The deeper the seal left after cupping, the better the effect?There are two kinds of people should not cupping

Cupping has the effect of health care, which can not only play the role of relaxation of muscles, but also improve the local blood supply of the human body. It can speed up the blood circulation speed of the human body. Cupping can eliminate the fatigue of the human body, and at the same time to promote the recovery of the body. Below we are specificCome to understand who is not suitable for cupping?

What are the magical effects of cupping?

The principle of cupping is to fill the hot air into the tank, and then stick it on the surface of the skin to form a sealing environment. With the cooling of the air in the can, thermal expansion and contraction, it forms a negative pressure attraction to the skin, as if the invisible hand "Starting from "pulling", it is called "pull" fire can.In addition to the traditional burning cupping, there is also a stabbing cupping, the principle is consistent.

Cupping can, like massage, acupuncture, can play a role in relaxing muscles and improving local blood supply, thereby making people feel comfortable.The reason why athletes really feel the effect of "alleviating muscle soreness" is speculated that it is precisely because of the negative pressure of the skin in the tank, which causes the subcutaneous capillaries to rupture and cause tissue reconstruction, thereby promoting the elimination of inflammation.

Since the team doctors of sports teams at all levels are basically born in Chinese medicine orthopedics or sports medicine, cupping is first generally in the recovery of Chinese athletes. They will not only use this method for athletes, but also use a variety of physics.Methods, such as massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, and Chinese medicine hot compresses. They believe that after the training is over or match, these methods can help athletes relax, alleviate muscle tension, eliminate fatigue, and promote physical recovery.

Cupping is not risky. Do not go to cupping:

Patients with coagulation dysfunction

Due to the negative pressure and thermal contact brought by cupping, subcutaneous congestion will definitely form. Negative pressure causes blood cells to be attracted from the blood vessels and runs to the skin, forming a stasis and ecchymosis, just like being beaten.For healthy people, these congestion is just ugly. After a few days, they will be absorbed, but for those with coagulation dysfunction, including pregnancy or menstrual women, this toss may have serious consequences.

Sensitive skin, eczema, and corresponding dermatitis patients

When the skin is attracted to a certain degree of negative pressure, it may cause erythema and blisters in the skin, especially for patients with sensitive skin, eczema, and special dermatitis, risks are higher.If the blisters are broken, there is still a risk of infection. At this time, if you do not seek medical treatment in time, it can also form sepsis, which may endanger life in severe cases.

Through the introduction, we understand that two kinds of people should not cupping. Cruckets of these types of people may cause serious damage to the body, and it will add the burden on gravity cerebral blood vessels. People with coagulation dysfunction should not be cupping, otherwise it will cause serious seriousFor the consequences, people with sensitive skin should not be cupping, otherwise it will endanger life and cause sepsis.

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