The doctor, I have been married for so long, why haven’t I become pregnant?

"Dirty, don’t tongue …"

The wound was held, and he suppressed the madness in his eyes!

It was concealed for three years, and this time I was drunk and accidentally exposed.

Song Qihuai’s eyes on the driver’s seat red, red eyes,

Looking at her face to show her peach blossoms, she was blurred:

"Yao Yao, I am so hard to hide it!"

Five years …

From her like Song Qihuai, this is her seventh pregnancy. As long as he wants, she will never give it.

From the beginning, she was frightened, and Wei Wei Nuo Nuo decided to leave now. She didn’t know if this was the rest of her life.

However, all this is almost over.

Today, she is going to leave this sad city, and the wound is almost healed. Damn’s favorite is a surprise one after another.

Chapter One

Doctor, can I get pregnant?

Bei Yao was a little hard to open up, but for a long time, she also opened up, what was the married woman afraid of.

The male doctor glanced at her, turned his eyes to the report, a serious, "Did you get married?"

Bei Yao nodded again and again, "It’s over, it’s been two years." The voice was strong.

The male doctor handed the test sheet to her, "Your body has no problems."

Bei Yao is happy.

The male doctor went on to say, "Don’t take the contraceptive pill anymore, it is recommended to have children for a while."

She was wearing a blue mask, but her nose was still sour.

"Doctor, I didn’t take contraceptives!" Her voice was a little loud, sharp and thin, and the nurses on the side turned their faces.

The male doctor frowned, "Look at it yourself, the blood sample displayed."

Where did Bei Yao understand, "Will it be wrong?" She asked hesitantly.

"Do you know what you eat?" The male doctor seemed to be dissatisfied with her doubt.

At this time, where did Bei Yao care about the doctor’s feelings, her face was pale.

The obstetrics and gynecology department is all pregnant women, with a bulky belly, a difficult action, and a shape, but their faces are so happy.

Bei Yao came out of the hospital like a loss.

She thought about what she could eat.I heard that there are some scutellaria crabs on the market that are fed in contraceptives, and women cannot eat it.But she almost didn’t eat those things.

Bei Yao is not a clever person, but she can come up with what happened in it anymore.

Those who deceive you may be the person you love.

Bei Yao walked for more than an hour, and she stopped until she didn’t feel the pain of her legs.Eye sockets are sour, but tears can’t stay.

She has been married to him for two years.Since getting married, she has been thinking about having a child.Everyone knows that she has always wanted a child, Beyao and Song Qihuai’s children.

Song Xiaobei.

Chapter two

In the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun was filled with the whole city, and it was quiet like a fixed picture.

Beta Yao returned to the community, and there was an old man who sold marshmallow at the door of the community.The white marshmallow is like a cloud, which makes people can’t help but bite.

Many of the children passing by were taken home by the parents, and they could only look at it.

Bei Yao bought five at once, and the empty heart seemed to be filled at that moment.

She came to Qiuqian, and many children gathered here at the moment.Seeing her over a pair of small eyes, she couldn’t help looking.

Bei Yao sat down, holding four in his left hand, and holding one in his right hand.She ate little by little.

After a while, there were three or four children standing next to them.

Bei Yao shrank, which meant that this marshmallow was her.

The child talked, "Marshmallow was eaten by children."

"Eat too much, the teeth can hurt, find a dentist to extract teeth."

Bei Yao frowned and looked at a few children. She opened her mouth and ate a big mouth, and she dangled the marshmallow in her hand.

The picture really makes people look down.

When Song Qihuai passed, Yu Guang just saw Beyao’s figure.He stopped his car and came over and saw Bei Yao’s marshmallow, he couldn’t help laughing.

"Beyao–" He shouted her name.Song Qihuai seemed to get used to it, and he called her like this.

Before Bei Yao didn’t feel anything, but now she feels a sense of alienation.As in the past, no one had heard her voice, she had already ran over, and this time she sat lazily on the Qiu Qian.

"How to buy so many marshmallows?" Song Qihuai asked.

Bei Yao finally raised her eyes and against the light, she couldn’t see him a little.But she knew it was a handsome face, a tall nose, beautiful eyes, and a small corner of her lips, and her facial features made her envy as a woman."You come back." Another bite of marshmallow.

It’s not sweet at all, how can I bring some bitterness?She smashed the corner of her mouth.

It seems delicious in several children.

"Auntie, is cotton candy delicious?" Finally, a little guy asked timidly.

Bei Yao jumped off Qiu Qian, and Qiu Qian shook with the wind.

"It’s delicious, it’s delicious." She looked at the child, and her heart was faintly painful.

never mind.

"Well, one person, one."

Children get marshmallow, and their face is happy."Thank you sister."

Bei Yao smiled, it was really personal."Is this child’s eyesight now? It’s not cute. In the future, I can’t let my child like this." She glanced at his face and saw that he was still light and light.Baiyao turned around.

There is a left left in her hand. She smiled at Song Qihuai, "Song Qihuai, do you want to eat?"

Song Qihuai smiled softly, "Your interest today is good, go home." Seeing her eyebrows, he smiled, and he took marshmallow.

Bei Yao sounded, bent down and bags.Song Qihuai glanced at the zipper of the bag, and she was open -minded, and there were messy things inside. I didn’t know how many this time she couldn’t change.Song Qihuai shook his head and saw the top medical record.

"Go to the hospital today?" Song Qihuai narrowed his eyes.

Bei Yao took the bag, and the movement was a little bit stunned, "I went to see the dentist."

"How do you say?" Song Qihuai asked.

Bei Yao didn’t care about shrugging, "Wisdom teeth are about to pull off, long crooked, doctors say that there is no shortness of pain, it is recommended that I pull it out." Everyone understands that the long pain is not as good as the short pain, but it really does it, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done, or it is still done.Need a certain courage.

"When? I’ll go with you."

Bei Yao couldn’t help it at all, "No need, you are so busy."

When she got home, she went to the studio first and accepted all the medical records.

When he came out, Song Qihuai was no longer in the living room.

Before she saw it in the kitchen, my aunt made spicy chicken, yam fungus, and radish kimchi.Bei Yao Sheng had two bowls of rice, Song Qihuai had changed his clothes.

"Let’s eat."

Bei Yao was not as stubborn in the past, biting the taste of the rice in his mouth.

Song Qihuai saw her boring and said, "Is there anything wrong with this Friday night? Xu Xing’s birthday."

Bei Yao thought about it, on Friday night, she and Xu Xu made an appointment to get the last painting."If you have something, forget it, I said to Xu Xu."

Song Qihuai moved with a meal, watching her thoughtfully.

"What’s wrong?" Bei Yao puzzled.

Song Qihuai didn’t say anything.

After a meal, Bei Yao stayed alone in the studio.Song Qihuai bought a large wedding room and a lot of rooms. Later, she left a painting room for her.Bei Yao graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of D. Now he is working in a gallery opened by a friend.

She was sitting in front of the painting board, holding the tuned pigments on her hand, and lifting the pen, but she couldn’t find the feeling of writing.If the heart is not quiet, there is no feeling.

Tossed to more than ten o’clock, she didn’t draw well.

I took a shower and returned to the bedroom.Song Qihuai sat on the bed and put a book on hand.The lamp on the bed was shining with a halo, hitting him with a few books.

Bei Yao lifted the quilt and lay down, and the bed trapped slightly.

Song Qihuai rolled a few pages of books, and the book pages were rustling.After a while he closed the book and turn off the light.

For a while, she heard his uniform breathing sound.Bei Yao’s abnormal irritability.Thinking about the a few days ago he was not sleeping alone.

Bei Yao turned over and over.

Song Qihuai finally couldn’t bear it anymore, his hands and feet came up, "Not sleepy?"

"Hot!" Bei Yao’s elbow arrived in his chest, his heart was very irritable, "You go next to it."

Song Qihuai smiled, but his body was posted on her little by little, and the movements on her hand were unambiguous.

"Turn over and over, let people sleep anymore." Song Qihuai finished speaking, he kissed the corner of her lips.

Although there is a gap in my heart, the body is still in line.Two years of couples are not made in vain.

Bei Yao was so tired, drowsy, and felt that he wiped her body holding a warm towel with a soft movement.She blinked, but she couldn’t see anything."Song Qihuai, I want a child."

In the darkness, the hearing was abnormally keen, and she was vaguely noticed in the breath of his breathing.

Bei Yao wants to ask, why not let me have children?But this remark was always stubborn in her throat, and she couldn’t say a word.

Song Qihuai did not reply to her, covering her quilt, "sleep early."

But can you sleep well?

That night, Bei Yao dreamed of a boy. In the dream, she hugged the soft ball and loved it, but the child sprinkled her urine on her.

Bei Yao woke up. She looked at the chandeliers in the bedroom and murmured, "It turned out to be a dream."

She reached out and touched her lower abdomen, was she a baby dream.She will be hit last night.Thinking of it, she hurried to find a mobile phone and couldn’t find a mobile phone for a long time.

Song Qihuai came in with a glass of water and saw her cat on the ground with her waist barefoot. "What to find?"

"Mobile phone." Bei Yao suddenly remembered, "The phone is in the studio." She was about to run.Song Qihuai took her hand, "What are you anxious! Drink the water, I’ll get it."

Bei Yao took the water, clear and warm water, she was holding her hands, and a small glass of water was like a jack of iron. "I am not thirsty." She said dryly, her eyes interspersed with him, but she did not avoid it.

Song Qihuai raised his manner to ignore her messy hair, "Lare. I’ll get a mobile phone." His twisting movement was very gentle.

Bei Yao bit his lips tightly, "Okay." Heart was ashamed.

She now understands why those women know that they have to drink bowel poison.

Song Qihuai went to the studio to help her take the phone back, "mobile phone."

The excitement of Beyao’s getting up has long disappeared, "Put on the table." Her voice trembled a little.

"It’s so anxious just now." Song Qihuai smiled.

Bei Yao clasped his clothes, his fingers seemed to be drawn, and he couldn’t buckle in.She took her mobile phone and took away a software. "It was not a safe period yesterday. I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for a while. I had a teeth a few days ago and took nitrate nitrate. If I was pregnant, it was not good for the child.""I have to be responsible for my child."

Song Qihuai’s eyes flickered. The corner of his mouth was slightly moved, and Beyao had a trace of expectation in his heart, but he was disappointed after all.

At the eight o’clock, Song Qihuai was going to the company, and Beyao also had to go to the gallery.However, Song Qihuai was a little late today.The car stopped at the red light, and he turned his head just to see Bei Yao out of the pharmacy opposite.She swayed her head slightly, her long hair covered her face most of her face, holding a medicine box in her hand, as if studying something.

Bei Yao unscrewed the mineral water, took a sip of water first, and then lifted her head to swallow the pills.The water was a little cold, and she coughing.The pedestrians on the side of the road, from time to time, looked back at her.

Bei Yao thought very well what she couldn’t figure out the cup of water in the morning.She can’t understand Song Qihuai at all now, so she must be responsible for herself now.

Song Qihuai’s eyes were gradually sinking, and her heart was suddenly mixed in her heart, holding the steering wheel tightly in her hands, and her eyes kept looking at her.Until the car owner behind him impatiently urged.

third chapter

Song Qihuai arrived in the company and started busy early in the morning.They want to win the land in the south of the city this time, but many companies are watching this fat.

Song Qihuai looked at the land.In the next five years, the film will become a new city in City D.It is foreseeable how much convenience to win that land for the company in several years.

"President Song, some of our competitors this time, they are obviously deliberately coming to lift the price."

Song Qihuai took the list and swept a familiar name in those names -Better.His eyes were cold, "Reporting to the procuratorate before bidding."


After setting the plan, Song Qihuai asked them to prepare.

He stared at the fairy ball on the table, and Bai Yao bought it. He never took care of it and even lived for two years.

Two years.

Song Qihuai stroked his forehead.

Bei Yao was not fine all day.Fang Xu Xu reached out and put on her shoulder, "Do you want to fight like this? This painting will only be handed in December."

Beyay yawned, I don’t know if it was a problem of drug reactions, dizzy."Xu Xu, why do you say men don’t want children?"

Fang Xu Xu sprinkled with a brush, apparently didn’t understand the meaning of Beyao’s words. "Men’s creatures are difficult to mature, and they can’t take care of themselves. How can I take care of them?"

"Isn’t there a wife?" Beya murmured.

Fang Xu Xu has painted a butterfly that breaks out of the cocoon."Otherwise, it is that woman is not suitable for giving him a baby. Isn’t there a lot of rich people now, do you have to choose a talented woman to have a baby? For the next generation."

Bei Yao thinks about herself, and she is also talented, and she will never lower the overall level of Song Liaobei.

Fang Xu Xu was going to change the pen and stopped slightly. "One more thing is that the man does not love this woman, just want to play. Who will let the child hold himself?"

The snap in Bei Yao fell on the bucket, and the splattered two were full of stains.

"Beyao!" Fang Xu Xu screamed, his fingers tremblingly pointed at the painting in front of him, "You see-" her voice was crying.

That painting was destroyed.

Bei Yao was helpless, "I’m sorry."

"What stimulation did you suffer?" Fang Xu finally reacted.

Bei Yao swallowed her throat, a little aggrieved, "Song Qihuai doesn’t want children."

"Ah!" Fang Xu Xu was surprised. "You have been preparing for two years, but now you say you don’t want children? Is there a problem with him?"

Bei Yao did not tell him about the medicine, "Song Qihuai will not have a problem."

"Isn’t that you have a problem?!" Fang Xu Xu jokingly, "My mother said, under normal circumstances, there are no children who have no children when they have been married for a year."

Bei Yao bent over and packed the brush, "It is not a physical problem, it is a psychological problem."

Fang Xu Xu didn’t care, "Is it the itch for seven years?"

Bei Yao glanced at her, "We have only been married for more than two years, okay?"

"Count the time you know? It’s seven years!"

Bei Yao and Song Qi Huai knew it. They married in October in October when they graduated.

Fang Xu Xu saw that she looked a little unnatural and turned around. "By the way, do you have a single girl you know, my friend’s brother, doctor, the conditions are good, you have a suitable girl to introduce."

Bei Yao squinted, "Yes. Are you not?"

Fang Xu Xu gritted his teeth, "Beyao!"

Bei Yao smiled, and took a few steps back, "Don’t annoy! I’ll ask you!"

Fang Xu Xu hummed, "Male is Lu Yesheng, 28 years old, a doctor at Hospital A."

"What subject?" Bei Yao asked at will.

"Pediatrics." Fang Xu Xu replied.

Bei Yao nodded, "It’s not bad." She took a step back slightly. "Actually, I think you can try it.

Fang Xu Xu threw a brush, and Bei Yao ran away quickly.


Although I knew something, Beya still pretended to know nothing, and Song Qihuai was still hoping.She wanted Song Qihuai to just not want children now. He was very busy. After graduating, he opened the company by herself. Now the company is constantly expanding. He is only 26 years old. Men are not in a hurry to be a father at all.

Bei Yao convinced herself so much.Anyway, she and Song Qihuai are happy now.Children, let’s wait.No, she thought about a way by herself, and she would never let her be killed when she was pregnant with Song Qihuai?

On Friday night, Xu Xing’s birthday.

Bei Yao went to get the cake she had scheduled in advance.She turned around and soon found Song Qihuai.

Song Qihuai sat in the corner wearing a brown trench coat and played with his mobile phone.

Bei Yao put down the cake and walked over.

Bei Yao held, Song Qihuai played a game and accepted his mobile phone.

"I can’t live this level, how did you live?" Bei Yao worshiped.

"This depends on the brain!" Song Qihuai raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.

Bei Yao stunned, reacted, and didn’t do it, "Who do you say! Am I not brain?" She grabbed his next door and shook it. "I have no brain, you have no brain!! "

"Cough -Two, I am the protagonist today, can you not grab my drama." Xu Xing walked in front of them.

Bei Yao spit out his tongue, took a breath, and said with a smile, "Xu Xing, happy birthday."

At this time someone came again.

Bei Yao stood up quickly, full of amazing expressions, "Okay, you are back!"

Zhou walked step by step. She was tall, wearing a beige dress, with long hair, but not messy."It’s been a long time, Yaoyao." Those eyes turned to Song Qihuai.

Bei Yao’s face was joyful, "still Xu Xing has face." She blinked Xu Xing, "I am married with Qi Huai, you don’t come back." She sighed.

Zhou hooked up the corner of his mouth, "Rest assured, I brought a gift. Although it was two years later, it was my heart."

Bei Yao’s eyebrows are clear, "Thank you."

At the beginning of the dinner, everyone took the seat.

Zhou was sitting beside Xu Xing, opposite her and Song Qihuai.Bei Yao looked at Zhou well and whispered softly, "How do I think, it’s better to look better than before, Song Qihuai, do you think so?"

Song Qihuai sipped a sip of red wine without answering.

Bei Yaoxun poured, "It must be better than us from foreign countries. We live under the haze every day and are polluted by body and mind. Hey-" She sighed deeply.Suddenly thinking of one thing.

"Song Qihuai, is there no boyfriend yet?" She patted Song Qihuai’s thigh at the table excitedly.

Song Qihuai glanced at her, her eyes deep, "Not clear, no."

Bei Yao giggled and smiled, "Xu Xu has a peerless man, I will ask well when I look back. It is a doctor."

Song Qihuai shook the cup in his hand, "Beyao, don’t care about good things."

Bei Yao also took a sip of wine, "If it can promote a good marriage, there will be blessings. I hope that we will benefit our children in the future. Song Qihuai, you can rest assured."

After meals, everyone transferred to the next door, playing cards and singing, it was fun.

Bei Yao and Song Qihuai said, "I’m going to find it well, you are free."

Song Qihuai frowned. Before the words were spoken, Beyao had gone out.

Zhou was still choosing a song with the other two women. Bei Yao sat beside her, "Okay–"

Zhou has improved and watched her, "What are you going to sing?"

Bei Yao laughed, "Okay, do you have a boyfriend?"

Zhou had a good eyes gently, "What’s wrong? Do you want to introduce it to me?"

Bei Yao nodded in a busy way, "It’s a doctor, look good." She thought about finding a reference person, "even more handsome than Song Qihuai!" She said.

Zhou looked at her words and moved tightly, and her beautiful eyes seemed to smile in her beautiful eyes, "Okay. Then please arrange for you."

Although not very enthusiastic, she agreed.

Bei Yao has a sense of accomplishment.

Zhou raised his eyebrows, and his tone was faint, "I don’t know when you <" did not finish, and then smiled, "But you have always been the case."

At this time, I changed a song, took the microphone well, "Sing it."

Bei Yao and them sang a few songs. She could sing a few songs, and the running was serious.Those people were already smiling, and Bei Yao quickly pulled a reason to leave.

She turned around and didn’t see Song Qihuai’s figure. Zhou came over with a good wine, "Can you find Huai?"

"Um." Bei Yao nodded.

"He and Xu Xing smoked outside the corridor outside the door." Zhou looked at her well, his eyes darker.

"Okay, you drink less and get drunk with a headache. I’ll go out to find them first." Bei Yao hurried out.

There is a terrace at the top of the corridor, and Bei Yao sees the light of the cigarette butt in front.She strode over.In November, it was a little cold, and the cold wind was blowing from various corners, with chills.

There were thick carpets on the ground, and there was no sound on it.She walked over, wondering the scare two people, and her hand just reached the door, and Xu Xing’s voice came in it.

"Don’t you be afraid of Bai Yao discovered?" It was Xu Xing’s voice."But she has always been simple."

"Oh, by the way, the medicine you want last time has not yet arrived."

Bei Yao retracted her hand, and the nerves suddenly jumped violently. She took a step back and clung her body tightly on the wall, as if the blood of the whole body was solidified.

"There is another kind of side effects, but it doesn’t have much impact." Xu Xing’s words didn’t have any temperature.

Bei Yao’s hand grasped the wall. She heard Song Qihuai’s voice, so familiar, but now there is no humaneness."Then give me this."

Bei Yao bit her lips and breathed.In the dark, her face was already pale like a piece of white paper, and she lost seven souls and six souls.

Chapter Four

At that moment, she really had a sense of vaginalism. She desperately wanted to escape, but her legs were like breaking, there was no consciousness, and she didn’t even have the strength of running.

It didn’t seem to come out inside, but Bei Yao retrieved his strength. As soon as he raised his legs, the leather shoes hit the fire extinguisher and made a light sound.

She quickly turned to the stairs on the side and hid her body.

Bei Yao shrank in the corner, Song Qihuai and Xu Xing walked slowly, and she counted their footsteps.When the footsteps gradually paid away, she exhaled, and her chest was stagnated.

The brain seemed to be taken off. Song Qihuai was right. She was a brainless person.The back of the back of cold sweat was spread all over the whole body, and she sat there and trembled, and couldn’t control the trembling.

In the bombardment, her beliefs collapsed completely.

Song Qihuai came in and looked around and didn’t see her.

Xu Xing captured his gaze, "Qihuai, in fact, time will change a lot of people and things, you-"

Song Qihuai quickly interrupted his words, "You know me, the decision will not change."

Xu Xing shrugged, "She doesn’t seem to be here."

Zhou walked to them, "two, drink a drink."

Xu Xing laughed.

Zhou looked up at Song Qihuai, "Are you afraid your wife would say you?"

Song Qihuai’s complexion is still the same, "I will drive in a while."

What a bad reason.

"You drink less." Song Qihuai said.

Zhou looked at him with a strange eyes, "Your husband and wife are getting more and more like what you say. What about Beiyao? Didn’t she go to you?"

The box was pushed open, and Bei Yao probe came in.

I don’t know if it is the reason for the light, Beyao’s face looks very bad.It was just that her mouth was smiling, her eyebrows were curved."What are you talking about?"

"Where are you going?" Song Qihuai asked.

Bei Yao spit out his tongue, "Going to the bathroom, stomachache." She covered her belly with one hand.

Song Qihuai saw her still stained with water, and didn’t say anything.

Xu Xing suggested that the eggs, Beyao said, "I won’t come." The tone was resolute.

Three people stunned.In the past, she liked the eggs the most, and every time she pulled others to play with her. The slogan was: Don’t go, decide to go to Tianming.

She grabbed her head, "I’m so stupid, I always lose. I won’t fight with you, find him, he plays a card." She pointed to another person.

Xu Xing raised an eyebrow, "Without you, how can I win Huai’s money."

Bei Yao wrinkled his nose, "No door, you can fight, I’ll sit for a while."

Bei Yao walked on the sofa and looked at their direction, but it was blurred in front of him.

The sound of the big box continued, but she seemed to be able to hear anything and fell asleep by the sofa.

Bei Yao was awakened by Song Qihuai. She opened her eyes confused, and there were few people left in the box."have they gone?"

Zhou was crispy and said, "Bei Yao really served you, how can you fall asleep so noisy."

Bei Yao touched her face, her eyes were wet, and she didn’t know if they saw it. She lowered her head, "a bit tired."

"Go. Go back and rest." Xu Xing said, "I’ll send it well."

The night was gentle, and everyone parted at the door of the hotel.

Bei Yao took the car key, "I’ll drive. You drink a lot of wine at night."

Song Qihuai looked at her thoughtfully, but Bei Yao didn’t look at his eyes at all. He paused and gave her the key.

Bei Yao drove very slowly, and I didn’t know how many cars surpassed.Song Qihuai supported on the door with one hand, "Beiyao, you can drive faster."

Bei Yao held the steering wheel tightly, and stepped on the throttle a little bit under his feet, and the car finally speeded up.

But that speed, Song Qihuai couldn’t bear it.

Obviously twenty -minute drive, she drove for more than an hour.After getting out of the car, she murmured, "Driving is so tired, the waist hurts."


The next morning, Bei Yao suddenly rang in the studio, and the phone suddenly rang. It was a aunt’s phone.

Beyaya suddenly panicked, "What’s going on?"

The aunt supported him, "Your dad is doing things, I don’t know. Didn’t Qi Huai have a classmate in the procuratorate? You asked him to help find someone to ask, when can you come out?"

"How long have my dad have been caught?" Bei Yao took a deep breath.

"Yesterday afternoon." The aunt’s voice said smaller and smaller.

Bei Yao gritted her teeth and made a fire in her heart.

"I thought he would come back at least at least at night.

"I know." Hanging the phone, Bei Yao was in contemplation.

Thinking of the relationship between her dad and Song Qihuai, her throat was a little tight.Bei Zhoudao is a speculative person and sometimes does not follow common sense.And Song Qihuai couldn’t see these most.

Therefore, the relationship between this son -in -law and the old man has always been salty.

Bei Yao held his hand tightly and sweated coldly.Last night, she had almost no eyes, and her eyes were blue and purple.She thought about it, and Fang Xu Xu knew many people, and quickly called Fang Xu Xu.

Fang Xu Xu was still sleeping and confused.

"Xu Xu, do you also know the procuratorate? I have something to do."

"No." Fang Xu Xu was sober, and she sat up, "Procuratorate -I remember who we are in that session, Zheng Li’s family is not a professional prosecutor? Your husband knows."

Beyao’s face is severe, "Do you have any contact method of Zheng Li?"

"Let me ask." Actually, she wanted to say, "You can find Song Qihuai directly, their relationship should be pretty good." But when he said, Fang Xu Xu still swallowed.

Fang Xu Xu’s work efficiency was very fast, and Bei Yao received her information half an hour later.She quickly changed her clothes to go out.

Song Qihuai is in the study, today is Saturday. If you do n’t have any money, he will basically be at home.

Bei Yao knocked on the door symbolically, Song Qihuai raised his head, and the two looked at each other.

"Fang Xu Xu asked me to go shopping. I want to go out, and I may come back at night." Bei Yao felt a layer of mist, hazy, and could not see his face.

"Okay, let’s call me." Song Qihuai’s voice was as stable as ever.

Bei Yao moved the corner of his mouth, "Okay."

She contacted Zheng Li and met Zheng Li in the cafe.

As soon as Zheng Li saw her, he asked, "Why are you alone, Song Qihuai?"

Bei Yao smiled lightly, "He has some things. It’s really embarrassed, and you bother you on Saturday."

Zheng Li shook his head, "It’s okay. I have just asked the uncle’s business, and the investigation will be released soon. It happens that my brother is responsible for this case, and I greeted him."

Bei Yao nodded, his voice was dry, "Thank you."

"Nothing." Zheng Li saw that her face was not good and comforted. "Don’t worry. You can communicate with your uncle after you go back."

Beyao’s face was a little ugly.

"I want to go back to the unit, let’s go together." Zheng Li stood up.

The two arrived at the procuratorate, and Zheng Li accompanied Bei Yao to meet Bei Zhoudao.As soon as Bei Zhoudao came out, he saw his daughter, and quickly skimmed his face and wanted to find a place to hide it.

Bei Yao stepped forward, grabbed his sleeves, and said nothing, pulling him out.

Both father and daughter were calm.

Bei Yao called the car, reported the address, "Go home."

Bei Zhoudao did not dare to look at her daughter’s face, and fought all the way.

At home, the aunt had prepared the brazier and grapefruit leaves, "Lao Bei, you finally come back."

Bei Zhoudao squeezed his eyes and his wife, "Why did you tell Yao Yao?"

Bei Yao snorted, "Auntie, these things are taken down, my dad doesn’t need it, he is amazing, you can turn everything on everything."

Bei Zhoudao quickly attached to harmony, "Take it down, superstitious!"

Bei Yao stayed in the evening in her mother’s house, and she was in her own room.I fell asleep deeply.

And the outside of the outside is like an ant on the hot pot.Bei Zhou Daotian is not afraid of it. He is most afraid of this daughter, especially afraid of his daughter’s angry.

Bei Zhoudao couldn’t help but called Song Qihuai to let him come over for dinner."Qihuai, Yaoyao go home for dinner today, you come over, your aunt made a table of dishes."

Song Qihuai was not surprised when he received the phone call. "Okay, I will come over in a while."

Bei Zhoudao exhaled, and Bei Yao would never get angry when he saw Song Qihuai.

Song Qihuai narrowed his eyes and just received a call from Zheng Li.Unexpectedly, Bei Yao would go to Zheng Li himself.He frowned.

Bei Zhoudao shouted outside the door, "Yao Yao, Dad squeezed you strawberry juice."

Bei Yao was lying on the bed. The best person in this world was her dad, and she would always be so good to her, even if she lied to her to prevent her uncomfortable."come in."

Bei Zhoudao looked at, "Wake up? Is it thirsty?"

Bei Yao made his knees well, stretched his face, "Dad, why are you confused again?"

"Staged for a while." Bei Zhoudao pulled his lips.

"Our family doesn’t need those at all, why should you? Do you know that this is illegal and will go to jail. What do you let me do?" Bei Yao said that his eye circles were red, and he was wronged.The more I think more, the more uncomfortable.

Bei Zhoudao raised his hand, "Yao Yao, dad and you guarantee that you will never be in the future."

Bei Yao lowered her head and pumped her nose.

Bei Zhoudao took a paper towel and wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes. "Dad is really confused in the future."

For a long while, Beyao slowed down, "You want to do this again, I will not let my children recognize you in the future."

Bei Zhoudao nodded again and again, raised his hand gently along her back, and gave it, "Why are you thin recently? The face has been sharp, and it is not good for you to get rid of Huai?"

Bei Yao’s heart is another pump, as if he was tied by a needle, dense pain."He doesn’t always worry me like you. He is very good to me, it’s really good." Her voice was rustling.

Song Qihuai stood at the door, and his footsteps were set there, and Beya’s words came from his ears.

"You can rest assured, we are very happy now."

chapter Five

When Bei Yao said this, she felt sour like overturning vinegar.The straightened back was bent down.

Bei Zhoudao didn’t notice it, but saw Song Qihuai standing outside the door.

Song Qihuai turned his eyes quickly, raised his feet into the room, "Dad–" He shouted politely and intimately.

Bei Yao turned his head and surprised, "Why are you here?"

"I called Huai Huai, and our family hasn’t eaten together for a long time. I went to the kitchen to help. After a while, I called you." Bei Zhoudao went out and said gently in Song Qihuai’s ear, "Yaoyao is in the mood todayNo, you help me coax me. "

Song Qihuai responded lightly.

Bei Yao’s face was decorated with peace, "I was ready to go back. I didn’t expect my dad to call you over."

"Why did you go home suddenly?" Song Qihuai said.

Bei Yao rubbed his face, "Hey, just miss my dad."

Song Qihuai sat on the chair by the dressing table and looked around the bedroom.Beyao’s room is a rural style, which is in line with her character.After getting married, she rarely came back to live, but the room was cleaned regularly, and she was cleaned like someone who lived in permanent.

There is a exquisite photo frame on the dresser. The two were taken by two people. At the sophomore year, the two of them organized camping activities. The two stood under the locust tree, the locust trees were blooming, and the white petals were decorated with the picture with the wind.

He never asked her why she had to put this photo here.

Bei Yao stretched his waist, "Song Qihuai, you seem to have not changed at all, or when you are reading."

Song Qihuai raised his eyes, "How did you have wrinkles in the corner of your eyes."

Bei Yao held his face, "You really haven’t changed in my eyes, I seem to be a lot old."

Song Qihuai shook his head.

Bei Yao turned his eyes, "Who do you say that our children will look like in the future?" Her expression became softer instantly.

Song Qihuai didn’t speak.

Bei Yao smashed her mouth, looking forward, "I hope the child is like you, smart and handsome." She stopped slightly. "It’s best not to be like me, I’m too stupid." Her voice was small.She didn’t understand, or she wanted to break her mind or not. Why didn’t he let her have children?

Despite the fever of the eye socket, she smiled.

After dinner, Bei Yao helped the aunt to clean up the table, and Bei Zhoudao and Song Qihuai sat in the living room.There is a set of delicate ice pomelo tea sets on the mahogany coffee table, which is clear and warm.

Bei Zhoudao took up the tea set, "This was bought for me on the Internet, and what spikes were said." He glanced at the kitchen, and said that she was still busy and said, "I do n’t take it out when my friends come.After dropping the file. Only she came, I used it. Huai Huai tasted the tea, I gave it a friend. "

Song Qihuai pursed slightly, "The taste is not bad."

Bei Zhoudao laughed on his face, "Qi Huai, when are you going to give me a little grandson? I and your aunt and I are lonely."

"Yaoyao is still young, and the company has more things in the past two years. I often have a business trip." Song Qihuai said quietly.

"26 is not small, you can’t wait until the age of 30. Qi Huai, the man’s career is important, but the family is also very important! You can’t drag it anymore. Aren’t you busy with me and your aunt?Go home, we take care of you and rest assured. "Bei Zhoudao appreciated the struggle of his son -in -law. In just a few years, the company was made by him.

Song Qihuai took a sip of tea, and his tongue was bitter. "I would discuss with Yao Yao."

"Okay -you, you are the best, one surnamed Bei, one surnames Song. Hehehe-" Bei Zhou Dao smiled happily.

When Bei Yao came out, she happened to hear this sentence. She didn’t hear anything."Dad, it’s not too early, and Qi Huai and I are going back."

Bi Zhoudao frowned immediately, "Just live here tonight."

Bei Yao Yuguang led Song Qihuai to see him, "I still have a piece of work without finishing. Next time."

Bei Zhoudao snorted, "The daughter of the marrying is the water splashed out, where can I want my dad."

The aunt’s eyes pulled straight and took the clothes of the two people. "Don’t care about your dad, you go back early. Just come back if you have time."

Bei Yao nodded."Dad, aunt, we are gone."

As soon as Bei Yao went out, Bei Zhoudao sighed. "Two years, dozens of fingers she lives at home have come. Yaoyao is too much to get up Huai."

"I think Yaoyao is a bit strange this time." Aunt said hesitant.

"Where?" Bei Zhoudao opened his eyes wide.

"You men are all rough lines. Do you notice when eating, Yaoyao almost doesn’t talk to Qihuai."

"Really?" Bei Zhoudao frowned, "Song Qihuai dares to be bad for Yao Yao, I find someone to interrupt his legs!"

"Don’t be excited." The aunt said quickly, "How can the little couple not talk about it. You still think about yourself, you can’t do this in the future."

Bei Zhoudao’s face was a little ugly, "Okay, I know." His eyes sinking, who reported him, he must find it.


Time has gone slowly, in the blink of an eye, the temperature in the city D is getting lower and lower.

Bei Yao was chilling from a young age. When she went out in the morning, she had been wrapped tightly.When she arrived at the gallery, she felt a dizziness for a while, and then retched.

Fang Xu Xu screamed in surprise, "Is there?"

Bei Yao raised her face from the washstand, her face was pale, and her hand could not help but touch her belly, "It should not."

Fang Xu Xu did not believe, "Take a walk, I accompany you to the hospital to check it." Then he pulled Beyao to the hospital.

When the hospital was busy, Fang Xu Xu was busy. Bei Yao sat there to rest and felt much better.She knew that she could not get pregnant. Every time the two were together, the second one in the morning would give her a glass of water.

Bei Yao hooked the corner of his mouth bleak.

At this time, Fang Xu Xu accompanied her in.Bei Yao recognized the person inside at a glance that the doctor who helped her last time.She glanced at his chest card -the sound of Lu Ye.

Ye Sheng Homing seems to be a doctor.

"It is a drug reaction, what kind of medicine did you take these two days?"

Bei Yao spit two words emotionally, "contraceptive pill."

Lu Ye frowned, "I suggest you change it."

Bei Yao laughed, and the doctor cared about patients.

At this time, Fang Xu Xu came in.

The sound of Lu Ye didn’t raise his head, and the nurse said, "Please come in in order."

Fang Xu Xu shook his hair, "I am the family of patients." As soon as the words were finished, "Brother Lu–" she shouted and stunned the people in the diagnosis room.

The sound of Lu Ye raised his head, "Xu Xu-"

Fang Xu Xu was excited, "This is my girlfriend, Beiyao. Beiyao, this is the doctor I mentioned."

Bei Yao was surprised, "Isn’t it a pediatrician? How can it become a gynecology?" She asked directly.

Fang Xu Xu was embarrassed, "Brother Lu, is Bai Yao’s body?"

Lu Ye glanced at Beyao, "It’s okay, just stop the medicine."

"Brother Lu, Bei Yao has always wanted a child, you are an expert in this area, and she will ask you in the future." Fang Xu Xu pulled Bei Yao’s hand and bowed to Lu Ye.

Bei Yao’s face was slightly red, even though she was a doctor, she was still awkward.

"Since you want children, how can you take contraceptives?" Lu Ye asked.

Bei Yao pursed the corner of his lips, "special circumstances."

"There is no problem with your body, relax, don’t put too much pressure on yourself."

Bei Yao said, "I know, thank you Dr. Lu."

At the moment of the hospital, Bei Yao thought about it.She stunned for a day and finally made up her mind.Suddenly there was a kind of loneliness that rushed to the end.

In the evening, she rushed to paint in the gallery and did not go back at 8 o’clock.When she got home, she found that there were someone at home, and they were all walking well.

"Yao Yao, are you back?" Zhou smiled well.

Beyay is standing there, here is obviously where she has lived for two years, and she has a strange feeling.

"I came to eat hot pot tonight, and Qihuai said that you drew you in the gallery, and we didn’t call you anymore." Zhou’s good cheeks flushed, probably the reason for eating hot pot, very beautiful, "But give you youStay a little bit. "

The hot pot flavor was scattered at home.

Bei Yao walked over and looked at the table with a full plate on the table. Her eyebrows floated with a hint of loneliness. "A guest booked a painting, we had to make it before New Year’s Day."

"What do you want to eat? I’ll help you." Zhou said enthusiastically.

Bei Yao looked at her like this, and suddenly felt that she was too stingy, and she gave birth to her anger for no reason. "I’ve eaten it, and I eat it at night. You can continue. I have to rush to paint."

After speaking, she smiled at them and entered the studio.

Zhou looked good at her back, and I was slightly thoughtful, "Sometimes I really envy Beyao, and I can pursue the people and things I like."

Bei Yao didn’t know what they were scattered. She just wanted a space that belonged to her. In the end, she drew another painting of Song Qihuai.

When she returned to the room in the middle of the night, Song Qihuai had fallen asleep, and she heard his shallow breath in her ear.Bei Yao climbed into bed and lay quietly for a while.

The night couldn’t see her look, but the face was full of struggle.

Finally, she turned around and pursued his pajamas with both hands.

Song Qi Huai half asleep and wake up, "Beyao, don’t make trouble."

Bei Yao’s mouth kissed up, and the breathing of the two became disordered.

One night love.

The next morning, Bei Yao dragged his tired body up.Song Qihuai stretched her hand around her waist, "sleep for a while."

Bei Yao faced him back, her face was full of emotions, confused and irritable.She doubts whether he is good or false to her?

When he woke up again, Song Qihuai had put water on the bedside.

Bei Yao hooked the corner of his mouth and watched the glass of water.The sun came in from the window, and the room was warm, but she felt the coldness of the frozen people.

When Song Qihuai came in, he saw that the glass of water was empty, and his eyes paused slightly.

"Song Qihuai, I’m a little thirsty, let me pour me a glass of water." Beyao said confused, she got up and muttered, "I might not come back tonight."

Song Qihuai handed her clothes to her, "Don’t stay up late, it’s not good for your body."

So why do you give me those medicines with side effects?Bei Yao does not say, "What about water?"

Song Qihuai sighed and went to a glass of water.Bei Yao gurgledly drank and played."It’s so cool!" She raised an eyebrow, "You just drink me to drink poison, but I know, you must not know."

Song Qihuai’s face froze unnaturally.

Chapter Six

This year was really fast. In the blink of an eye, December was about to pass.Bei Yao has been busy painting in the gallery recently. The day before the handling, she and Fang Xu Xu slept all night.

The next day was the last day of this year, and the whole city was trapped in the joy of welcoming the new.

The two looked at their masterpieces and finally relieved.

"Sleep for a while." Fang Xu Xu finished speaking, and fell on the sofa aside, tired like a dog.

Bei Yao cleaned the painting and lay aside, and fell asleep after a while.

This awakening is already ten o’clock in the evening.

The two were hungry, and they went out of the back, and went out for food with a down jacket.

City D under the night was shrouded in colorful lights at this moment, and people were everywhere on the street.Fang Xu Xu and Beyao held hands, holding a large fried squid in his hand.

Obviously at a temperature of minus octa, but I can’t feel that kind of cold.

The two ate squid before walking into the Ocean Department Store, and the warm wind suddenly came.

Fang Xu Xu took Bei Yao to sweep the goods on the first floor, and spent more than 2,000 buying a brand of skin care products.When swiping the card, she bit her flesh fiercely, "it hurts."

Bei Yao laughed happily.

Bei Yao bought a men’s watch and used her salary.Fang Xu Xu turned his eyes straight, "It’s stupid, Song Qihuai’s card is not used, use his own money."

Bei Yao took the watch, "That’s not the same."

Fang Xu Xu disrespects, "Beyao, women can’t drop the files like this. Don’t get used to your family Song Qihuai."

Under the bright light, Beyao’s face was slightly darker.

Fang Xu Xu continued, "Marriage is a matter of two people, and it cannot be paid by one person. Yao Yao, from the beginning, your honeymoon did not go because he was busy. That’s it. At that time, he was in a rising period of career.Looking at the two years, how busy he is? "Fang Xu Xu and Bei Yao met when they learned painting from the age of four. Both of them were classmates in high school, and their fate was not shallow.Fang Xu Xu is the witness of Bei Yao and Song Qihuai.At the time, Bei Yao told her that she liked a person’s expression, and she remembered so far.

How much she likes Song Qihuai, everyone can see.

But Song Qihuai’s indifference, everyone saw it.

Fang Xu Xu thought of his classmate party last year, and he was adventurous when he played the truth. Bei Yao lost, and the other party asked, "How did Song Qihuai propose?"

How did she answer at the time.

"It’s me." Under the dim light, she was shy on her face at that time. "At the time, a fortune -telling person shouted me and calculated it for me. The man said that I had a prosperous life.Later, I said to him, Song Qihuai, I have a prosperous life, it is better to marry me. "

Bei Yao is a restrained person, but when he meets Song Qihuai, he has a great change in temperament.

In this love, she is really low.

Fang Xu Xu couldn’t bear to talk about it again, "I do my mouth, go to drink a cup."

The two finally found their seats and ordered a drink.Bei Yao played with her mobile phone and watched various celebrations in the WeChat circle.

She sighed, "Fang Xu Xu, you see how good I am to you, I’m afraid you will leave my husband alone to accompany you to New Year’s Eve."

Fang Xu Xu drank a large sip of juice, "Knowing hello, what Song Qihuai does today?"

"His company has the annual meeting." Bei Yao played his mobile phone.

"Why don’t you go?"

"I’m low -key." The light of the eyes was swept to Zhou."This year, the people who accompany me New Year’s Eve are very special."

Bei Yao opened, and wanted to ask which one was, but he slipped his hand.She raised her eyes, "Xu Xu, how can I cancel it?"

Fang Xu Xu glanced at, "It’s really a second product. Praise it after praise." Her hand waved, "Your friend’s means are really high, Beiyao, you play with her less, you don’t know if you sell it."

Beyayan ashamed.Before Zhou had a good blind date with Lu Ye, Fang Xu Xu had a good opinion on Zhou.She picked up the drink in front of her, just took a sip, and her chest suddenly rolled."Well–" Bei Yao quickly covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom.

"Hey, what’s wrong?" Fang Xu Xu wondered and followed behind.

Long dragons have been lined up in the bathroom, and Beyao couldn’t hold a plastic bag. Fortunately, after that for a while, the discomfort had passed.

"What’s the matter? The juice is broken?" Fang Xu Xu was holding a bag with one face, his face was nervous.

Bei Yao’s face drew her face, her long eyelashes trembled, her face was white as she was learning.She said nothing, but just sat there.

Fang Xu Xu was anxious, "Beya, where are you uncomfortable?" She was a little worried about the paintings of the past two days and nights.

Bei Yao took a deep breath and was noisy around. She raised her head and hooked her mouth. "Xu Xu, I think you want to be a godmother."

Fang Xu Xu’s expression was stunned for a moment, and then she laughed, "Damn! Don’t scare me so much! Hurry up to call Song Qihuai and let him pick you up."

Bei Yao was motionless, "Don’t." She shouted excitedly, and then realized her fierce response, "I will tell him after I go home."

Fang Xu Xu frowned, "I really don’t know what you are thinking in your mind? I will give you back. This child is really a special gift."

The two took an hour from the city center to home.

Bei Yao was not sleepy at all. She sat on the sofa and watched the TV. "Xu Xu, I’m fine, you go back early."

"I can’t go back, and you don’t know me. I will leave when Song Qi Huai returns."

The two looked at the party in a certain stage.Until the bells of the New Year’s Eve, the host began to count the countdown -ten, nine, eight … zero.

Outside the window, the night was dazzling, and the night was like daylight.

Fang Xu Xu looked at Beyao thoughtfully.

Bei Yao said softly, "Vulgar, Happy New Year."

Fang Xu Xu squinted, "I didn’t expect to be the New Year’s Eve in the end." She smiled, "Beyao, do you have nothing to tell me about Song Qihuai?"

The host on TV is excited. The new year is coming, and 2015 is another new beginning.

Bei Yao blinked, and his eyes were a little tingling. "This child Song Qihuai didn’t know. There was something wrong with him, but I didn’t know where the problem was? Perhaps, there was a problem between me and me from the beginning."During this time, she had been thinking, but she couldn’t figure out where the problem was?

Bei Yao’s ten fingers crossed, and his complexion was surprisingly calm.

"Since you know that there is a problem, why should you have children at this time?" Fang Xu Xu was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

Bei Yao pursed the corner of his mouth, "I’m afraid there will be no chance in the future."

"You!" Fang Xu Xu couldn’t wait to knock her head with a hammer and see what it was installed inside.

"Xu Xu, you don’t understand, you haven’t loved it. I love him, deeper than what you think. In this life, I can’t afford it." Her eyes floated aside.

"What did you find?" Fang Xu Xu gritted his teeth.

"I have never been able to get pregnant in the past two years, because he let me have been given medicine again." Bei Yao’s voice didn’t have a trace of emotions.The incident has been pressed in her heart these months, and she has never thought that one day I will say calmly and with a calmness.

Fang Xu Xu took a sigh of breath, and her anger rushed straight. She stood up directly, "What are you talking about?!" She almost couldn’t believe her ears.

Bei Yao’s eyes were sour, "I saw Lu Ye’s sound at that time." I have never wanted to check it in the past two years. This investigation found that the problem was serious.

Fang Xu Xu held her hand, "It’s been so long, why don’t you say!"

Bei Yao pumped his nose, "I don’t know what to say! Xu Xu, I think it’s all like dreaming. He is Song Qihuai, not someone else, but a person I loved for six years."

The house was in silence.

"What do you prepare?" Fang Xu Xu asked gritted.

"I’ll wait again, I think there will be answers soon." Bei Yao’s face showed a expression of breaking the boat.

… …

Protagonist: Beiyao

Reprinted from the public account: Wei Mi Shu Club

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