The doctor was stunned!Beauty women have 5 childs after the polycystic ovary syndrome

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 17, a couple in Dallas in the United States had been diagnosed by doctors.It means "stunned."

Mr. Nadia, 29, USA, and Mrs. Sherwin married in 2012, but Mrs. Sherwin did not succeed in pregnancy within one year after marriage.

The doctor diagnosed and found that Mrs. Sherwin suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and there were 37 cysts in the ovaries, which was the culprit that caused her to be unable to get pregnant.The doctor suggested that Mrs. Sherwin took Fon and chlorophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophen view from 11 months. The drug not only did not take effect, but her strong side effects also made her suffer.

As a result, the couple decided to try to inject Guonafen to promote ovulation, and fortunately, Mrs. Sherwin had a good response and successfully became pregnant within a month.In ultrasound, the couple learned that this turned out to be a pair of twins.In January 2015, twin sisters AMARI and Keona were born and healthy.

When the twins were 18 months old, the couple decided to inject hormone ovulation again, hoping to conceive another baby.Just a month later, Mrs. Sherwin was pregnant again, and it was surprising that she was pregnant with a trilogy this time! The doctor believed that the risk of abortion this time was very high and thought that there should be only one cell.Still insist on having three babies.

"Let me choose between three babies? This kind of thought makes me feel uncomfortable. I have never went back to find a doctor. I believe that our trilogy is a miracle created by God."

In April 2017, the three babies were born smoothly."The baby’s body is also very healthy, and I don’t have any danger, and there is no need to rest in bed. Our situation makes the doctors look dumbfounded."

Although he was busy looking at the five children, the couple still said they didn’t mind asking for a few more babies.(Intern compilation: Xuanze Yi Review: Li Zongze)

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