The dream dream is really amazing, can predict men and women!These kinds of fetal dreams will have a boy!

As the saying goes, "I think about the day, and there is a dream at night." The dreams of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will naturally have a lot of fetuses.And some dream scenes are really fulfilled in reality, and can even judge the gender of the fetus through the scenes in the dream.Although we are not superstitious, some dreams are indeed amazing. If you don’t believe it, look at the dreams of these pregnant mothers!

● When I was pregnant, I always wanted to check the men and women during that time. As a result, I dreamed that I was kneeling on the ground. The Guanyin Bodhisattva in the sky was thrown to me. I took it into the room and saw that it was a boy. I believed that I was pregnant.It was a boy, and I didn’t want to check it anymore.Later, a boy was really born!

● I dreamed of a wheat field the day before that I gave birth to a daughter, and Jin Chancan was very beautiful.As a result, a beautiful little princess was given the next day.

● When I was in the tire, I dreamed that a black snake followed. Although I was a little scared, I felt that the snake was docile.Later, his eldest son was born, and he was very smart and obedient since he was a child.When I was pregnant, I dreamed that a golden snake came to bite me, and there were snakes in the ponds around me.Later, another son was a little devil, which was too noisy.

● Whether it is because of psychological hints or because of feudal superstition, I think the dreams of doing during pregnancy are quite accurate.I dreamed that two children were sitting on my bedside for more than a month before pregnancy. After more than a month, I found that I was pregnant and checked. The doctor told me that it was a twin.Dreaming of two children, you are going to have two children. They feel wonderful. Is the baby give me a dream? When they grow up, they must tell them.

● When I was preparing for pregnancy, I dreamed that the Bodhisattva walked towards me with a little baby. I asked the Bodhisattva for me. I saw that the Bodhisattva nodded with a smile. I was particularly impressed by this scene.After waking up, I thought, is I really pregnant?I immediately went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test paper. The results showed that the two lines were clear. I was really pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I was nervous and excited. I told my husband that my husband was also very happy.The baby was sent by the bodhisattva!

It seems that some dreams are really accurate. No matter if you believe it or not, I believe it.And from the above examples, you can see that the pregnant mother will dream of a snake during pregnancy, so how do you look at the baby’s gender from the dream?

Fetal dreams have given birth to this, you will have a male baby:

Dreaming of dragons will not only have a male treasure, but also become a big man of one side.

Dreaming of big snakes, pythons or roosters represents a son.

Dreaming of satin or wives in her husband’s clothes represents a son, and the son will be rich in the future.

Dreaming of the mirror, the representative will give birth to a son of the pillar in the future.

Dreaming of a tiger, the son of the birth of the birth is very brave.

Dreaming of fresh fruits, the chance of having a son is very high. If the number of fruits is strange, you can definitely have a son.

Fetal dreams, you will have a baby girl:

Dreaming of butterflies, representing a girl;

Dreaming of carp, which represents the beauty of the girl, has talent;

Dreaming of the dragon tail or holding the dragon body will give birth to a very beautiful girl;

Dreaming of Caixia, the representative will give birth to a blessed girl;

Dreaming of vast fields, flat ground, and apples, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., all represent the girls.

Have you had a baby dream during pregnancy?What did you dream of?See if there are any dreams on the above situation, come and guess that you will have a male treasure or a female treasure in the future!

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