The emperor’s birth is different: Liu Bang Yinglong was born, Liu Xiu was born with red light, Yang Jianqi is ugly

Liu Bang, the word season, Pei County Fengyi (now Fengxian County, Jiangsu).Outstanding politicians, strategists and military conductors in Chinese history, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, one of the great pioneers of the Han nation and Han culture, have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Han nationality and the unity of China.

Everyone knows that Liu Bang, Han Gaozu, established a new dynasty and set the country name to "Han". This originated from the peasant uprising in the late Qin Dynasty: he established an immortal merit and was established by Xiang Yu for the Han King.Later, his descendants Liu Xiu also established the Han Dynasty. In order to facilitate distinction, the History Book called the Han Dynasty established by Liu Bang as the "Western Han Dynasty", and the Han Dynasty established by Liu Xiu was called "Eastern Han".

Liu Bang’s father was old and had a high age. He was neglected with his discipline, making Liu Bang unruly since he was a child, and he despised scholars.Later, although he sat on the throne, he still had the idea of "poetry book is useless".In this regard, his courtiers Lu Jia retorted: "His Majesty is immediately the world, do you still have to rule the world right away?" After listening, Liu Bangcai realized the value of poems and asked Lu Jia to write books to discuss the demise of the Qin Dynasty.The reason is to facilitate the reference of the Western Han Dynasty.At the same time, Liu Bang also asked Xiao He to re -develop the law and govern the country in accordance with the law.

In his later years, Liu Bang was fortunate to be lucky, and naturally he also loved their children Liu Ruyi.At that time, the prince Liu Bang was Liu Ying.However, Liu Bang repeatedly saw that the prince was not pleasing to the eye, so he wanted to abolish him and let Liu Ruyi be a prince.Fortunately, Lu Hou is smarter. She knows the power of the co -ministers, sees the tricks, and successfully resolves Liu Ying’s crisis.Later, Liu Bang was injured in the battle of British cloth and could not afford to get sick.In 195 BC, Liu Bang, the creator of the Western Han Dynasty, resigned.

So, what did Liu Bang look like before the emperor?

In this regard, the folk has always had such a statement: Liu Bang had no name before he became the emperor. The reason why he was called "Liu Ji" was just because he ranked third at home.According to the ranking of "Bo, Zhong, Ji, and Uncle" in ancient times, he should take this name.However, many times, people directly call him "Liu Xiaosan", even the word "season" is saved.The word "Bang" is the name he took after he ascended the big position.

Everyone knows that Liu Bang is a grassroots emperor. For such a sudden historical figure, historians have diverse records of their lives.Among them, the history book records the situation of Liu Bang’s "feeling dragon", that is, he is an illegitimate child, and it is not the old lady’s office.At that time, Liu Bang’s biological mother Liu Ye fell asleep by the pond and was dreaming that the fairy was around her.At that time, it was about to rain. Mrs. Liu came to find Liu Ye and found that a red dragon hovered on her head.Since then, Liu Ye was pregnant and gave birth to Liu Bang.

In addition, historical records, although Liu Bang looks like a dignified instrument, he does not discuss his father’s likes, and is often accused of rogue.In addition, Liu Bang was in the year of standing before he studied and read with everyone. After that, he became the local pavilion.

However, some scholars do not recognize this view.

They thought it was the intention of the nobles at the time, because Liu Bang’s origin was very humble, and the feudal nobles below could not accept this situation.As a result, the joint historian intended to deified Liu Bang’s origin, so that Liu Ye’s pregnancy was due to the needs of the ruling class at that time.Moreover, the record of Liu Bang’s birth in "Historical Records" is also a myth and legends. This situation is very rare.

"Historical Records" records: "Liu Banglong is quasirable and dragons, Misu Mu, there are seventy -two sunspots in the left, and Junxiang is not able to speak." Liu Bang likes drinking. Every time he is drunk, he can see him hovering above.One dragon.

In addition, the "Historical Records" also records the story of Liu Bang’s "drunk cutting white snake". The content is:

"Gao Zu was alcohol, and in the night, he made a person in front of him. The former former also reported:" There is a big snake as a trail in front."Gao Zu was drunk, and said:" The strong man, why fear! ""Naiqian, pulling the sword to cut the snake. The snake was divided into two trails. In the number of lines, drunk, because of the lying down."People kill my son, so crying."The person said:" What is the sacrifice? ""妪 said:" My son, Bai Emperor also turned into a snake. Dangdao, today is the Chi Emperor, so he cried."People are dishonesty, and they want to sue, and they don’t see it."

As a result, through this deification, Liu Bang became the son of the Red Emperor from a civilian.

In addition, after Liu Bang ascending God, he always showed his preferences in public, and did not know how to keep a low -key.

Once, in front of the ministers, he said to his father: "Before, you always say that I am a rogue, it is better to be the second brother. What about it now?Liu Bang kneeled down and shouted long live.

In fact, although Liu Bang ranked in the emperor, he lacked sufficient cultural precipitation, and he was still not "proficient" in the country’s politics.Helpless, he can only follow the Qin Dynasty’s system, and then adjust according to the actual situation.Moreover, Liu Bang worshiped black, so he turned the ancient four emperors into five emperors, adding a black emperor.In this way, Liu Bang became the descendant of the Black Emperor.

However, the life of Liu Bang’s "feeling dragon" was obviously the adjustment of the historian at the time that the historian intentionally deified Liu Bang. The purpose was to add a little mysteriously to Liu Bang.Therefore, when we read historical books, we should sometimes have a critical vision, so that everything can be questioned, so as to see the truth. Only in this way can we see the facts and seek truth.

Of course, in addition to Liu Bang, later emperors also love to do so.

Liu Xiu was born in Jiyang County. When he was born, he shines through the room, and he has a name for the first room of Jiahe.

Yang Jian was born in Prajna Temple. Historical records recorded the purple gas at that time. Yang Jian’s mother Lu Shi saw the child’s appearance.Long and very prominent.And for this reason, Yang Jian was fostered in Prajna Temple.Although people looked ugly at the time, thinking about it, isn’t this the appearance of the dragon?

It seems that the historian shot Yang Jian’s invisible fart.In addition, in addition to them, there are Zhao Kuangyin, Zhu Yuanzhang, etc., all of which are myths on their own.

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