The difference between men likes you and loves you


I like it at first glance, love is a long time.

Real likes will make you have a sense of joy, and love is like a glass of water. The more people love, the more bland it will.

Those fierce loves are not necessarily suitable for everyone, and those who have a long and long flow can last long.

If a person really likes you, he will definitely want to be good to you, and he will want you to feel his sincerity and enthusiasm.

But if a man just likes you, then he may not pay too much energy to maintain this relationship, because he does not really put you the most important position in his heart.

So what is the difference between a man loves someone and likes alone?After reading the following points, you will know.

He likes someone, he may just make him happy all day because of a look at your eyes and a smile;

He likes to be alone, he may hold you in your palm, as if holding a treasure, he will want to give you all the good things.

Because I like it, I care about your feelings, and I do n’t want to make you sad; because I like it, I will work hard to please you and make you happy.

If a man really likes a woman, he may not be too enthusiastic about her because he wants to give her enough security.

They will take the initiative to keep a distance from her, and they will do their best to give her the best life;

They will not force women to do what they don’t like because of their preferences;

They will be gentle and considerate about women, and know how to consider the problem from the perspective of each other.

Only when a man really loves a woman, he will consider the woman’s feelings.

When he really likes someone, he only wants to give her the best life.

Because I love her, I want to give her the best things; because I love her, I want to make her happy.

Regardless of whether he is happy or sad, he is willing to share with her; whether he encounters happy or sad things, he is willing to tell you first.

Because I like you, I care about your feelings.

And if a man really likes a woman, then he will respect her, love her, care about her, and understand her.

If a woman cannot feel happiness and happiness in a relationship, then this relationship is not meaningful and valuable.

Only when you really like a person can you care about women’s feelings and emotions.

Because the man who really loves you will care whether you are happy and happy; because men who really love you will want to know what you have encountered in your life; because men who really love you will want you to live happily.

In fact, the most important thing in love is to feel the other person’s deep love and care for himself.

When a man is willing to understand what a woman really wants, this proves that he loves this woman; when a man is willing to understand what a woman really needs, this proves that he cares about this woman.

If you do n’t feel the other person ’s love and care about himself in a relationship, this relationship is not worth looking forward to and persistent.

I have a friend who told me a story. Once he returned home from get off work, and when he entered the house, he saw his wife quarrel with people in the living room.

He was a little wondering because he did not offend the other party, let alone a contradiction with the other party. Why did his wife quarrel with others at this time?

So he walked into the living room and saw his wife sitting on the sofa and wiping tears, and his eyes were swollen.He was very uncomfortable and asked his wife what happened.

The wife told him that he had some disputes with his colleagues in the unit. Her colleague gave her some pressure in her work, and then she quarreled with her colleagues.

After the two of them quarreled, the wife wanted to return to her mother for a few days.

The friend was very angry, so he advised his wife not to do so.But his wife said, "You don’t know my hard work at all. I work hard every day, and I have to take care of my children and my family.

And you are under great pressure. When you come home, you want to play games and swipe your mobile phone. I never expected to help me share it.I didn’t want to quarrel with you."

After listening to listening, my friend said angrily: "I have worked hard every day, and I still want to play games to brush my phone. If you treat me like this, then our relationship is gone!"

In fact, many times women are not angry because she is angry, but because men do not consider the problem from her perspective.

When a man really likes you, he will feel that everything you do is for him.He will feel bad and hard -working from his heart.

So when his wife proposed to him to return to his mother’s house, although he felt very angry, he chose to tolerate his wife.

Because he knew that he would continue to quarrel with others if he did not give his wife step by step.If she doesn’t want to ignore sherself, she will go away directly.

So when a man will take the initiative to coax you, you should cherish this man.Because he will not only give you enough sense of security and warmth, but also be nice to you in life.

If a man is unwilling to give you the most basic care and consideration, then this man is likely to just like you.

I have read a story before, telling that a man gave all his money to his wife before getting married, and when his wife was pregnant, he began to dislike his wife spend money and often drink with friends.

After a wine, the man was drunk and went home. When his wife was preparing to give him hot milk, the man suddenly said, "I want to drink milk!"

The wife looked at him and said, "I can’t drink cold when I am pregnant."

But the man insisted on letting her drink it.

Looking at his wife crying because of his willfulness, he was very distressed.

So he began to do the work at home to make his wife happy.

When the wife knew that she was pregnant, she also promised her husband happily.

Later, the child was born. When he saw the child at first glance, he suddenly thought of what he had said to his wife: "I want her to be the happiest woman in the world."

So he began to tell himself in his heart that he wanted to love her well and treat her as a child.

Every time he goes out with her, he will protect her carefully.

No matter what happens, she will first solicit her opinion and will not make her feel wronged and sad.

Women are sometimes like this. When you really love someone, you will give him everything you best.

And if a man just likes you, you will have no initiative and the right to speak in many things.

So if a man loves you, you can see from the details.

The man who really loves you will treat you as a child; and a man who only likes you will only treat you as an outsider.

So women must polish their eyes to distinguish whether men really love you.

Seeing a paragraph written by a girl on the Internet impressed me.

She said, "I was thinking, if a man said to a woman, I was willing to spend money for you, is this out of love or out of like?"

Maybe most people think it is out of like, because only if you like it, you will willingly spend money for you.

But a man who really loves you, he is really willing to spend money for you, because he really puts you in his heart, so he is willing to pay for you.

Because I love you, I want to give you the best. In order to give you a better life, he is willing to put all his efforts.

Just like Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi, after the two people are together, Zhang Zhilin will give all the money to Yuan Yongyi to manage it. Even when the two of them go out to travel, Zhang Zhilin is also taking care of Yuan Yongyi.

Although Yuan Yongyi likes brand -name bags and cosmetics, Zhang Zhilin didn’t care about these things at all.

He knew what Yuan Yongyi liked and knew that she could afford everything, so he never persuaded her to buy anything.

Some people say, "Men become bad when they have money." In fact, this is not the case. The man who really loves you will not see too much money. He will only be willing to spend money for you.

If a man is unwilling to pay for you, then he really just likes you.

After all, no one in this world is a fool.

The man who really loves you will be willing to spend money for you, instead of only using sweet words to coax you happy.

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