But at this time, the doctor found an amazing secret. The doctor told the family that "these two babies are not twins!"

When the family members learned the news, they immediately dumbfounded, and the two babies born at the same time were not twins. What was the situation?The mother -in -law, who was very happy, immediately became serious. "Isn’t the child from our family?"The doctor later conducted a related examination and found that the two babies were complete, very healthy, and confirmed that the two children were not twins, but the definition of twins really made family people unable to touch their minds.

What is going on? Let’s first understand what are the forms of twins?

1. Twins of the same egg

Under normal circumstances, after women develop and mature and fixed menstrual menstruation every month, 400 eggs will be expelled in their lives.Under normal circumstances, an egg is excreted every month. When the eggs meet with sperm, the fertilized eggs are formed, and this fertilized egg will split and split into two eggs.It is very similar to children’s appearance and figure characteristics, and it is also twins in the ideological sense of most people.

2. Eval with heterogeneous twins

We will find that some twins do not grow the same, and are tall and completely different. If you do n’t say that twins, we ca n’t see it at all. This is also the twins we want to say.When women discharge two eggs at the same time, after the combination of eggs and sperm, two placenta and two umbilical cords are formed in the mother’s mother’s body.Dyntine twins.

3. Repeated pregnancy during the same period

There is also a baby’s childbirth in the stomach of the pregnant mother, which is called the re -pregnancy of the same period. The probability of this situation is less likely to occur than the twin of the heterochia, because it is 48 hours after the first egg fertilization.Inside, the second egg has also occurred, because if we have conceived in our body, we will generally not continue to conceive, and the chance of rehabilitation in the same period is also very rare. However, Xiaoling’s pregnancy above.Repeated pregnancy.

How can we discover the situation of "re -pregnancy in the same period"?

During the pregnancy test during pregnancy, you can check whether it is re -pregnancy through B -ultrasound, fetal heart monitoring, and blood routine, and the indicators of these examinations will be detected whether it is re -pregnancy in the same period.

This probability is also very rare, and general families will not happen, so once the baby with two twins appears completely different, and the height of height is also very different.Case.

Candy mother reminds everyone that women must take care of themselves during pregnancy, maintain a good mood, and do a good pregnancy test on time. The baby will grow healthily in the pregnant mother’s belly.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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