The development of the fetus from January to October during pregnancy is hot.

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It takes ten months from pregnant to having children. During this time, the hard work of pregnant women could not experience it, but for the sake of children, they were willing to bear all this.Recently, a group of fetuses on the Internet have developed a lot of development from January to October. After reading this set of pictures, many netizens can’t help feeling: I really feel what is just for the mother, and the mother is really great.It’s right.

So how does the baby grow up step by step in the uterus?

In the first month of conception, the membrane cavity is filled with amniotic fluid, and the embryo grows in amniotic fluid; in the second month, the fetus will begin to use human shape. Although the size of the grape is only the size of it, the organs will begin to form.Internal organs and limbs have grown.Usually the condition of the fetus in the first three months is unstable, so if pregnant women do not pay attention, they are prone to abortion.

In addition, the first three months is also the hardest stage of pregnant women, because some pregnant women are more pregnant, vomiting as soon as they eat, and some can not even smell the smell of oil fume.But even if you eat it, you vomit. In order to provide nutrition for your children, you must force yourself to eat more.Therefore, at this stage, the husband must take care of and understand his wife.

When the fourth month is pregnant, the pregnancy reaction will be reduced a lot. What does the baby look like in the stomach?The baby’s length and weight have increased, like a small tomato, and the skeletal system is further developed.In the fifth month, the baby’s whole body grows fine hair, and pregnant women will feel obvious fetal movements.In six months, the baby’s length and weight will develop further, and they occasionally move in their stomachs.

The first three months of the relatively dangerous and painful pain have been survived, and then the mother who welcomes the mother is the increase in the abdomen and greedy drowsiness.This is because the baby can only obtain nutrition from the mother and grow rapidly from April to June, so the mother needs to provide more nutrition.If pregnant women always want to eat at this stage, husbands should not have too much complaints or tease them.

In these three months, the fluff on the fetus will gradually fall off, the basic function of the internal organs in the facial features has been sound, and their fingers and toenails are all Qi Qi, which will become more active and the brain develops rapidly.Therefore, in these three months, pregnant mothers can start preparing to be prenatal education for their children, because the effect of this time will be very obvious.

At that time, the stomach of the pregnant woman will become very large, and because the child is almost occupying the entire abdominal cavity, some pregnant women may have lower limbs or feet.In order to ensure the smooth production, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do some exercise that can be done, such as walking, yoga and so on.Husbands need to take out time to accompany their wives to disperse or take yoga classes. If they have time, help them massage their feet and legs.

After the 10th month, the baby is fully developed, and the functions of muscles, organs, and various systems are normal, which means that they can meet their parents.During this period, the family must take care of the emotions of pregnant women. Especially when they are about to produce, many pregnant women may have anxiety due to their fear of production.Essence

The production process is a calamity for pregnant women. In the past, men couldn’t feel the pain of production in the same production, but now there are some medical equipment that allows men to experience it. If the husband has the opportunity, you can try it.Many healthy men insist that they can open their fingers, but weak girls can endure the pain of bone cracks. Except for their mother, there is no other to explain their strength.

After reading the fetal development map, many people are full of awe of their mother. Women who are as weak as Puwei are worthy of winning the applause of everyone in pregnancy and child.

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