The daughter -in -law showed her mother -in -law with the pregnancy inspection sheet, and was dumb and speechless by her mother -in -law#儿 … …

The daughter -in -law talked with her mother -in -law and was dumbly speechless by her mother -in -law.

There was a daughter -in -law who was pregnant next door, and she showed the test sheet to her mother -in -law.My mother is pregnant, and her mother -in -law is very happy to say: You have been pregnant for five years in five years. It is really good.

This daughter -in -law said: Mom, don’t be happy too early.I have two conditions to tell you.I did n’t plan to ask for this child, but your son said that he had to do it, and no.But you have to promise me two conditions.If you reach then, I will give birth.

· First, we have just got married, and the economic conditions are not so rich, so in the future, children and dad must bear part of the future.

· The second is that I have a way to bring children.Now you retire again, you have time.In addition, you are the child’s cricket, the child is also the surname of your family, and the flesh of your family. You take it for granted.These two conditions, if you promise me, you will be born, and if you don’t agree, you will kill him.

I really didn’t think that this mother -in -law was not an ordinary person, and told her calmly.According to reason, I am very happy that you are pregnant with my child.A long time ago, I had planned that one day when I hugged my grandson to help, I could bring me.But what you say to me today may change my thoughts.

Here I would like to ask you a few questions. I am busy in every year every year. Do you help me?I have been married for five years. Have you bought a gift once every year?I am sick and hospitalized this year, and you have to have me a day.

What do you ask?I will help you bring your child, so that the child is our family’s surname.Don’t forget that this child is that you have a piece of meat on you. You are your child’s mother. Raising children is your obligation and responsibility.Of course, you have the right to choose you or not, and people are mutual. There is nothing.Only those you born and you in this world must be responsible for the situation.

Do you want this child?After talking about this mother -in -law turned around and left.The daughter -in -law was stupid, and he was speechless for a long time here.Sisters, are you thinking about this mother -in -law, this mother -in -law is really sharp.How do you live after that?This mother -in -law said that if you have agreed on this condition, if you agree, there will be no way for the future.

Then in the next few years, my mother -in -law commands you to do this. It is really necessary to whisper and be a cow and a horse. She will not treat you as a person.Can the mother -in -law live well?I dare not imagine.Sisters, you said, now the many young daughters -in -law complained that her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law does not help children.

In fact, I tell you that you do n’t rule out that there is a particularly selfish and lazy mother -in -law. There will definitely be such people in this world.But most mother -in -law would not say that she didn’t want to help, but she didn’t dare to help, should she not help.Ask for people to find a strong sense of being strong.Do you say that this mother -in -law dares to approach her?Even if she is a cattle and a horse, and bringing the two generations, you know the world, and in the end, even those who are old -fashioned.

The so -called daughter -in -law will definitely eat food in the future.If you really meet such a daughter -in -law, then this mother -in -law is going to run away. It is better to love his body well, and pay attention to his own quality of life.Happy day to count the day, you won’t say a trip from the world. Are you right?

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